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2014-05-05 - Colloque/Présentation - poster - Anglais - 1 page(s)

Rivolta Nicolas, Maes Bjorn , "Angle-specific transparent electrodes" in IAP Photonics@be doctoral school, Oostduinkerke, Belgique, 2014

  • Codes CREF : Matériaux optiques (DI1256)
  • Unités de recherche UMONS : Matériaux Micro et Nanophotoniques (S803)
  • Instituts UMONS : Institut de Recherche en Science et Ingénierie des Matériaux (Matériaux)
  • Centres UMONS : Physique des matériaux (CRPM)

Abstract(s) :

(Anglais) We numerically study transmission through an angled silver grating with relatively large slits. It has been discussed that this kind of structure can show properties of transparency and conductivity similar to those of Indium tin oxide at perpendicular incidence. The transparency is due to a ratio of silver/air about 40:1 and the conductivity stems from the silver itself. Many efforts are done to find a substitute to ITO for transparent electrode because of its cost and scarcity. Our proposed structure has a strongly angular dependant transparency, especially in TM polarisation. But we have found that if we tilt the slits at a special angle, the transmission will be maximum for light with incidence at the same angle. Therefore in the context of transparent electrodes, we can design the grating to match the incidence light of the particular application.