Birefringence mapping in an optical fibre by using a polarization-OTDR
A formal foundation for object-oriented software evolution
Fast Adaptation for Robust Speech Recognition in Reverberant Environments
Une introduction aux métaheuristiques pour l'optimisation combinatoire
Autocatalytic electroless nockel-boron plaing on light alloys
Parameter identification for state estimation of a fed-batch bioreactor:analysis through model falsification
Les méthodes exactes en optimisation combinatoire multicritère
Effect of activated carbon addition on the absorption in water of volatile organic compounds
Flexible control: control with flexible constraints
Measurement of pulse width and amplitude jitter noises of GHz optical pulse trains by time-domain demodulation
La capture de la Moselle. Nouvelles données chronologiques par datations U/Th sur spéléothèmes
What Linguistics Has to Say about Smells: a cognitive perspective
Measurement of the spatial distribution of birefringence in optical fibers
Selecting prefered solutions in flexible dynamic programming
Sightseeing Tour Planning Based On Combinatorial Optimization
On the Luminescence Efficiency of Polymer Light-Emitting Diodes: A Quantum-chemical Investigation
Progressive exploration of preferential information in multicriteria decision aid (CEG-IST Research Paper 17/2001, Lisboa)
Control-oriented modeling in grinding processess: a new approach
Dynamic block data distribution for parallel sparse gaussian elimination
Ceratina (Lioceratina) velthuisi sp. nov. from Burma (Hymenoptera Apoidea Xylocopinae)
Une expérience d'approche pédagogique interdisciplinaire internationale (Belgique, France, Espagne, Grèce, Italie)
A stable isotope technology for the study of the thyroid hormone metabolism -first results on animals: discussion, limitations and possibilities
A Fontaine-l’Evêque, la participation de la population à l’élaboration de l’atlas du patrimoine architectural du centre ancien
Wood characteristics determination by penetration
Formal foundations of software evolution
Neural Network applications in nonlinear modeling of (bio)chemical processes
Systematic generation of identifiable macroscopic reaction schemes
Degradation evaluation of polymers by accelarated wheathering tests
Le jeu réciproque du cognitif et de l’émotif dans le genre épidictique
Complete noise characterization of a Gigahertz optical pulse train by time-domain demodulation of its harmonics
Dynamical behavior of a multimode semiconductor laser subject to a single mode selective optical feedback
Experimental and Theoretical Studies of the Anisotropical Complex Dielectric Constant of Highly Stretch-Oriented Poly(p-phenylene vinylene)
Calculation of Auger rates for complex hollow atom configurations
Karsts & Tectonics. Preface
Influence of the cutter geometry in rock cutting
Polarisation self-modulation in a VCSEL subject to optical feedback through a quarter-wave plate
Optical Properties of Highly Oriented Poly(p-phenylene-vinylene)
Relativistic Hartree-Fock and multiconfiguration Dirac-Fock calculations in Bi II
Si3N4/SiC nanocomposite materials: fabrication and mechanical properties at high temperatures
Bauen mit Aluminium, Konstruction und Gestaltung
Brittle tectonic structures and paleostress analysis in the Isle of Wight, Wessex Basin, southern U. K.
Mask or mirror, the use of the cultural heritage by tourists and travellers
Structural analysis in term of paleostress of the Givetian limestones around the Hotton Cave
Measurement of the spatial distribution of birefringence in optical fibers for polarization mode dispersion characterization and sensing applications
Wetting: from microscopic origins to industrial application
Evidence of palaeoseismicity in the karstic cavities of the Grands Causses as shown in the Aven de la Portalerie (Larzac, Aveyron, France)
Fragments de polissoire découverts à Petit-Spiennes: pétrographie et implications archéologiques
Stimulated Brillouin scattering in single-mode fibers above threshold: spectral and statistical properties
Construire en aluminium, 25 exemples de réalisations
Nitrobenzene Isomers
Intégration d'une démarche ergonomique et de qualité à la conception du logiciel de gestion commerciale "Gescica" sous windows. Rapport de recherche final pour la DGTRE (Convention First-Entreprises)
Mesurage conjoint non-transitif et non-additif
Statistical study of the time between total power dropouts in a VCSEL operating in the low-frequency fluctuations regime
Guest editor of the special issue of "Operations Research in Mons Universities"
Seasonal release of the egg capsules of Anoplodium parasita Schneider, intracoelomic turbellarian (Platyhelminthes, Rhabdocoela) symbiotic of the sea cucumber Holothuria tubulosa Gmelin (Echinodermata, Holothuroida)
Spreading on heterogeneous substrates
Multi-Component force sensor based on multiplexed fibre Bragg grating strain sensors
Stereospecific binding of MRI contrast agents to human serum albumin. The case of Gd-(S)-EOB-DTPA (Eovist) and its (R) isomer
Distributed birefringence Measurement in optical fibers
Iron microbial communities in Belgian Frasnian carbonate mounds.
