Sémantique proverbiale et problème de traduction
DREAM: a new database on rare earth elements at Mons University
La Bibliothèque de l'Université de Mons-Hainaut, lieu de mémoire montoise et hainuyère
Characterization of ionized heterocyclic carbenes by ion-molecule reactions
Les mesures non financières de la performance
Dual-wavelength pulse generation in actively mode-locked Er-doped fibre laser using high-reflectivity wide-bandwidth nonchirped fibre Bragg gratings
Cover-collapse sinkholes in the "Tournaisis" area, southern Belgium
Fiber optic link devices for thermonuclear fusion reactor environments
Long-term stable operation of a rational harmonic actively mode-locked Er-doped fiber laser with repetition rate doubling
A study of Hidden Markov Models for Off-Line Recognition of Handwritten Characters
Karst et silicification en milieu continental et en milieu margino-littoral: deux exemples dans le MésoCénozoïque de la Belgique méridionale
Characterization of New Sulfide Ions (C2S3+·) from Ethenedithione by Ion-molecule Reactions
Pyridine N-Selenide Radical Cations: Synthesis, Characterization, Neutralization and Ion-molecule Reactions in the Gas Phase
Transverse Relaxation Induced by Magnetized Spheres: Rate Field Dependence and Phase Distribution
Theorical study of a Polarization-OTDR technique using a Jones approach to measure the distribution of Polarization Mode Dispersion and of external effects in optical fibres
Stabilization of actively mode-locked fiber lasers in rational harmonic frequency-doubling mode-locking regime
Electroluminescence in Semiconducting Conjugated Polymers and Oligomers: A Quantum-Chemical Perspective
Photophysical Properties of C60Cl6, C60Ph5Cl and C60Ph5H
Automated determination of high-temperature and high pressure gas adsoption isotherms using a magnetic suspension balance
Theoretical Characterization of Phenylene-Based Oligomers, Polymers, and Dendrimers
Etude de l'impact du reengineering et du downsizing par la méthodologie des études d'évènements
A new method to produce phylogenetic trees applied to the phylogeny of bumble bees (Hymenoptera: Apidea)
Solving general multi-objective scheduling problems with TABU search
Camille Lemonnier, "Gim"
Utilisation des simulateurs de conduite ferroviaire. Rapport d'étude final pour la SNCB, Direction de la formation
Scattering solutions of the spinless Salpeter equation
Managing Unanticipated Evolution of Software Architectures
Modeling, simulation and Evaluation of Control Loops for a Cement Grinding Process
Study of Chiral Separation of Iodinated Thyronines
Axiomatic characterization of some ordinal choice procedures
The Role of Intermolecular Interactions on the Optical and Charge-Transfer Properties of Conjugated Polymers
La formation d’enseignants de langues : allocution d’ouverture
Fantômisation, cryptoaltération et altération sur roche nue, le triptyque de la karsification
Droplet spreading on heterogeneous substrates using molecular dynamics
Regards sur la formation des professeurs de F.L.E. à la pratique de l’oral
Strong weighted mean summability and Kuttner’s theorem
Mechatronic system definition and its mmodeling based on a ball mill
Lichtemitterende Kunststoffen: De Weg narr de Toekomstige Beeldschermen
Tradición e innovación en las representaciones de los sistemas vocálicos
Unresolved Transition Arrays in Atomic Spectra
Ensembles flous et Recherche Opérationnelle
Comparasison of NOx absorption performances into various aqueous solutions for the treatment of tail gases
Habiter le bois: esthétique des matériaux ligneux au Japon
Transformation of porous network in chalk close o the normal fault planes: clues provided by capillary and elastic properties
Electronic Structure of Isolated and Interacting -Conjugated Oligomer and Polymer Chains: A Quantum-Chemical Approach to Optical and Charge-Transfer Phenomena
On the solution of the cubic Schrödinger equation using the moving finite element method
Fantômisation, cryptoaltération et altération sur roche nue, le triptyque de la karsification
Creep behaviour of AI203-SiC Nano Composites
A characterization of a very general model for ordinal dissimilarity indices
Karst et évolution des rivières: le cas de l'Ardenne
Universal families and hypercyclic operators
MOSA method: A tool for solving multi-objective cominatorial optimization problems
Scheduling and load balancing
Optimal design of multibody systems using genetic algorithms
Round-trip time and dispersion optimization in a dual wavelength actively mode-locked Er-doped fiber laser including nonchirped fiber Bragg gratings
Chapitre 9 - Connecting and Branching Components (WG2)
Modeling, simulation and optimization of a simulated moving bed separation unit
Importance des dépôts chimiques autocatalytiques de nickel-bore
Est-il justifié de placer les topoï dans la langue?
