Sensitivity of Directors to workplace wellbeing and risk management: Evidence from Small and medium enterprises in Belgium
A Fast Gradient Method for Nonnegative Sparse Regression with Self Dictionary
The interaction between supervisor and trainee teacher in the context of video feedback. A statistical analysis of qualitative data
General Theory of the Relaxivity of Particulate Contrast Agents”
DNS and ILES of wall bounded flows using a discontinuous galerkin method and inlet synthetic turbulence
Enjeux et difficultés du travail de réseau en périnatalité : Un point de départ pour l'équipe Accordages
Simple Donor-Acceptor Molecule with Long Exciton Diffusion Length for Organic Photovoltaics
The Ziegler spectrum of the ring of entire complex functions
Evaluation of the active targeting of melanin granules after intravenous injection of dendronized nanoparticles
Is non-host pollen suitable for generalist bumblebees?
Les représentations sociales en question. La critique rancièrienne des identités
A Multi-level Classification Framework for Multi-site Medical Data: Application to the ADHD-200 Collection
Des images qui dénoncent. Dans la jungle de Calais, Banksy et les coeurs en carton
UTA-poly and UTA-splines: additive value functions with polynomial marginals
Synthesis of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles
Approche critique des valorisations politiques du street art
La fonction sociale de l'art en question. Genèse critique des arts relationnels
Linguistic regression in bilingual patients with Alzheimer's disease.
Magnetic polymersomes for MRI and theranostic applications
Targeted Iron Oxide (Nano)particles Used as MRI Contrast Agent in Small Animal Models
Accueillir le patient en crise aux urgences psychiatriques: étude du vécu subjectif
Newly identified energy levels and calculated transition rates in astatine atom, the rarest element on Earth
Metal Oxide Particles and Their Prospects for Applications
Dual-Modality Imaging
Heat Transfer Study in 3-Pass Fire-Tube Boiler During a Cold Start-up
Introduction of Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles in an Isolated Island System
Comment explorer l’expérience vécue d’intervenants en psychologie clinique et en psychothérapie ?
Following the cold: geographical differentiation between interglacial refugia and speciation in the arcto-alpine species complex Bombus monticola (Hymenoptera: Apidae)
Benzotriazole and cerium chloride as corrosion inhibitors for AA2024-T3: An EIS investigation supported by SVET and ToF-SIMS analysis
Image analysis of the interarytenoid area to detect laryngopharyngeal reflux disease.
Safety assessment of a high-rise dormitory in case of fire
Accurate Description of Charged Excitations in Molecular Solids from Embedded Many-Body Perturbation Theory
Giant ants and their shape: Revealing relationships in the genus Titanomyrma with Geometric Morphometrics
Impact of student mobility on the labor market
Resistance to high-temperature oxidation and wear of various ferrous alloys used in rolling mills
Proactive and Reactive Motor Inhibition in Top Athletes Versus Nonathletes.
Probing the transition from collective to single cell migration by imposing geometrical constraint
Valued modules on skew polynomial rings and Bézout domains
Orange robotique
A sharp lower bound on the number of non-equivalent colorings of graphs of order n and maximum degree n-3
Patterns of size variation in bees at a continental scale: does Bergmann’s rule apply?
Influence of the time step selection on dynamic simulation of milling operation
Dynamic modelling of thermal bridges
Corrosion inhibition of carbon steel by hydrotalcites modified with different organic cqrboxylic acids for organic coatings
“Overexpression of the double homeodomain protein DUX4c interferes with myofibrillogenesis and induces clustering of myonuclei”
La rencontre du troubadour et du scientifique — Des problèmes de traduction soulevés par les poèmes du sociologue chinois Fei Xiaotong
A Multimodal Approach for the Safeguarding and Transmission of Intangible Cultural Heritage: The Case of i-Treasures
Photomodulation of DNA-Templated Supramolecular Assemblies
Divergent geographic patterns of genetic diversity among wild bees: conservation implications
The perception of anticipatory labial coarticulation by blind listeners in noise: a comparison with sighted listeners in audio-only, visual-only and audiovisual conditions
Symposium "Mesurer les compétences et les représentations autour des apprentissages numériques des élèves de 4-6 ans dans des milieux hétérogènes"
Cuarenta años después de la publicación de la dominación de la organización: retorno a un campo de investigación
Formel, Informel mais toujours professionnel
Optimal operation of an energy management system for a grid-connected smart building considering photovoltaics’ uncertainty and stochastic electric vehicles’ driving schedule
Revue Education & Formation e-308 : Les professionnalités des formateurs dans les modes formels et informels
Assessing the ground vibrations produced by a heavy vehicle traversing a traffic obstacle
On the derivation of a simple dynamic model of anaerobic digestion including the evolution of hydrogen
Revue Education & Formation e-308 - Les professionnalités des formateurs dans les modes formels et informels
A sub-ppm level formaldehyde gas sensor based on Zn-doped NiO prepared by a co-precipitation route
Rapport d’étude d’aléa karstique dans le cadre d’un un projet de transformation/rénovation d’un bâtiment (Rue des Déportés à Kain, section A, parcelle 452k)
EEG dynamics and neural generators in implicit navigational image processing in adults with ADHD
Polyaniline-coated tilted fiber Bragg gratings for pH sensing
Forensic Inpatients with Dual Diagnosis: Specificity and Heterogeneity of Psychiatric and Social Profiles.