Systematic generation of identifiable macroscopic reaction schemes
Respiratory effects of the external and internal intercostal muscles in humans
Synthesis of alumina based abrasive grains from solar energy
Capital humain: mesurer le gisement wallon
Une méthode statistique pour le contrôle des changements vocaliques sous l’effet du style de parole. Application à l’espagnol
Bone remodeling for metacarpal joint prosthesis
La planification dans la gestion des environnements dynamiques : quelques apports récents de la psychologie ergonomique
Measurement of the spatial distribution of birefringence on different type of fibers
On the Nature of Electronic Excitations in Luminescent Conjugated Polymers: A Quantum-Chemical Flavor
Radiation-tolerant data links for fusion reactors: from serial electrical data link to parallel optical data link
Biological basis of anemia.
Optical Signature of Delocalized Polarons in Conjugated Polymers
Patrimoine littéraire européen
La Grande Chaîne des Etres de Lakoff et Turner dans les équations métaphoriques ou Pourquoi mon chien ne sera jamais aussi courageux qu'Achille
Le projet EULER, Vers une synthèse de parole générique et multilingue
Comparison of the Use of GAs and ESs for the Optimization of Multibody Systems
Phenomenology of the Term Structure of Interest Rates with Padé Approximants
Interchain Interactions in Organic pi-Conjugated Materials: Impact on Electronic Structure, Optical Response, and Charge Transport
Education bilingue ou éducation au bilinguisme? Contraintes cognitives et politique linguistique
Multiband with Contaminated Training Data
Commande flexible: commande prédictive sous contraintes flexibles/ Flexible control: predictive control with flexible constraints
Systematic study of Auger decay in hollow atoms
Bi-objective assignment problem
Quantum-chemical design of two-photon absorbing organic chromophores
La gestion informatisée des lits. Rapport d'étude final pour la Clinique Notre Dame de Grâce de Gosselies, Direction administrative
Polarization-maintaining fiber Bragg gratings for wavelength selection in actively mode-locked Er-doped fiber lasers
Demo system for NU-MBROLA concatenator
Aluminium Architecture, construction and details
Electromagnetically induced transparency via adiabatic following of the nonabsorbing state
Substrates effects on the Fractal kinetics of a simple surface reaction
Introduction à la programmation mathématique multicritère
Les effets de la forme et de l'ordre des prémisses dans le raisonnement conditionnel : une approche linguistique de la théorie des modèles mentaux.
