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2016-09-24 - Article/Dans un journal avec peer-review - Anglais - 6 page(s)

Cremer Samuel, Bagein Michel , Mahmoudi Said , Manneback Pierre , "Boosting an embedded relational database management system with graphics processing units" in 5th International Conference on Data Management Technologies and Applications, Lisbon, Portugal, 2016

  • Codes CREF : Technologie informatique hardware (DI2560), Théorie de l'information (DI1161), Informatique générale (DI1162)
  • Unités de recherche UMONS : Informatique, Logiciel et Intelligence artificielle (F114)
  • Instituts UMONS : Institut de Recherche en Technologies de l’Information et Sciences de l’Informatique (InforTech)

Abstract(s) :

(Anglais) Concurrently, with the rise of Big Data systems, relational database management systems (RDBMS) are still widely exploited in servers, client devices, and even embedded inside end-user applications. In this paper, it is suggest to improve the performance of SQLite, the most deployed embedded RDBMS. The proposed solution, named CuDB, is an "In-Memory" Database System (IMDB) which attempts to exploit specificities of modern CPU/GPU architectures. In this study massively parallel processing was combined with strategic data placement, closer to computing units. According to content and selectivity of queries, the measurements reveal an acceleration range between 5 to 120 times - with peak up to 411 - with one GPU GTX770 compared to SQLite standard implementation on a Core i7 CPU. Copyright © 2016 by SCITEPRESS - Science and Technology Publications, Lda. All rights reserved.

Mots-clés :
  • (Anglais) In-memory database systems
  • (Anglais) Relational database management systems
  • (Anglais) Massively parallel processing
  • (Anglais) GPU
  • (Anglais) Embedded databases