Apports des outils de jugement clinique structuré pour la mise en place d'un programme de soins individualisé des auteurs de violences sexuelles
Cumulative carbon emissions and economic policy: in search of general principles
Analyse contrastive des marqueurs de discours d’ailleurs et par ailleurs en français et en néerlandais
Computing nearest stable matrix pairs
Proceedings of eNTERFACE 2015 Workshop on Intelligent Interfaces
Enter the ROBiGAME: Serious game for stroke patients with upper limbs rehabilitation
Practical method for the check of timber beams in a restoration context
L'accueil de crise: nous ne pouvons pas accueillir toute la misère du monde !
Comparative Metaproteomics to Study Environmental Changes
Exchange rate movements, firm-level exports and heterogeneity
Influence of experimental parameters on iron oxide nanoparticles properties synthesized by thermal decomposition: size and nuclear magnetic resonance studies
Nano-mechanical properties of interphases in dynamically vulcanized thermoplastic alloy
EASA : Environment Aware Social Agent
Designing a digital assistant for developing a life plan
Effects of alkaline earth metal substitutions on the surface acoustic wave properties of fresnoite glass-ceramics
Generic and Effective Visual Attention
Improvement of Piezoelectric Properties of Strontium Fresnoite Glass-Ceramics
Eye and Mouse coordination during task: from behaviour to prediction
"Aspects Systèmes – rapport final (Livrable D5.1.3) - Projet INOGRAMS - WP5 : Surveillance passive par capteurs multipoints à fibre optique"
Ados et Réseaux Sociaux : Etre connectés pour accéder aux métiers de demain
Interview TéléMB pour la sortie du livre "Apprentissage du français de base"
Primary and secondary structures of peptoids as probed by Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry
High infiltration of CD68+ macrophages is associated with poor prognoses of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma patients and is influenced by human papillomavirus
CBIR in cloud with large scale images
Towards a Smart Selection of Cloud Resources for Multimedia Big Data Computing
Retour sur une expérience d’apprentissage du management de l’innovation en faculté́ de sciences appliquées
Hydroxyurea (hydroxycarbamide) genotoxicity on pediatric patients with sickle cell anemia
Supramolecular approach for an efficient processing of polylactide/starch nanocomposites
Hypersensitive systems for T1 MR imaging: a relaxometric study of the structuration of the water pocket around Gd chelates
Phonological and phonetic impairment in aphasia: Discussion about a controversial distinction.
Prédire la faillte des PME belges? Une modélisation statistique
La participation urbaine numérique, une simple amplification des processus existants ?
Carbon Clean Combined Heat and Power Production from micro Gas Turbines: Thermodynamic Analysis of Different Scenarios
Homeplug AV2 PHY specifications
Entendons-nous, une méthode de FLE à la belge. Quelle place pour la littérature ?
