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2010-12-02 - Colloque/Présentation - communication orale - Anglais - 1 page(s)

Pirlot Marc , "Decision aiding in geographical contexts" in Evidence-based policy making, Université Paris Dauphine, France, 2010

  • Codes CREF : Modèles mathématiques d'aide à la décision (DI1151), Recherche opérationnelle (DI1150), Systèmes d'information géographique (DI1427)
  • Unités de recherche UMONS : Mathématique et Recherche opérationnelle (F151)
  • Instituts UMONS : Institut des Sciences et du Management des Risques (Risques)

Abstract(s) :

(Anglais) Conceiving and developing tools for aiding decision in problems amenable to spatial representation has received increasing attention in recent years. Applications pertain, for instance, to land use management and localization of facilities (windfarms, obnoxious facilities,...). One of the goals is to implement decision aiding tools and methods in geographic information systems (GIS). In this presentation, we focus on new methods developed in the context of an application to land use assessment of a region in West Africa (Burkina Faso) in the perspective of sustainable development. We mainly address the question of comparing the state of a territory at two different moments. This question is of importance for the assessment of policies that aim at improving the current state of a given region. We propose two models allowing for such an assessment on the basis of observing the current state of a region and the way it has evolved after a period of application of a policy.