Radiative Heat Transfer and NOx Emissions of a 300 KW variable swirl gas burner: numerical and experimental study
Definitive Characterization of Some C5H5N·+ and C6H7N·+ Radical Cations by Associative Ion-Molecule Reactions
Multiobjective combinatorial optimization: exact and metaheuristics methods
Wood architecture in Belgium Inventories
A terrestrial analog for exobiological studies: the Cretaceous microbialite of the Mons Basin (Belgium)
On T2-Shortening by Weakly Magnetized Particles: The Chemical Exchange Model
Systematic generation of identifiable macroscopic reaction schemes -application to a perfusin cell culture
Automata on Linear Orderings
Collisional activation of protonated C-halogenopyrazoles
Characterization of C2S4·+ Isomers by Mass Spectrometry and Ab Initio Molecular Orbital Calculations
Scalar perturbations in a primordial inflationary scenario
Détermination des caractéristiques d'un logiciel interactif de sélection. Rapport de recherche final pour la DGTRE (Programme RESIDER)
Ergonomie et gestion des risques
Stability of MRI paramagnetic contrast media. A proton relaxometric protocol for transmetallation assessment
Une nouvelle approche de distribution de données pour l'élimination de Gauss creuse
NOx production and radiative heat transfer from an autoregenerative flameless oxydation burner
Ionized Benzonitrile and its distonic isomers in the gas phase
18 trous à 2200 m : explorations sur le karst de la Bannalp (Oberrickenbach, Nidwald, Suisse) = 18 Löcher auf 2200 m Höhe : Forschungen im Karst der Bannalp (Oberrickenbach, Nidwald, Suisse)
A Theoretical Insight into Organic Interfaces in Electro-Optic Devices
Adaptive grids for high-order PDE Models
Multi-objective integer linear programming MOILP
Statistical properties of stimulated Brillouin scattering in singlemode optical fibers above threshold
Combinatorial Optimization for Trip Planning
Axiomatization of ordinal comparison procedures: refinements of the minimum
Modeling and simulation of a chromatographic process design for enantioseparation
A declarative evolution framework for object-oriented design patterns
Simple and maybe nearly optimal design of beam structures with real industrial constraints
A characterisation of asymetric concordance relations
Analyse de l'effet de swirl sur la longueur de la flamme, les transferts radiatifs et les émissions de NOx d'un brûleur industriel à longueur de flamme réglable: simulation numérique et validation expérimentale
Control oriented modeling in grinding processes : a new approach
Investigation of the sintering behaviour of alumina powders containing low amounts of Na2O and SiO2
Evolution des structures de l'oral en formation de formateurs de FLE; une étude longitudinale de l'organisation du système vocalique français chez les lusophones
Trends in Databases: Reasoning and Mining
Synchronization of chaotic semiconductor lasers with phase-conjugate feedback
La méthode MOMIX et son application à la gestion de portefeuille
Joint Experimental and Theoretical Characterization of the Electronic Structure of 4,4'-bis(m-tolylphenylamino)biphenyl (TPD) and Substituted Derivatives
Photodynamic DNA damage mediated by δ-aminolevulinic acid-induced porphyrins
Radiation-resistant WDM Optical Link for Thermonuclear Fusion Reactor Instrumentation
Une approche axiomatique de la concordance
Semi-automatic Corner detection and validation of cervical vertebrae
Application des métaheuristiques en optimisation combinatoire multicritère
Evidence for the production of propene ion in the gas phase reaction of ionized dichlorocarbene with acetone
Accumulation of a ferric mineral in the biofilm of Montacuta ferruginosa (Mollusca, Bivalvia). Biomineralization, bioaccumulation, and inference of paleoenvironments.
Overpeinzingen bij interactieve oefeningen voor internet
Modeling and identification of a methanisation process in waste treatment
A characterisation of strict preference relations
Réhabilitation d'un garage
Ionized phenol and its isomers in the gas phase
Dynamic Modeling and identification of a methanisation process in waste treatment
Hybrid physical - neural network modeling of animal cell cultures
Study of the buoyancy effect on high pressure and high temperature adsorption isotherms measurments
Modeling of speleothems failure in the Hotton cave (Belgium). Is the failure earthquake induced?
Parameter identification fo state estimation of a fed-batch biorecactor: analysis through model falsification
Cryptographic scheme using chaotic laser diodes subject to incoherent optical feedback
Application de MOTAS (Multi-Objective Tabu Search Algorithm) à la résolution d'un cas réel d'ordonnancement de la production
On l1 -invariant sequence spaces
A simple frequency domain approach to the tuning of PID controllers -design of an interactive software tool
Frequency splitting in repetition-rate doubled rational harmonic actively mode-locked pulse train
Effective stiffness of baseplate column connections in piping industry
Charge Transport in Conjugated Materials: Insight from Quantum-Chemical Calculations
Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Oligo(phenylenevinylene) Derivatives
High energy collisional activation of the molecular ions of thiophene-2-one with different target gases
An application of cone penetration tests and combined array 2D electrical resistivity tomography
The half-timbering architecture in Belgium: history and typology
Interchain Interactions in pi-Conjugated Oligomers and Polymers: A Primer
Negative Differential Resistance (NDR) Behavior in Conjugated Molecular Wires Incorporating Spacers: A Quantum-Chemical Description
Detection and Titration of Ozone using Metallophthalocyanine Based Field Effect Transistors
Upwinding in the Method of Lines
Prophylactic cranial irradiation in small cell lung cancer : a systematic review of the literature with meta-analysis.