Reconstitution de variables d'état à l'aide de structure multi-observateurs
Temporal FDs on Complex Objects
High total dose radiation effects on temperature sensing fiber Bragg gratings
On a pratical criterion for optimal sensor configuration-application to a fixed-bed-reactor
Excited-State Energy- and Charge- Transfer at Polymer/Polymer Interfaces
Energy levels and theoretical oscillator strengths in Pr III
Neural Network Training Using simultaneous perturbation stochastic approximation
Instability of closed-loop cement grinding circuits
Stressful simultaneous interpretation situations: a comparative study of the cognitive strategies developed by two bilingual, but novice, interpreters
Dynamique sédimentaire et paléoenvironnements durant la transition Weichsélien-Holocène à partir des dépôts endokarstiques de la grotte de Han-sur-Lesse
Universality of Regge and vibrational trajectories in a semiclassical model
Description d'un nouveau sous-genre de Plesiopanurgus Cameron 1907 (Hymenoptera, Andrenidae, Panurginae).
Gas chromatography – Mass spectrometry analysis of organic acids : altered quantitative response for aqueous calibrators and dilute urine specimens
Rapport préliminaire sur la faune des bourdons (Hymenoptera, Bombinae) des Pyrénées-Orientales; réserves de la Massane et du Vallon d'Eyne
Design and applications of two-photon absorbing organic chromophores
Changements dans l'organisation du temps de travail ou changements dans le travail ?
A study of the language dominance effects on bilinguals voice quality
On mill flow rate and fineness control in cement grinding circuits: instability and delayed measurements
Picosecond pulse generation at two wavelengths by simultaneous active mode-locking in Er-doped fiber laser with wide-bandwidth (>1 nm) nonchirped fiber Bragg gratings
Theoretical Investigation of the Geometric and Optical Properties of Neutral and Charged Oligophenylenes
Holocene paleoclimatic and palaeoenvironmental reconstructin inferred from stable isotopic and geochemical studies in Belgian caves and tunnels
Between the situation of simulation and the situation of reference : the operators'representations
Gas Phase to Solid State Evolution of the Electronic and Optical Properties of Conjugated Chains: A Theoretical Investigation
Distributed parameter modeling and identification of an industrial condenser
Context Dependent Hybrid HMM/ANN Systems for large vocabulary continuous speech recognition system
On a model of the human ventilatory system : sensitivity analysis and effect of gas properties
Data Traffic in ATM Networks
Exciton coupling in oligothiophenes: a combined experimental/theoretical study
Multi-objective scheduling problems
Modélisation numérique d'un micromoteur électrostatique par la théorie des Groupes
Symbiotic polychaetes from Papua New Guinea associated with echinoderms, with descriptions of three new species
Syllabus de littérature belge
Proverbes et structures stéréotypées
Ceramic treatment of metallic surface with interdiffusion bonding
Radiative transition rates in Lu II
Design of a radiation-hard optical fibre Bragg grating temperature sensor
La grotte de la Coscia (Rogliano, Macinaggio): étude préliminaire d'un nouveau site du Pléistocène supérieur de Corse
Supporting Disciplined Reuse and Evolution of UML Models
Evaluation du reengineering et du downsizing à partir de données boursières : le cas du marché américain
Proverbes et structures stéréotypées
On the Nature of Electronic Excitations in Poly(paraphenylenevinylene): A Quantum-Chemical Investigation
Le bilinguisme exerce-t-il une influence sur le développement cognitif ?