Operational Optimization of a Typical micro Gas Turbine
Robust optimisation of hydroelectric system operation under uncertainty
Délimitation des zones vulnérables autour des sites Seveso approche hybride - Application au site de Base de Baronville SA
High infiltration of CD68+ macrophages is associated with poor prognoses of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma patients and is influenced by human papillomavirus
Second spectrum of chromium (Cr II). Part II. Radiative lifetimes and oscillator strengths of transitions depopulating low lying 3d44p levels
Log-determinant Non-negative Matrix Factorization via Successive Trace Approximation
The schmidt hammer rebound hardness for ancient fired clay bricks characterisation
Exploring Cultural Heritage Using Virtual Reality
Organisation du festival ITALIA IN DOC consacré au documentaire italien
Second spectrum of chromium (Cr II). Part III. Radiative lifetimes and transition probabilities from highly excited 3d45s levels
Comparison of various configurations of the absorption-regeneration process using different solvents for the post-combustion CO2 capture applied to cement plant flue gases
Genetic Plasticity and Ethylmalonyl Coenzyme A Pathway during Acetate Assimilation in Rhodospirillum rubrum S1H under Photoheterotrophic Conditions.
Spectral Unmixing with Multiple Dictionaries
Second spectrum of chromium (Cr II). Part I. New energy level reanalysis
Impact of Pore Tortuosity on Electrode Kinetics in Lithium Battery Electrodes: Study in Directionally Freeze-Cast LiNi0.8Co0.15Al0.05O2 (NCA)
A Density-based Decision Tree for One-class Classification
« Les effets de l’utilisation des outils d’échange et de communication (Facebook et forum de discussion) sur la persévérance des participants dans les cours en ligne ouverts et massifs »
Article Journal La Province : présentation de l'ouvrage "Apprentissage du français de base pour personnes étrangères et d'origine étrangère"
Real Time Web-based Toolbox for Computer Vision
Extremum seeking based on a Hammerstein-Wiener representation
Optimisation — Quand les extrêmes sont les meilleurs !
Identification and optimal control of fructo-oligosaccharide production
Behaviour of pre-sintered Y-TZP during machining operations: Determination of recommended cutting parameters
Uniqueness of N=2 and 3 pure supergravities in 4D
Proverbialité et traduction: dichotomie forme-sens
Mesure distribuée résolue en fréquence appliquée à la génération du spercontinuum dans les fibres optiques
Réseau humain et réseaux sociaux pour chercheur.e.s
An Optimization Model for Collaborative Recommendation Using a Covariance-Based Regularizer
Corpora and databases: TTeSLa’s experience
Le travail du sexe comme « job étudiant ».Une approche psychologique des motivations et du vécu d’étudiantes engagées dans le système prostitutionnel
A PRM approach for early prediction of breast cancer response to chemotherapy based on registered MR images
Multi-GPU based Sparse and Dense Optical Flow Estimation using Full HD and 4K Videos
Recherches et Développements – rapport final (Livrable D5.3.3) - Projet INOGRAMS - WP5 : Surveillance passive par capteurs multipoints à fibre optique
Exploiter, traiter et visualiser les données en éducation
Long-Term Planning of Connected Industrial Microgrids: a Game Theoretical Approach Including Daily Peer-to-Microgrid Exchanges
Intégration avec l'existant (Livrable D5.6.1) - Projet INOGRAMS - WP5 : Surveillance passive par capteurs multipoints à fibre optique
Validation – rapport final (Livrable D5.5.2) - Projet INOGRAMS - WP5 : Surveillance passive par capteurs multipoints à fibre optique
Hablas meridionales de Castilla y León
Panorama des institutions culturelles de Mons, chef-lieu de département 1795-1830
Que sait-on vraiment des investisseurs individuels?
Dans un monde numérique, l'humain est plus que jamais au centre
Revue Education & Formation e-309 - La fin de l'école à l'ère du numérique ?
c at the belfry
Nuevos materiales y formas arquitectonicas para la construcciones de bambu en Ecuador.
A non-variational system involving the critical Sobolev exponent. The radial case.
Devenir un père: une aventure pas si simple !
Medium-Term Multi-Market Optimization for Virtual Power Plants: A Stochastic-Based Decision Environment
Impacts of the Model Uncertainty on the Voltage Regulation Problem of Medium Voltage Distribution Systems
La fonética articulatoria como método para la corrección de la pronunciación en el aprendizaje de ELE.