Deuterium NMR study of the MP-2269 : albumin interaction ; a step forward to the dynamics of non-covalent binding
Expression of thrombospondin in non-small cell lung cancer.
Concordance relations: new axiomatic results
OR and Statistics in the universities of Mons
Study of the SO2 absorption rate in sulfuric acid solutions in the presence of hydrogen peroxide
Atomic transition probabilities in Bi II
Albumin-bound MRI contrast agents : the dilemna of the rotational correlation time
New trends in the development of MRI contrast media
Du simulateur à la simulation : l'activité des instructeurs
Etude de la vitesse d'absorption du SO2 dans les solutions d'acide sulfurique en présence de peroxyde d'hydrogène
La place de la chimiothérapie dans le traitement des cancers bronchiques non à petites cellules non métastatiques.
Quelques grandes tendances actuelles de l'informatique parallèle et distribuée
How can we transpose the historical vocabulary of the half-timbering architecture ?
Nouvelles méthodes de travail et normes à calculer (Projet ProDis). Rapport d'étude final pour La Poste, Direction Transport et Distribution
Two types of synchronization in unidirectionally coupled chaotic external-cavity semiconductor lasers
Uniqueness of the asymptotic AdS3 geometry
Electronic Structure of the Pentacene Single Crystal: Relation to Transport Properties
Holonomies, anomalies and the Fefferman-Graham ambiguity in AdS3 gravity
Effects of agitation and aeration on the productivity of xylanolytic enzymes in batch fermentors- design and scale up
An application of cone penetration tests and combined array 2D electrical resistivity tomography to delineate cover-collapse sinkhole prone areas
Multi-criteria decision-aid in a philosophical perspective
Slow clearance gadolinium based extracellular and intravascular contrast media for 3D MR angiography
Application of non-oscillatory schemes and adaptive grids to problems with flow reversals
Solving multi-objective combinatorial optimization with metaheuristics
La langue française au féminin. Le sexe et le genre affectent-ils la variation linguistique?
Une nouvelle axiomatisation des relations de concordance
Discrete minimum weight design of steel structures using EC3 code
Kinetic study of the absorption of SO2 into solutions containing hydrogen peroxide for the treatment of tail gases
Les phénomènes karstiques de la région de Han-sur-Lesse-Rochefort (Belgique)
Le français à l'école primaire en Flandre vers 1880-1890. Identités nationales et techniques d'enseignement
Cultivation of Paracentrotus lividus (Echinodermata: Echinoidea) fed extruded feeds: digestion efficiency, somatic production and gonadal growth
Time-resolved laser spectroscopy of multiply ionized atoms - natural radiative lifetime in Ce IV
Numerical solution of coupled convective-radiative heat transfer on triangular meshes
Organized Supramolecular Nanostructures Obtained from Conjugated Polymer Self-Assembly
Voltage-gated calcium channels contribute to the pattern of the resting discharge in guinea pig medial vestibular nucleus neurons
Proteomics as the tool to search for lung disease markers in bronchoalveolar lavage.
Structural analysis in term of paleostress of the Givetian limestones around the Hotton Cave
Strike-slip fault bridge fluid pumping mechanusm : insights field based on paleostress analysis and numerical modeling
Charge generation and transport in organic materials: a quantum-chemical flavor
Pour un usage d’Internet en éducation justifié par la pédagogie
Entreprises innovatrices et profil de performance dans l’industrie manufacturière
Dynamics of wetting
Immunohistochemistry of the golden hamster pituitary during chronic administration of diethylstilbestrol: a quantitative analysis using confocal laser scanning microscopy
Detection, localization and representation of cervical vertebrae
Active genes in junk DNA? Characterization of DUX genes embedded within 3.3 kb repeated elements
Communication overhead for parallel sparse Cholesky factorization on a reconfigurable network
Conjonction symbolique des contraires chez Praxitèle et William Golding
Document CLC/TC209/WG5-40b - 'Noise Power Ratio Measurements'
Effective School Improvement Programmes in the UK and the USA. A re-analysis of school improvement programmes
Fungal hyphae, spores and bacteria from the Upper Devonian of the Rocky Mountains, Canada: how old are they?
Synthesis of the ESI Model discussion meetings in Belgium French Community
School effectiveness and school improvement: behavioural theories, learning organisation and public choice
"Farming" of microbial mats in the hindgut of echinoids.