Choix des solutions préférées pour la programmation dynamique flexible
How to select the best projects in the construction industry
Dispersion measurement on short lengths of optical fibre using an actively mode-locked Er-doped fibre laser
Application of evolutionary strategies to optimal design of multibody systems
Géophysique appliquée à la connaissance des gisements de kaolin de la Haute Ardenne et d'argiles d'Hautrage
About a general model for the aggregation of preferences into an ordinally valued relation
About surface reaction kinetics on irregular substrates
Etude microscopique d'une altérité de type fantôme de roche
Karst and Tectonics, Han-98 relationships between karst, tectonic and seismic activity
Etude d'un sismothème dans le réseau sud de la grotte de Han-sur-Lesse
Core-polarization effects in the cadmium isoelectronic sequence
Reconstruction paléoclimatique basée sur l'analyse isotopique dans les concrétions
Optical stabilization of an external cavity semiconductor laser by creation and destruction of external cavity modes
High-resolution wideband measurement of amplitude and phase noises of a GHz-repetition rate actively mode-locked Er-doped fiber laser by time-domain demodulation
Comparative study of MGy dose level gamma-irradiation effect on FBGs written in different fibers
Informática y enseñanza de lenguas a las puertas del tercer milenio
Study of different composite cavity configurations for supermode noise reduction in an actively mode-locked fibre laser
Theoretical Investigation of Phenylene-based Materials in their Pristine and Doped State
Identification of singlet and triplet SCNO+ cations in the gas phase: theory and experiment
Applying fast reaction kinetic models to the prediction of NOx absorption in chemical plants tail gases
A graded quadrivalent logic for preference modelling: Loyola approach
Effects of parkinsonian symptoms on voiced palatals
Comment concilier fréquentation touristique, recherche et préservation du patrimoine ? Les exemples de Han et Rochefort (Belgique)
Charge and Energy Transfer Processes at Polymer/Polymer Interfaces: A Joint Experimental and Theoretical Study
Bacterial mediation, red matrices diagenesis, Devonian, Montagne Noire (southern of France).
Excited-State Electronic Structure of Conjugated Oligomers and Polymers: A Quantum-Chemical Approach
Theoretical Design of Organic Chromophores with Large Two-Photon Absorption Cross-sections
REE, Y an U concentration at the fluid-iron oxide interface in Late Cenozoic cryptodolines from Southern Belgium
Multi-Component force sensor based on multiplexed fibre Bragg grating strain sensors for highly radioactive environments
Tuning of PID controllers based on loop shaping
On the use of simultaneous perturbation stochastic approximation for neural network training
Suppression of optical-feedback-induced instabilities in a laser diode biased near threshold : dependence on the linewidth enhancement factor
Valence Electronic Structure of -Conjugated Materials: Simulation of the Ultraviolet Photoelectron Spectra with Semiempirical Hartree-Fock Approaches
Behaviour of fibre Bragg gratings under high total dose gamma radiation
Karst et silicification en milieu continental et en milieu margino-littoral: deux exemples dans le MésoCénozoïque de la Belgique méridionale
Etude microscopique d'une altérité de type fantôme de roche
A study of the language dominance effects on bilinguals voice quality
Minimal length uncertainty principle and the trans-Planckian problem of black hole physics
Biogéographie du genre Ceratina Latreille (Hymenoptera, Apoidea) dans la Çukurova et ses environs immédiats (Turquie).
Le proverbe : nom ou phrase?