Analyse de l’usage d’un dispositif de simulation pour la formation initiale de policiers à partir de l’activité de formateurs
Coupled WRF-OpenFOAM study of wind flow over complex terrain
Quantizing higher-spin gravity in free-field variables
"Intrigo italiano": interview de l'écrivain Carlo Lucarelli
Corrosion behaviour of electroless high boron-mid phosphorous nickel duplex coatings in the as-plated and heat-treated states in NaCl, H2SO4, NaOH and Na2SO4 media
Ecole & Numérique : L'Endroit (et L'Envers) du décor pour les adultes de demain
Design and optimisation of a cascode low noise amplifier (LNA) using MOST scattering parameters and gm/ID ratio
Entire radial and nonradial solutions for systems with critical growth
Stability of benzotriazole-based films against AA2024 aluminium alloy corrosion process in neutral chloride electrolyte
Pump Hydro Energy Storage systems (PHES) in groundwater flooded quarries
Petrogenesis of the Mairupt microgranite: a witness of an Uppermost Silurian magmatism in the Rocroi Inlier, Ardenne Allochton
Metabonomic profiling of chronic intermittent hypoxia in a mouse model
Phonetic and/or phonological paraphasias in aphasia: an acoustic study of speech output in six aphasic patients.
Imaging groundwater infiltration dynamics in karst vadose zone with long-term ERT monitoring
La santé psychologique au travail chez des enseignants de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles
Multimedia Indexation using Deep Learning in Big Data (MIDL)
Déclin cognitif, interprétation simultanée et retraite
NanoCardio – Détection de plaques athéroscléreuses par IRM et imagerie optique
Influence of Material Uncertainties on the RLC Parameters of Wound Inductors Modeled Using the Finite Element Method
Utilisation de mines et carrières pour le développement de systèmes de stockage d’énergie par pompage-turbinage : études hydrogéologiques en Région wallonne
Reinvestigation of the mechanism of polymerization of β-butyrolactone from 1, 5, 7-triazabicyclo[4.4.0]dec-5-ene
Utilisation de mines et carrières pour le développement de systèmes de stockage d'énergie par pompage - turbinage : études hydrogéologiques en Région walonne
A semi-analytical approach for the positive semidefinite Procrustes problem
Optical fibre NO2 sensor based on lutetium bisphthalocyanine in a mesoporous silica matrix
Intelligence Artificielle (IA) et Apprentissage Profond (Deep Learning)
Diversité des interventions de formateurs et de mentors dans la formation initiale de policiers à partir d'un dispositif de simulation
Improved analysis of ground vibrations produced by man-made sources
Bien-être et diversité des situations de travail. Tome 1
Bien-être et diversité des situations de travail. Tome 3
Bien-être et diversité des situations de travail. Tome 2
Sensibilisation et plaidoyer sur l’insertion scolaire/l’éducation spécialisée des enfants en difficulté - Plateforme Haï - WBI
Plaidoyer sur l’insertion scolaire/l’éducation spécialisée des enfants en difficulté” - Plateforme Haï - WBI
Projet Expert'Crise. Exercice du 23-10-2017 chez GEOCYCLE (site de Feluy)
Asymptotic Charges at Null Infinity in Any Dimension
A PRM approach for early prediction of breast cancer response to chemotherapy based on registered MR images
Les rapports de force et le voisinage actionnarial pour la compréhension des mouvements de rachat d’entreprise : essai d’application au marché belge
Preventing Bankruptcy of European SMES: Investigation Through PSM
Lexico-semantic deterioration in Alzheimer's disease : Focus on thematic and taxonomic links.
Profils langagier et exécutif dans l'aphasie primaire progressive et la maladie d'Alzheimer.
Proteomics can deeply unravel the Trx pathway and its specificity
Large-Eddy Simulation of wind turbines wakes including geometrical effects.