Efficiency and Equity
Fungal hyphae, spores and bacteria from the Lower Cretaceous of Italy: how old are they?
Biomineralization, bioaccumulation, and inference of paleoenvironments.
How can we transpose the historical vocabulary of the half-timbering architecture ?",
Analyse des piliers de la Cathédrale Notre Dame de Tournai
The MICROMEGEM detector
La collecte entomologique comme outil pédagogique
Apports d’une modalité de tutorat proactive ou réactive sur l’utilisation des aides dans un hypermédia de formation à distance
Pour un usage intégré des technologies de l'information et de la communication dans la formation en alternance
Pedagogical implications of three levels of Internet integration in university activities.
Different Levels of Internet Integration in University Academic Activities : examples and pedagogical implications
Impact de gouttes sur surfaces solides et sèches
Influence of the cutter geometry in rock cutting : an experimental approach
Contribution à la modélisation des champs magnétiques dans les systèmes non linéaires et hystérétiques
Outcomes from a drop impact on solid surfaces
"Impressionism vo frantsouzskoï literatoure XIX-go veka"
Statistical interpretation of DNA damage measurements by the comet assay (single-cell gel electrophoresis)
Heterogeneity of metabolic activity in the canine parasternal intercostals during breathing
Catastrophes numériques
Les phénomènes karstiques de la région de Han-sur-Lesse - Rochefort
Flexible control: control with flexible constraints
Whispery voiced nasal stops in Rwanda
Inconsistency of interacting, multigraviton theories
La mort en Sicile : anthropologie, histoire, sociologie. Musées Royaux d'Art et d'Histoire - Bruxelles
Rapport d'avancement sur le projet de recherche Security DBS-FPMs sur les outils de forage aux diamants imprégnés
Uncomplicated moderate coronary artery dissections after balloon angioplasty : good outcome without stenting
A Avolio Peripheral 'oscillatory' compliance is associated with aortic augmentation index
Le tutorat à distance
Comparison of different methods to define a target volume for external beam radiation therapy of restenotic coronary arteries
Value of coronary stenotic flow velocity acceleration on the prediction of longterm improvement in functional status after andioplasty
Whispery voiced nasal stops in Rwanda
LV hydraulisch vermogen, gecorrigeerd voor eind-diastolisch volume, is een maat voor LV contractiliteit. Een mathematische model studie. Signification du pouvoir hydraulique du VG : étude d'un modèle mathématique
Advancing intravascular palpography towards clinical application
In vitro study of FFR, QCA and IVUS for the assessment of optimal stent deplyment
Oriented crystallization of NLO organic materials.
Christopher C. Hudgins's "'Lolita 1995': The Four Filmscripts"
Bella Merlin's "Mamet's Heresy and Common Sense: What's True and False in 'True and False'"
Bert Cardullo's "Medium Cool"
Andrea Sachs and Suzanne Washburn's "Tough Talk on Entertainment"
Internet pour la mise à distance des cours
Martin Schaub's "Magic Meanings in Mamet's 'Cryptogram'"
Johan Callens's "Mr. Smith Goes to Chicago: Playing Out Mamet's Critique of Capitalism in 'American Buffalo'"
Jean-Jacques Weber's "Three Models of Power in David Mamet's 'Oleanna'"
Mel Gussow's "Talking About Writing for the Theater"
Gérer l'hétérogénéité des élèves. Méthode de regroupement des élèves dans l'enseignement obligatoire
Education pour tous : situations et tendances 2000. L’évaluation des acquis scolaires (UNESCO)
Evaluer pour comprendre… Evaluer pour agir…
Construire des indicateurs internationaux d’équité des systèmes éducatifs
De l'accroissement de l'efficacité des pratiques éducatives: le cas du programme "Success for All" mis en œuvre par Robert Slavin
Décentralisation, partenariat et carte scolaire : le cas français (P. Dias Da Graça)
Des lettres et des chiffres. Des tests d’intelligence à l’évaluation du ‘savoir lire’, un siècle de polémiques (A. Blum & F. Guérin-Pace)
Une action intégrée en vue d’améliorer l’efficacité des systèmes d’enseignement : le pilotage des systèmes d’enseignement
Leximin optimality and fuzzy set-theoretic operations
Corporate governance in microfinance organizations : a long and winding road
Palaeoseismic investigations in Belgian caves
Etude comparative de deux représentations concrètes de systèmes formels : les labyrinthes dynamiques et les mosaïques.
