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2016-12-02 - Colloque/Présentation - poster - Anglais - 1 page(s)

Drossart Maxime , Folschweiller Morgane , Jacquemin Floriane, Dufrêne Marc, Violle Cédric, Michez Denis , Rasmont Pierre , "SAPOLL – A cross-border action plan for wild pollinators" in Entomology in Belgium, Bruxelles, Belgique, 2012

  • Codes CREF : Entomologie (DI3163)
  • Unités de recherche UMONS : Zoologie (S869)
  • Instituts UMONS : Institut des Biosciences (Biosciences)
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Abstract(s) :

(Anglais) Pollinators such as wild bees, hoverflies or butterflies represent a valuable resource in Europe but are greatly threatened. To protect these pollinators, that are not limited by the borders of the countries, it is necessary to develop adapted tools at large scales. The SAPOLL project rises to this challenge by initiating the creation of a cross-border action plan for pollinators in Belgium and in the north of France. This plan will encourage the development of concerted actions for pollinators conservation by spreading scientific, didactic and applied contexts to all the citizens and stakeholders. The SAPOLL project also organises additional actions that are essential for the creation and the success of the cross-border action plan. These actions will facilitate the sharing of skills and the homogenisation of knowledge between regions and will focus on three aspects: (i) Communication and awareness raising for the general public in order to inform the general public of the pollinator decline. (ii) Organisation and homogenisation of naturalist networks in the cross-border area through the animation of working groups and training courses. (iii) Global scientific monitoring of wild pollinators on the whole cross-border territory. The area of high importance for pollination service will be demarcated.