Semi-relativistic quark model of pion-pion scattering
Formation and Characterization of Methoxy Isothiocyanate (CH3ON=C=S) and methylcyanate N-Sulfide (CH3OCºN+-S-) as Radical Cations and Neutrals in the Gas Phase
(2+1) dimensional stars
Photonics for nuclear industry: issues, problems and potential solutions
High Temperature behaviour of AI203-SiC Nano Composites
Rôle des organismes microbiens dans la formation des matrices rougeâtres Paléozoïques : exemple du Devonien, Montagne Noire.
Effects of parkinsonian symptoms on voiced palatals
Interpretation of Energy Levels and Predicted Transition Probabilities in Neutral Technetium (Tc I)
Le proverbe: un énoncé de valeurs?
Simultaneous determination of the optical properties and of the structure of r.f-sputtered ZnO thin films
Une solution multithreadée avec pivots dynamiques pour les systèmes linéaires à bande variable sur architecture SMP
Is It Possible to Express a Semantics of UML in UML?
Ignition Front Propagation in Reaction Bonded Aluminium Oxide
Isomerization of Acetonitrile N-Methylide (CH3CNCH2+·) and N-Methylketenimine (CH3NCCH2+·) Radical Cations in the Gas Phase: theoretical study of the (C5H5N)+· potential energy surface
Early detection of upper airway obstructions by analysis of acoustical respiratory input impedance
Comparison of three body-size measurements for echinoids
Physicochemical characterization of MS-325, a new gadolinium complex, by multinuclear relaxometry
Las lenguas románicas en la encrucijada de Europa ; nuevos públicos y nuevos enfoques en la enseñanza-aprendizaje de lenguas extranjeras
Solving general multi-objective scheduling problems with the MOSA method
Determination of quark-antiquark potentials and meson spectra
Neck muscle activity after unilateral labyrinthectomy in the alert guinea pig.
L’Atlas du centre ancien protégé de Charleroi : un Atlas du cadre de vie
Structure and topology of diphtheria toxin R domain in lipid membranes.
Tutorat proactif - Tutorat réactif
Droplet spreading in the complete wetting regime: a review
Phosphorylation of the human T-cell leukemia virus type 1 transactivator tax on adjacent serine residues is critical for tax activation.
The simulated annealing global search algorithm applied to the crystallography of surface by LEED
Combinatorial Optimisation Based Decision Support System for Trip Planning
Diethylstilbestrol-induced apoptosis and cell proliferation in male hamster accessory sex glands.
Semirelativistic resonating group method calculations of pion-pion scattering
A New Dimension of the Enterprise Performance Measurement
Muscle kinematics for minimal work of breathing
18 trous à 2000m... Explorations sur le karst du Bannalp (Oberrickenbach, Nidwalden, Zentral Schweiz)
Apoptosis and cell proliferation in the seminal vesicles and coagulating glands of male Syrian hamsters exposed to diethylstilboestrol (DES)
An equilibrium lattice model of wetting on rough substrates
Analyse critique des indicateurs déterminant l’attribution des moyens destinés à la politique de discrimination positive en Communauté française de Belgique
Multiple Quantum Filtered 23Na NMR Spectroscopy of theIsolated, Perfused Rat Liver
Steven Ryan's "'Oleanna': David Mamet's Power Play"
Steven Drukman's "Peter Riegert - Speaking of Mamet"
Nick James's "Suspicion - Why Is David Mamet Dabbling in Edwardiana? On the Set of 'The Winslow Boy', the Director Talks to Nick James about Cricket, the Horse Guards and Personal Rectitude"
Danny Leigh's "The Method Is Bullshit"
Richard Badenhausen's "The Modern Academy Raging in the Dark: Misreading Mamet's Political Incorrectness in 'Oleanna'"
Craig Stewart Walker's "Three Tutorial Plays: 'The Lesson', 'The Prince of Naples', and 'Oleanna'"
David Mamet's 'Three Uses of the Knife - On the Nature and Purpose of Drama'
Analyse des processus d’apprentissage dans une situation de tutorat à distance.
