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2019-10-21 - Article/Compte-rendu - Anglais - 71 page(s)

De Filippi David , Iazeolla C., Sundell Per, "Fronsdal fields from gauge functions in Vasiliev’s higher spin gravity" in Journal of High Energy Physics, 10(2019), 215

  • Edition : Springer (Germany)
  • Codes CREF : Physique théorique et mathématique (DI1210)
  • Unités de recherche UMONS : Physique de l'Univers, Champs et Gravitation (S827)
  • Instituts UMONS : Institut de Recherche sur les Systèmes Complexes (Complexys)
  • Centres UMONS : Algèbre, Géométrie et Interactions fondamentales (AGIF)
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Abstract(s) :

(Anglais) In this paper, we revisit a number of issues in Vasiliev's theory related togauge functions, ordering schemes, and the embedding of Fronsdal elds into master elds.First, we parametrize a broad equivalence class of linearized solutions using gauge functionsand integration constants, and show explicitly how Fronsdal elds and their Weyl tensorsarise from these data in accordance with Vasiliev's central on mass shell theorem. We thengauge transform the linearized piece of exact solutions, obtained in a convenient gauge inWeyl order, to the aforementioned class, where we land in normal order. We spell out thismap for massless particle and higher spin black hole modes. Our results show that Vasiliev'sequations admit the correct free- eld limit for master eld con gurations that relax theoriginal regularity and gauge conditions in twistor space. Moreover, they support theo -shell Frobenius-Chern-Simons formulation of higher spin gravity for which Weyl orderplays a crucial role. Finally, we propose a Fe erman-Graham-like scheme for computingasymptotically anti-de Sitter master eld con gurations, based on the assumption thatgauge function and integration constant can be adjusted perturbatively so that the fullmaster elds approach free master elds asymptotically.