Etre clinicien et chercheur : points de vue de jeunes docteurs
Le développement par la microfinance? Réflexions à partir du cas sénégalais
Structure atomique et paramètres radiatifs dans l’uranium ionisé. Application à la cosmochronologie
Unicité des théories de supergravité N=2 et 3 en dimension 4
Étude des effets de l’environnement plasma sur les spectres astrophysiques X
PhD Яevolution : la naissance d’une communauté de doctorants
Mieux connaitre la détresse psychopathologique des devenants pères : enjeux pour l’accompagnement et les soins en périnatalité
Les troubles de l'usage de substances
Combining in-cave dye tracing and high resolution monitoring to refine karst aquifer dynamic
Assessment of groundwater recharge processes through karst vadose zone by cave percolation monitoring
Présentation PPT : Sens et Sensibilité de l'Ironie matrimoniale de Jane austen dans les Traductions françaises du Roman "Sense and Sensibility"
Status and future developments of R&D on fiber optics current sensor for ITER
Metasurface-based multi-harmonic free electron light source
Sens et Sensibilité de l'Ironie matrimoniale de Jane austen dans les Traductions françaises du Roman "Sense and Sensibility"
Présentation PPT : Sens et Sensibilité de l'Ironie matrimoniale de Jane austen dans les Traductions françaises du Roman "Sense and Sensibility"
Is it worth applying for a rescue plan? A PSM analysis for European SMEs
Prestigio y prestigio encubierto en la Sierra de Francia. Una aproximación sociolingüística al vernáculo tradicional del Centro-Sur salmantino
Usage d’un modèle commun de la réflexivité pour l’analyse de débriefings post-simulation : le cas de futurs policiers, sages-femmes et enseignants
Study of the inhibition ability of benzotriazole on the Zn-Mg coated steel corrosion in chloride electrolyte
Uniqueness of N=2 and 3 pure supergravities in 4D
Variation diachronique de registres en ASP : le cas de la modification des syntagmes nominaux en anglais médical
Étude en diachronie courte des empreintes de fréquence et de significativité des termes de l’astrophysique
Production et caractérisation de protéines adhésives recombinantes d’étoile de mer (Asterias rubens)
Au service des enfants des rues haïtiens
Prostitution étudiante: une réalité plus complexe qu'il n'y paraît!
Influence des conditions de cristallisation sur l’élaboration d’une vitrocéramique à base de cristaux de fresnoite-strontium
Refurbishment of existing timber floors with screwed CLT panels
Voice quality outcomes of idiopathic Parkinson disease medical treatment: a systematic review
French version of reflux symptom index: a novel tool used for the diagnosis and follow-up of laryngopharyngeal reflux. Accepted for publication,
A hybrid numerical-experimental assessment of railway ground vibration in urban area
Gender differences in the presentation of dysphonia related to Laryngopharyngeal Reflux Disease: A case-controlled study
L'abduction de Peirce comme mode d'inférence et comme méthode et stratégie de recherche en sociologie: l'expérience de la négociation sociale en Belgique
Algorithms for positive semidefinite factorization
Small-sized PEGylated iron oxide nanoparticles (IONP) for T1-enhanced MRI
Intervention " La participation selon JR: approche critique du dispositif " Inside Out" " dans le cadre cours "Internet et sciences humaines: théories, usages, créations" à l'ULiège
A new class of paramagnetic contrast agents: synthesis and physicochemical characterizations of a fluorinated paramagnetic contrast agent
Category change from a constructional perspective: Introduction
Category change from a constructional perspective
Category change from a constructional perspective: Introduction
La pensée de Sénèque ou comment atteindre la sagesse ? Conférence Collège Saint-Julien - Ath
L’erreur en traduction automatique : quels critères pour quels textes ?
Emergence of a new adverbial downtoner: constructional change and constructionalization of Dutch [ver van X] and [verre van X] ‘far from X’
Category change from a constructional perspective: Introduction
Printemps des Sciences 2018 : "Plus que Normal Activity"
Designing a monitoring system for remediation of a brownfield area
Contrôle de la cristallisation de surface d'une vitrocéramique piézoélectrique
"Le dindon de la trad" in Concours Ma thèse en 180 secondes : finale interfacultaire UMONS
Gold electroless deposition on fiber optic for plasmonic cytokeratin sensing
Towards the Development of a Net-Zero Energy District Evaluation Tool
Evaluating Deep Features for Breast Cancer Response Prediction in MRI Based on GPU Learning
Implication de mentors dans un dispositif de formation par simulation : quels effets sur la réélaboration des règles formelles chez des aspirants-policiers ?
Le vivre ensemble, imparfaite utopie ?
Influence des conditions de cristallisation sur l’élaboration d’une vitrocéramique à base de cristaux de fresnoite-strontium
Role of tin as a stabilizer in an electroless nickel-boron plating bath: Electroless NiB-Sn alloys properties.