Modalités et conditions d’une alternance intégrée des pratiques scolaires et professionnelles
Pour une refonte des modèles d’usage d’internet pour l’enseignement : quelques exemples de dispositifs adaptés à la formation universitaire
Droplet spreading: partial wetting regime revisited
Evaluer l’implantation d’innovations éducatives impliquant l’usage de technologies de l’information et de la communication.
Symmetry and Whitney elements in 3-D eddy-current computation
Analytical solution of the relativistic Coulomb problem with a hard core interaction for a one-dimensional spinless Salpeter equation
Determinants of rib motion in flail chest
Determination of 8-oxo-2'-deoxyguanosine in cultured cells DNA by high performance liquid chromatography with UV and amperometric detections : a validation study
Interference impact analysis of multibody systems
Modélisation vectorielle et anisotrope de l'hystérésis dans les tôles à grains non orientés
UVA and visible light photodynamic DNA damage mediated by d-aminolevulinic acid induced porphyrins
Estimation of cardiac reserve by peak power : Validation and clinical application of a simplified index
Echo decorrelation estimated from signal powers
Stenting with a true bifurcated stent : acute and mid-term follow-up results
Comparaison of brachytherapy modalities by dose-volume histograms derived from quantitative intravascular ultrasound
Stroke volume changes during dobutamine-atropine stress echocardiography : the influence of heart rate and ischaemia
Pulse pressure method and the area method for the estimation of total arterial compliance in dogs : sensitivity to wave reflection intensity
Preserved endothelium-dependent vasodilation in coronary segments previously treated with balloon angioplasty and intracoronary irradiation
Mise au point d’un modèle d’identification des obstacles cognitifs et métacognitifs dans la réalisation d’une tâche scolaire
Geohazard map of cover-collapse sinkholes in the 'Tournaisis' area, southern Belgium
Thomas A. Goggans's "Laying Blame: Gender and Subtext in David Mamet's 'Oleanna'"
Singlet and Triplet Exciton Formation Rates in Conjugated Polymer Light-Emitting Diodes
Monolayer organization modeling using molecular dynamics
Theory of proton relaxation induced by superparamagnetic particles
Geohazard map of cover-collapse sinkholes in the 'Tournaisis' area, southern Belgium
Mr Pye: an Ovidian Curse for a Dichotomized Evangelist
Projet de recherche dans les domaines des sciences de la Terre et de l'environnement - Le puits aux iguanodons de Bernissart
Incest and the Ontology of Memory in Pauline Melville's 'The Ventriloquist's Tale'
A propos des voyelles nasales du français
Stressful simultaneous interpretation situations: a comparative study of the cognitive strategies developed by two bilingual, but novice, interpreters
The Bc meson lifetime in the light-front constituent quark model
The subdivisions of the guinea pig vestibular complex revealed by acetylcholinesterase staining.
Physical layer characterization of hybrid fibre coax (HFC) networks
Exploitation des mines à ciel ouvert et des carrières - Conception et opérations de foration
Modélisation, Simulation et Commande des Systèmes
Explosifs et tirs des mines (édition provisoire)
Assessing Managerial Innovations : Behavorial and Economic Approaches
Vers une internationalisation des modèles de gestion ? Essai et analyse à partir d'une approche comportementaliste
Dissipation Processes at the mesoscopic and molecular scale: the case of polymer films
Neuronal correlates of vestibulo-ocular reflex adaptation in the alert guinea-pig.
Implication of erbB-2 and erbB-3 receptor tyrosine kinase pathway in a model of estrogen-induced carcinogenesis
Pinhole SPECT of small animals using vendor standard equipment.
Exposure to hydrocarbons and renal disease : an experimental animal model.