Time-resolved laser spectroscopy of multiply ionized atoms. Natural radiative lifetimes in Ce IV
A comparison of the Fe II spectrum of three B[e] stars : HD51585, HD45677 and HD50138
Atomic transition probabilities in Bi II
Systematic study of Auger decay in hollow atoms
Enseignement des statistiques dans une filière de formation permanente à horaire décalé en sciences psychologiques et de l’éducation
Perceptions, attitudes, craintes et attentes des étudiants de première candidature en sciences psychologiques et de l’éducation quant à l’enseignement des statistiques
Mutant presenilins disturb neuronal calcium homeostasis in the brain of transgenic mice, decreasing the threshold for excitotoxicity and facilitating long-term potentiation.
Layered double hydroxides as containers of inhibitors in organic coatings for corrosion protection of carbon steel
Adaptive Method of Lines
L'approche par compétences
Les nouvelles Technologies au service de l’enseignement
An exotic theory of massless spin-2 fields in three dimensions
Orientation and nonlinear optical properties of N-4-nitrophenyl-(L)-prolinol crys- tals on nanostructured poly(tetrafluoroethylene) substrates.
Corporate communication and strategy in the field of projects
Leslie Kane's "Weasels and Wisemen: Ethics and Ethnicity in the Work of David Mamet"
Leon Wieseltier's "Machoball Soup"
Comments and additional contributions on TC209 Secretary Enquiry #9, CLC/TC209 (SEC)70
David Mamet's "'Jafsie and John Henry - Essays'"
David Mamet's "'True and False: Heresy and Common Sense for the Actor'"
Using the Trip Planning Problem for Computer-Assisted Customization of Sightseeing Tours
Effects of delayed metamorphosis and food rations on the perimetamorphic events in the echinoid Paracentrotus lividus (Lamarck, 1816) (Echinodermata)
Hydrogen-shift Isomers of Ionic and Neutral Hydroxypyridines : a Combined Experimental and Computational Investigation.
A Low-Voltage Programmable-Gain CMOS Amplifier with Very-Low Temperature-Drift
Immunohistochemical analysis of diethylstilbestrol-induced renal tumors in adult male Syrian hamsters: evidence for relationship to peripheral nerve sheath tumors.
Analyse de la contribution de constituants des états financiers et comptables au processus de création de valeur boursière sur le marché belge
Détection de défauts sur des produits plats en défilement rapide
Techniques futures d'extraction de la Pierre Bleue à Soignies
El Grupo Global – FID : evaluación de las estructuras y estrategias
Etude comparative de deux représentations concrètes de systèmes formel : les labyrinthes dynamiques et les mosaïques
The role of mitomycin in the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer: a systematic review with meta-analysis of the literature.
Impressionism v tvortchestve Mopassana (na primere romana "Nache serdtse)
L’Enseignement de la Civilisation grecque à l’E.I.I
Heuristique guidée de type gloutonne pour la résolution de problèmes d'optimisation combinatoire multi-objectifs
Perceptions, attitudes, craintes et attentes des étudiants de première candidature en sciences psychologiques et de l’éducation quant à l’enseignement des statistiques
Enseignement des statistiques dans une filière de formation permanente à horaire décalé en sciences psychologiques et de l’éducation
Relativistic Hartree-Fock and Multiconfiguration Dirac-Fock calculations in Bi II
Optimisation multicritère de tournées de véhicules
FERNAND CROMMELYNCK, infatigable explorateur des grands mythes de l'histoire du théâtre occidental
Wettability of heterogeneous substrates
Non linear behavior characterization methods for HFC networks return path devices and their relationship
Intrinsic friction of adsorbed monolayers
Force-velocity relation and density profiles for biased diffusion in adsorbed monolayers
Discriminant analysis of nasal vs. oral vowels in French : comparison between different parametric representations
La Valeur des Valeurs
Résolution numérique des transferts thermiques couplés convection naturelle-rayonnement sur maillages triangulaires
Un paquetage MAPLE pour les séries rationnelles non commutatives
L'imprimerie à Mons aux XIXe et XXe siècles
Analyse des restructurations organisationnelles en tant que facteurs de création de valeur sur les marchés boursiers français
Indicateur de Développement Humain - analyse de tendances pour l'Amérique latine
Pourquoi des sondages exploratoires dans le cran aux iguanodons de Bernissart (Belgique) ?
