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2014-06-22 - Colloque/Présentation - poster - Anglais - 1 page(s)

Lenaerts Charline , Deplechin Thomas, Blankert Bertrand , "Set up of a solid phase extraction (SPE) method of marinobufagenin from human plasma" in Drug Analysis, Liège, Belgique, 2014

  • Codes CREF : Anamnèse - diagnostic [biologie clinique] (DI3316), Chimie analytique (DI1314), Pharmacognosie (DI3410), Sciences pharmaceutiques (DI3400), Chimie pharmaceutique (DI3413)
  • Unités de recherche UMONS : Analyse pharmaceutique (M130)
  • Instituts UMONS : Institut des Sciences et Technologies de la Santé (Santé)
  • Centres UMONS : Centre Interdisciplinaire de Spectrométrie de Masse (CISMA)

Abstract(s) :

(Anglais) Marinobufagenin (MBG) is a bufadienolide compound belonging to the cardiac glycosides class, present in humans as well as in some plants and animals. The major source for this compound is located in the parotid and skin gland secretions of some toad species, notably Bufo Marinus species. MBG acts principally as an endogenous mammalian vasoconstrictive and cardiotonic compound that inhibits the α1 isoform of Na+,K+-ATPase, resulting in hypertension and natriuresis. The enhanced production of MBG has been described in mammals presenting volume expansion-mediated hypertensive states, notably in preeclamptic patients [1-3]. The elevation of endogenous MBG appears prior the development of the main symptoms of preeclampsia (PE), leading us to consider MBG as a potential biomarker for PE. Nowadays, a sensitive and accuracy analytical method has become indispensable to assess MBG plasma levels. The MBG standard compound is currently not commercially available. It forced us to develop an effective extraction and purification method of MBG from freshly collected or crystallized toad Bufo Marinus venom. The identity of the compound has been confirmed by different spectral techniques. The research work currently presented deals with the pre-extraction procedure optimization for MBG quantification in human plasma. This critical step is needed in order to concentrate and clean the sample prior to its analysis in a liquid chromatography device. Therefore, several types of SPE cartridges have been tested: Hydrophilic Lipophilic Balanced (HLB) cartridges appear to be the best compromise between an optimized extraction yield and a clean chromatogram. References 1. Bagrov, A.Y., et al., Plasma marinobufagenin-like and ouabain-like immunoreactivity during saline volume expansion in anesthetized dogs. Cardiovascular Research, 1996. 31(2): p. 296-305. 2. Fedorova, O.V., P.A. Doris, and A.Y. Bagrov, Endogenous Marinobufagenin-Like Factor In Acute Plasma Volume Expansion. Clinical and Experimental Hypertension, 1998. 20(5-6): p. 581-591. 3. Bagrov, A.Y., et al., Endogenous Marinobufagenin-like Immunoreactive Factor and Na+,K+ ATPase Inhibition During Voluntary Hypoventilation. Hypertension, 1995. 26(5): p. 781-788.

Mots-clés :
  • (Anglais) Bufadienolides
  • (Anglais) Preeclampsia
  • (Anglais) Marinobufagenin
  • (Anglais) SPE
  • (Anglais) Extraction