DREAM : a new atomic database on rare earth elements at Mons University
Preface: Of Films and Human Nature
Activités scientifiques du service de Mathématique et de Recherche Opérationnelle
Au plaisir du texte
Petite et grande mort d'un artiste, "Sortie de l'acteur" par Michel de Ghelderode
Dynamics of spontaneous spreading on heterogeneous surfaces in a partial wetting regime
Tirez les premiers Messieurs les Anglais: les avatars de la traduction anglaise de l'oeuvre dramatique de Fernand Crommelynck
L'univers falstaffien de Fernand Crommelynck
A Decision-Support System for Sightseeing Tour Planning
Assessing Local Noise Level Estimation Methods
A Tunable Triode-Mosfet Transconductor and its Application to Gm-C Filters
Analyse de la sensibilité des marchés financiers aux restructurations organisationnelles : une approche multidimensionnelle
Elaboration de systèmes paramagnétiques micellaires et liposomiaux composés de dérivés lipophiles du Gd-DTPA
Transgenic models of thyroid tumorigenesis: relation to Chernobyl cancers.
Characterization of a cell line established from diethylstilbestrol-induced renal tumors in Syrian hamsters
La microfinance en questions
Influence de la substitution sur la relaxivité paramagnétique des complexes du gadolinium. Synthèse et étude de dérivés C4 substitués du Gd-DTPA
Dossier de motivation pour la création d'un hippodrome à Ghlin
Inlets of the Soul
Secondary glaucoma in Paraguay. Etiology and incidence
La mort à écrire
Human bronchoalveolar lavage fluid: two-dimensional gel electrophoresis, amino acid microsequencing and identification of major proteins.
Structure and functional analysis of a tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus) growth hormone gene: activation and repression by pituitary transcription factor Pit-1.
Pit-1 mediates cell-specific and cAMP-induced transcription of the tilapia GH gene.
Projet de recherche Géopro
Microstructure of Block Copolymers containing a Conjugated Segment, as Studied with Atomic Force Microscopy
Microstructure of Block Copolymers containing a Conjugated Segment, as Studied with Atomic Force Microscopy
Direct Observation of Microdomain Morphology in “All-Acrylic” Thermoplastic Elastomers Synthetized via Living Radical Polymerization
Geoffrey Norman and John Rezek's "Playboy Interview: David Mamet, a Candid Conversation with America's Foremost Dramatist"
Natural stones used for building, construction or monumental purposes: new trends in quality control
Monte Carlo simulation of the monomer-monomer model surface reaction on fractal lattice
How to extract information from multiple interference monitoring: a partial proposal
Full Polarization properties of the fibre via backscattering
Identification of PSF, the polypyrimidine tract-binding protein-associated splicing factor, as a developmentally regulated neuronal protein.
The Digital Era of Cable TV Networks
Activity of glutathione-s-transferase, gammaglutamiltransferase and catalase in the erythrocytic membrane in arterial hypertension
External modulation : an emerging technology in hybrid fibre coaxial networks
Respiratory mechanical advantage of the canine external and internal intercostal muscles
Spatial distribution of external and internal intercostal activity in dogs
Karst and tectonics, Han 98, relationships between karst, tectonic and seismic activity
Energy levels and theoretical oscillator strengths in Pr III
Core-polarization effects in the cadmium isoelectronic sequence
Radiative transition rates in Lu II
The subdivisions of the guinea pig vestibular complex revealed by acetylcholinesterase staining
Lifetimes of levels in Ge I, Yb II, Fe II, La II and La III measured by time-resolved laser spectroscopy
Outcomes from a drop impact on solid surfaces
Lifetime measurements in Yb II with time-resolved laser spectroscopy
Radiative lifetimes in La III and oscillator strengths in La III and Lu III
A new database of astrophysical interest
Ionization potentials for atoms and ions from lithium to tin (Z = 50)
On the use of the Cowan's code for atomic structure calculations in singly ionized lanthanides
Experimental and theoretical lifetimes, branching fractions and oscillator strengths in Lu II
The X-ray emission spectra of multicharged xenon ions in a gas puff-laser produced plasma
Functional interactions between Sp1 or Sp3 and the Helicase-like Transcription Factor mediate basal expression from the human PAI-1
Daniel Gillès, Nés pour mourir
Lien entre défaut d'exploration visuelle et stéréotypies motrices chez l'enfant autiste
Evaluation statique des délinquants sexuels incarcérés en Belgique francophone
Design of Complementary Low-Power CMOS Architectures for Loser-take-all and Winner-take-all
Sex offenders, violent behaviors and preliminary data on the Hare Psychopathy Checklist
Involvement of Sp1 in basal and retinoic acid induced transcription of the human tissue-type plasminogen activator gene.