Amérique latine : développement humain et coopération européenne
Essai d'analyse du rôle de l'endettement dans le gouvernement d'entreprise : le cas de la Belgique
A new solution technique for open nonlinear magnetostatic problems
Equivalence of BSS scalar- and vector-recursion
Le français : quelles stratégies pour assurer sa promotion?
Belgian Luxembourg American Studies Association
Langue et culture dans le contexte de la globalisation - Le concept de "langue mondiale" - L'Anglais langue mondiale? Pas nécessairement une mauvaise chose!
Modification of the pacemaker activity of vestibular neurons in brainstem slices during vestibular compensation in the guinea pig.
Spreading and wetting on heterogeneous substrates: what do we learn from simple but large-scale molecular dynamics simulations
Characterization of the microstructure of thin films deposited on glass by optical techniques
Influence of the stress path on micro-fracturing of rock in a true triaxial stress state
A unified model for co-simulation and co-synthesis of mixed hardware/software systems
VHDL generation from SDL specification
A Unified Model for Co-simulation and Co-synthesis of Mixed Hardware/Software Systems
Caractérisation par techniques optique de la microstructure de couches minces non homogènes. Applicatio au ZnO déposé sur verre
Semirelativistic Lagrange mesh calculations
Agrégation de l’enseignement secondaire supérieur en sciences économiques
Phase-Separated Microstructures in "All-Acrylic" Thermoplastic Elastomers
Problèmes d'optimisation combinatoire à caractère économique dans le secteur du tourisme (organisation de voyages)
Probing Viscosity of a Polymer Melt at the Nanometer Scale with an Oscillating Nanotip
Organisation of Conjugated Materials via Block Copolymer Self-Assembly
Surface Organization of Hyperbranched Polymer Molecules, as Studied by Atomic Force Microscopy
Dynamic Force Microscopic Study of a Triblock Copolymer with the AFM Non Contact Resonant Mode
Johan Callens's "'You've gotta be where you are' - David Mamet"
John Heilpern's "How Good Is David Mamet Anyway? Writings on Theater--and Why It Matters"
Gaylord Brewer's "'Hoffa' and 'The Untouchables': Mamet's Brutal Orders of Authority"
Howard Pearce's "Plato in Hollywood: David Mamet and the Power of Illusions"
Thomas E. Porter's "Postmodernism and Violence in Mamet's 'Oleanna'"
Embedded Fuzzy Control for Automatic Channel Equalization After Digital transmissions
La cathédrale Notre Dame de Tournai. Etude des fondations gothiques
Etude de l'influence du choix du fluide frigorigène sur les performances des installations frigorifiques
Annex D - Implementation guidelines 'D.1.1. Network segmentation'
Modeling, parameter identification, state and input reconstruction for a fixed-bed biofilter
Le contexte de l'hospitalisation sous contrainte de patients psychotiques
A Linearly-Tunable Low-Voltage CMOS Transconductor with Improved Common-Mode Stability and its Application to gm-C Filters
Hollow atoms: a theoretical challenge
Radiative lifetime measurements and transition probabilities of astrophysical interest in Er III
Radiative lifetime measurements in Tm III with time-resolved laser spectroscopy and comparisons with HFR calculations
Ultra small particulate iron oxides as contrast agents for magnetic resonance spectroscopy: a dose-effect study
Time-resolved laser spectroscopy of multiply ionized atoms - Natural radiative lifetimes in Ce IV
Experimental and theoretical energy levels, transition probabilities and radiative lifetimes in Yb III
Extended analysis of the spectrum of triply ionized ytterbium (Yb IV) and transition probabilities
Core-polarization effects and radiative lifetime measurements in Pr III
Nuclear Magnetic Relaxation Dispersion of Ferritin and Ferritin-Like Magnetic Particle Solutions: A pH-Effect Study
Experimental and theoretical lifetimes in Yb II
Atomic transition probabilities in Bi II
Natural radiative lifetimes in Ce II
Calculation of Auger rates for complex hollow atom configurations
Measurement of radiative lifetimes and determination of transition probabilities of astrophysical interest in Ho III
Relaxivity studies on a gadolinium(III) complex of a macrocyclic DTPA derivative
Relaxivity and water exchange studies of a cationic macrocyclic gadolinium(III) complex
Cesium-133, a potential reporter of the hepatic uptake of contrast agents
Synthesis, characterization and relaxivity of two linear Gd(DTPAZ)-polymer conjuguates
Inulin as a carrier for contrast agents in MRI
Influence of the cutter geometry in rock cutting
Rapport d'avancement sur le projet de recherche Security DBS-FPMs sur les outils de forage aux diamants imprégnés
Xavier Hanotte. Derrière la colline
« Cher brutal abruti de mon cœur ». Quelques notes à propos de trois lettres et de quatre envois inédits de Max Waller à Georges Eekhoud
Pour un usage d ’Internet basé sur un scénario pédagogique
Rapport sur la réalisation de tests de coupe comparatifs sur couteaux circulaires.