Innovative contrast agent for neurodegenerative disease diagnosis
Géothermie des eaux des mines : cas du charbonnage transfrontalier d'Hensies
What's going on, Doc? - When Machine Learning Addresses Neuropathologies with Readability
Optimisation de l’homogénéisation des alliages WC-Co
High infiltration of CD68+ macrophages is associated with poor prognoses of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma patients and is influenced by human papillomavirus
The Prediction Of Breast Cancer Response To Chemotherapy By Deep Learning
Biomarker sensing using optical fiber gratings
PEGylated very-small iron oxide nanoparticles (VSION) as positive contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
Synthèse d’agents bimodaux pour la détection de plaques athéroscléreuses par IRM et imagerie optique
Optimisation de la biométhanisation des déchets microalgaux et autres co-digestats et dimensionnement d’un biométhaniseur pilote
Les ambivalences de l'utopie urbaine
Nouvelles prospections géophysiques pour le développement de la géothermie profonde dans le Hainaut (fiche FEDER MORE-GEO)
The deep geothermal reservoir of Hainaut (Belgium): from modelling to management tools
A new class of paramagnetic contrast agents: synthesis, characterizations and relaxation studies of a fluorinated paramagnetic contrast agent
Unconventional sintering of cemented WC-Co carbides
Une colle venue des étoiles ... de mer
CUBISM : Développement de capteurs d'humidité et de pression pour le monitoring in situ du séchage des bétons
A Density-Based Decision Tree for One-Cass Classification
Proteomics can deeply unravel the Trx pathway and its specificity
Diaspora vietnamienne en Belgique francophone : trajectoires, intégration et transmission culturelle
L’exil de longue durée des réfugiés chiliens en Belgique
Parameter estimation of a dynamic model of Escherichia coli fed-batch cultures
Cloud Architecture For Plant Phenotyping Research
Multimedia Processing within HPC Cloud Resources and Big Data Volumes
Study of the metabolic doxorubicine-induced alterations in H9C2 cells and the effect of preincubation with dexrazoxane, a cardioprotective agent
Multiplicative Updates for Polynomial Root Finding
In vitro and in vivo applications of 1H-NMR spectroscopy in the biological field
Peak shaving and valley filling of power consumption profile in non-residential buildings using an electric vehicle parking lot
Les dérives de l’idéologie gestionnaire dans le champ de la santé mentale
Dictionary-based Tensor Canonical Polyadic Decomposition
Assessment of railway ground vibration in urban area using in-situ transfer mobilities and simulated vehicle-track interaction
HMM-based generation of laughter facial expression
Volunteering in an Animal Shelter: Activism or Quest of Well-Being?
Surface to cave dye tracing: lessons learned from the Belgian karst
Volunteering in an Animal Shelter: Activism or Quest of Well-Being?
In vitro and in vivo applications of 1H-NMR spectroscopy in the biological field
Irrigation pivot-center connected at low cost for the reduction of crop water requirements
Study of the metabolic doxorubicine-induced alterations in H9C2 cells and the effect of preincubation with dexrazoxane, a cardioprotective agent
Implementing urban resilience to floods in Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur Region : interfacing science and urban engineers of Avignon City Council
The use of HPC and Cloud resources for Deep Learning
I quaderni di Antonio Tabucchi e il cantiere della scrittura
A Hybrid Approach using Monte Carlo simulation and Polynomial Chaos Expansion for geometrical and material uncertainties propagation in the FE extraction of RL parameters of wound inductors
Strong Coupling and Exceptional Points in Optically Pumped Active Hyperbolic Metamaterials
On the Evolution and Application of the Thermal Network Method for Energy Assessments in Buildings
Non-linear optical effects in colloidal suspensions in the continuous wave regime : A simple setup for undergraduate laboratory experiments
Tempo of Magmatic Activity recorded in a Neoproterozoic Oceanic Arc System (Anti-Atlas, Morocco)
Research activities in Astronomy and Astrophysics in Belgium
Radiative decay rates for transitions of cosmochronological interest in singly ionized uranium
Compact metasurface-based free-electron hard X-ray source
Influence of comprehensive atomic structure on the ionization balance of a high density tungsten plasma
Reflectivity, imaging ellipsometry and scattering analysis of gold nanoparticles growing in a polymer matrix
Reflectivity, imaging ellipsometry and scattering analysis of gold nanoparticles growing in a polymer matrix
New atomic data for modeling oxygen and iron K lines in high-density astrophysical plasmas
Real-time UV-Visible reflectometry as a tool to monitor the growth of noble metal nanoparticles in a polymer matrix
Influence of the sol-gel mesoporosity on the corrosion protection given by an epoxy primer applied on aluminum alloy 2024 -T3
Towards a smart exploitation of GPUs for low energy motion estimation using Full HD and 4 K Videos
WT_ DMDA New Scheduling strategy for Conjugate Gradient Solver on Heterogeneous
Parallel and Distributed Approach for Images Retrieval in Big Data Databases
High infiltration of CD68+ macrophages is associated with poor prognoses of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma patients and is influenced by human papillomavirus
Plasma environment e ffects on K-lines of astrophysical interest
Finding the nearest positive-real system
Exceptional points and strong coupling in dye-infiltrated hyperbolic metamaterials
Les ambivalences de l’utopie : quel urbanisme pour le futur des villes?