Agency Theory, Modern Management, and Financial Markets : Connections and Consequences
Calculations of radiative transition probabilities and lifetimes in lanthanides
Trends of ionization potentials in light ions
Ion traps and lifetim calculations in Yb II
On the use of the Cowan code for atomic structure calculations in singly ionized lanthanides
UV transitions of astrophysical interest in Ge II, As II and Se II
Nucleotide sequence of the partially deleted D4Z4 locus in a patient with FSHD identifies a putative gene within each 3.3 kb element
The shape of two-phase drops in the presence of perfect wetting
Multilanguage Specification for System Design
Aspartate carbamoyltransferase from the thermoacidophilic archaeon Sulfolobus acidocaldarius. Cloning, sequence analysis, enzyme purification and characterization.
Palaeozoic to recent tectonics in the NW European Variscan front zone
Between the situation of simulation and the situation of reference: the operators' representations.
Is there an optimal geometry for spreading ?
The dynamics of spreading droplets revisited
Complete spreading of liquid microdroplets on heterogeneous substrates : Experiments and simulations
Design of organic conjugated chromophores with large two-photon absorption cross sections
Satellite lines of multicharged Li-like to F-like argon ions
The X-ray emission spectrum of nickel-like xenon (Xe XXVII)
Theoretical study of soft X-ray transitions in iron ions Fe X to Fe XIV
Mécanismes de destruction des roches et conception des outils de forage
Phase-Separated Microstructures in Thin Films of a New Class of Thermoplastic Elastomers
On the unstable behaviour of cement grinding circuits
Mise au point et validation d’un référentiel de compétences en activités d’éveil. Phase 2
La genèse d'un centenaire 1899-1999. Aux origines de la Faculté Warocqué des sciences économiques: la matricule de 1899 à 1937
Suppression of low frequency fluctuations and stabilization of a semiconductor laser subject to optical feedback from a double cavity: theoretical results
Phase II and III studies with new drugs for non-small cell lung cancer: a systematic review of the literature with a methodology quality assessment.
Matrix strains along normal fault planes in the Campanian white chalk of Belgium : structural consequences.
L’influence de l’autobiographie dans l’émission télévisée ‘Un siècle d’écrivains’ consacrée à Cesare Pavese
Suppression of low frequency fluctuations in a laser diode subject to two optical feedbacks
PIKASSO : Programmation des lignes de peinture de Ramet
Influence of atmospheric polluants on the conductance of phtalocyanine films
Résolution exacte et approchée du problème d'affectation multiobjectif
Etude statistique de l'enregistrement paléosismique par les spéléothèmes.
Dynamics of spreading on heterogeneous substrates in a complete wetting regime
Dynamics of spontaneous spreading on energetically adjustable surfaces in a partial wetting regime
Dynamic wetting studied by molecular modeling simulations of droplet spreading
A new databank os astrophysical interest
Finite element methods in 2D magnetics with hysteresis taking into account combined Preisach-particle assembly model
L'Art au service des défavorisés
Tectonique, contraintes et karst : implications génétiques
Wetting and spreading at the microscopic scale
Considerations on the feasability of on line monitoring of optical CATV links, using the OTDR technique
Surface Morphologies of Conjugated Rod-Coil Block Copolymer Thin Films
'Titus Alone', or the Spirit of Carnival After the Catastrophe
Computing improved optimal solutions to max-min flexible constraint satisfaction
Why are there so many bumblebees species in Eyne (France, Pyrénée-Orientales, Cerdagne) ?
