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2016-07-06 - Colloque/Article dans les actes avec comité de lecture - Anglais - 8 page(s)

Grammalidis Nikos, Dimitropoulos Kosmas, Tsalakanidou Filareti, Kitsikidis Alexandros, Roussel Pierre, Denby Bruce, Chawah Patrick, Buchman Lise, Dupont Stéphane , Laraba Sohaib , Picart Benjamin, Tits Mickaël, Tilmanne Joëlle , Hadjidimitriou Stelios, Hadjileontiadis Leontios, Charisis Vasileios, Volioti Christina, Stergiaki Athanasia, Manitsaris Athanasios, bouzos Odysseas, Manitsaris Sotiris, "The i-Treasures Intangible Cultural Heritage dataset" in IEEE Workshop on Movement and Computing, Thessaloniki, Greece, 2016

  • Codes CREF : Sciences de l'ingénieur (DI2000)
  • Unités de recherche UMONS : Information, Signal et Intelligence artificielle (F105)
  • Instituts UMONS : Institut NUMEDIART pour les Technologies des Arts Numériques (Numédiart)
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(Anglais) In this paper, we introduce the i-Treasures Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) dataset, a freely available collection of multimodal data captured from different forms of rare ICH. More specifically, the dataset contains video, audio, depth, motion capture data and other modalities, such as EEG or ultrasound data. It also includes (manual) annotations of data, while in some cases additional features and metadata are provided, extracted using algorithms and modules developed within the i-Treasures project. We describe the creation process (sensors, capture setups and modules used), the dataset content and the associated annotations. An attractive feature of this ICH Database is that it’s the first of its kind, providing annotated multimodal data for a wide range of rare ICH types. Finally, some conclusions are drawn and the future development of the dataset is discussed.