"Les animaux au 21ème siècle : êtres sensibles ou steak hachés ?"
Soutenez un meilleur départ : la question de l'alcool avant, pendant, et après la grossesse
Affordable Process for the production of Strontium Bromide used in low grade heat recovery applications
Dessiner un bonhomme en maternelle : analyse comparative des dessins réalisés avec des outils traditionnels et avec une tablette tactile
Appel à projets lancé par le gouvernement wallon visant l’installation de 100 bornes de rechargement pour véhicules électriques en 2018
Sensitivity of high Rayleigh scattering fiber in acoustic/vibration sensing using phase-OTDR
Estimation of the Influence of Tool Wear on Force Signals: a Finite Element Approach in AISI 1045 Orthogonal Cutting
Cost-effective laser source for phase-OTDR vibration sensing
Explainable Artificial Intelligence: the Promise of Increased Transparency in Data Processing
Web Monitoring of Bee Health for Researchers and Beekeepers Based on the Internet of Things
A Texture Analysis Approach for Spine Metastasis Classification in T1 and T2 MRI
GPU-Low-Energy Tracking of the Left Ventricle in the Cloud
Organisation de la journée d'étude " Quand l’œuvre d’art public se transforme. Restauration – Réactivation – (Ré)Appropriation"
Content-based 3D shape retrieval using deep learning approach
Traduction automatique et post-édition dans les institutions internationales : l'exemple de la DGT CE
L’évaluation des apprentissages scolaires en mathématiques, sciences et géographie à l’école fondamentale et secondaire : Enjeux, défis et contraintes
Se nourrir des recherches menées en psychologie cognitive et neurosciences pour améliorer l’enseignement-apprentissage
Internet of Things: learning and practices
The inhibition efficiency of different species on AA2024/graphite galvanic coupling models depicted by SVET
An empirical analysis of technical lag in npm package dependencies
A relativistic Debye-Hückel approach to estimate plasma effects on the atomic structure and K-line emission in oxygen ions
Fostering the Participation of Battery Storage Systems in the Real-Time Balancing of Electrical Grids
On the impact of security vulnerabilities in the npm package dependency network
Advancing the Comprehensive View of Processes in Psychotherapy by using Qualitative Methods
The Explicitation Interview Method and Research Applications for Evaluation of Psychotherapy
Leveraging Provision of Frequency Regulation Services from Wind Generation by Improving Day-Ahead Predictions using LSTM Neural Networks
Optimized Decentralized and Centralized Load Management Techniques in Industrial Microgrids
Efficiency and Incentive Compatibility in A Co-Optimized Energy and Reserves Electricity Market
Automatic detection and inhibition of neutral and emotional stimuli in post-traumatic stress disorder : an eye-tracking study.
Assessing Breast Cancer Screening using recent Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
Victimes des attentats de Bruxelles : Où en sont-elles deux ans plus tard ?
Abord du concept de résilience et de compétences individuelles, familiales et collectives : Regards croisés de cliniciens-chercheurs
Evaluation of Expert's Clinical practice in crisis unit ans psychiatric emergency: technical and therapeutic principles to better intervene
Monitoring System Using Internet Of Things For Potential Landslides
Influence of Comprehensive Atomic Structure and Continuum Lowering on the Ionization Balance of a High-Density Tungsten Plasma
Atomic Structure, Radiative and Auger Parameters for Modelling Oxygen K-Lines in High-Density Astrophysical Plasma Environments
Calculated Oscillator Strengths for Radiative Transitions of Cosmochronological Interest in Singly Ionized Uranium (U II)
Accueillir le patient en crise aux urgences psychiatriques : étude du vécu subjectif
HFR+CPOL and MCDHF oscillator strengths of strong electric dipole (E1) lines of U+ of interest in cosmochronology
Plasma environment e ffects on the decay properties of atomic K-vacancy states belonging to the oxygen and iron isonuclear sequences of astrophysical interest
What’s Up in Mons Doc ?
Evacuation Data from a Hospital Outpatient Drill
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