TOPELIUS, Récits d'un médecin militaire [extrait traduit du suédois]
MCI - multilanguage distributed co-simulation tool
Phonetic representation of vowel harmony features
Multilanguage Specification for System Design and Codesign
On the luminescence quantum efficiency of polymer-based light emitting diodes: a quantum chemical study
Palaeozoic to recent tectonics in the NW European Variscan front zone, Preface
Cloning and characterization of AOEB166, a novel mammalian antioxidant enzyme of the peroxiredoxin family.
Spreading of polymeric liquids at a microscopic scale
Influence of surface roughness on wetting dynamics
1,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D(3) induction of the tissue-type plasminogen activator gene is mediated through its multihormone-responsive enhancer.
Earthenware and Porcelain in Belgium
L'apport des techniques modernes de la mécanique des roches d'exploitation des mines et carrières
Minimal length uncertainty relation and hydrogen atom
Le traitement de la matière grammaticale dans la première méthode directe pour l'enseignement du français en Belgique néerlandophone : rupture ou continuité ? Analyse du Cours pratique de français de Prosper Leflot (Anvers, 1893)
Changes in protein expression in the vestibular nuclei during vestibular compensation
Distortions due to the joint action of static and dynamic chirping and dispersive fibre in SCM optical systems : theroy and experiment
Scaling Law for the Second-order Hyperpolarizability in Poly(triacetylene) Molecular Wires
Draft definition of amplitude response variation
PME et formation.
Organized Semiconducting Nanostructures from Conjugated Rod-Coil Block Copolymers Self-Assembly
Quelle pierre pour quel emploi ?
Résultats des essais mécaniques
Reaction of Si (100) with silane-methane low-power plasma: SiC buffer-layer formation
Low-energy yield spectroscopy measurements applied to determine valence band line-up at interfaces with non-homogeneous overlayers
Determination of the valence band offset of a μ-C/c-Si(100) heterojunction using low energy yield spectroscopy
Formation of a SiC buffer layer by reaction of Si(100) with methane and hydrogen plasma
The levels of expression of galectin-1, galectin-3, and the Thomsen-Friedenreich antigen and their binding sites decrease as clinical aggressiveness increases in head and neck cancers.
Caractérisation par techniques optiques de la microstructure de couches minces d'oxyde de zinc non homogènes déposées sur verre
Internet, vreemde talen en vertalen
IMAGES de la Belgique francophone : Ensemble pédagogique multimédia - Document I
Droplet spreading: a tool to characterize surfaces at the microscopic scale
La photo-activation de porphyrines endogènes induit des dégâts oxydatifs dans l'ADN cellulaire
Yersinia enterocolitica type III secretion-translocation system: channel formation by secreted Yops.
IMAGES de la Belgique francophone : Ensemble pédagogique multimédia - Document II
Does a Belgian National Identity exist?
In vitro characterization of MS-325 by multinuclear relaxometry
Spreading of liquid mixtures at the microscopic scale: a molecular dynamics study of the surface induced segregation process
Impact of water exchange kinetics on the transverse relaxivity of some Dy-DTPA derivatives, potential negative contrast agents for high field imaging
Structure and dynamics of thin liquid films on solid substrates
The dynamics of spreading at the microscopic scale
Droplet Spreading: a microscopic approach
The simulated annealing global search algorithm applied to the crystallography of surfaces by LEED
Le français à l’école primaire en Flandre vers 1880-1890 : identités nationales et techniques d’enseignement
Two-photon absorption in conjugated materials: structure/property relationships
Apport des notions avancées de la mécanique des roches aux techniques de fragmentation
Le couple pierre-explosif
A propos du renouvellement méthodologique dans l'enseignement des langues : l'apport des savoirs scientifiques dans un manuel "pratique" publié en Belgique vers 1860
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Présentation du numéro spécial "De la grammaire avant toute chose"
Vehicle/track interaction and ground propagation of vibrations for urban railway vehicles