Probing the properties of organic materials at the molecular scale (Invited talk)
Relations entre burn-out et personnalité chez des soignants en unité de soins palliatifs
An approach to design PI supervisor for a nonlinear system
The TerraTek Scratch Index System: A Tool to Realize Logs of Rock Properties on Core Samples.
The TerraTek Scratch Index Test : Theoretical Analysis.
Experimental Determination of the Viscosity at the Nanometer Scale on a Block Copolymer with an Oscillating Nanotip
Oscillator strengths in singly ionized bismuth
Lifetime and transition probability determination in Ho III
A new database of astrophysical interest for lanthanide ions
Resonance of spike discharge modulation in neurons of the guinea pig medial vestibular nucleus
Complete spreading of liquid droplets on heterogeneous substrates : simulations and experiments
Solving multiobjective production scheduling problems using Mataheuristics
Mécanique des Roches 1 - mise à jour 2001
Functional and voice quality changes under the effect of voice breaking.
John Lahr's "Fortress Mamet - Where Did the Playwright Get His Gift for the Swagger of American Speech?"
Design of analogue fuzzy logic controllers in CMOS technologies: implementation, test and applications
Le travail collaboratif à distance
Mise au point et validation d’un référentiel de compétences en activités d’éveil. Phase 3
Les représentations concrètes de systèmes formels développent-elles les compétences verbales de l'enfant ?
Robust ASR front-end using spectral-based and discriminant features: experiments on the aurora tasks
Porphyrines endogènes et fragmentation de l'ADN cellulaire par les UVA: mesure par essai comète
Convention FIRST RW-Clypot - Rapport des essais mécaniques sur les roches provenant des différents étages de la carrière du Clypot
De Finansol à Finamerica : quelques leçons d’une crise majeure dans le monde de la microfinance
Karst and tectonics
Specific dimensions of projects marketing in the construciton industry
Quantitative Measurements of the Local Mechanical Contributions to Tapping Mode Images
Application of SPSA techniques to nonlinear system identification
Influence of Reasoning Mode, Form and Order of Premises in Conditional Reasoning.
Evaluation des mécanismes de Corporate Governance de Actuar Famiempresas
Growth model of the reared sea urchin Paracentrotus lividus (Lamarck, 1816)
Leslie Kane's "David Mamet's 'Glengarry Glen Ross' - Text and Performance"
Discriminant analysis of nasal vs. oral vowels in French : comparison between different parametric representations
Influence of Reasoning Mode, Form and Order of Premises in Conditional Reasoning
Mesure de l'absorbance solaire d'un échantillon
Tristan et Yseult : approche sociologique. Club Richelieu - Mons
On Designing Mixed-Signal Programmable Fuzzy Logic Controllers as Embedded Subsystems in Standard CMOS Technologies
Wasser, Schichten, Horizonte
Les représentations concrètes de systèmes formels développent-elles les compétences verbales de l'enfant ?
Dictionnaire des termes littéraires [Adaptation de notices]
Quatrième édition des Rencontres Jeunes Chercheurs en Parole – RCJ 2001
Actes des « Rencontres Jeunes Chercheurs en Parole 2001"
Changements fonctionnels et qualité vocale sous l’effet de la mue
Les dépôts chimiques auto-catalytiques de nickel-bore sur alliages d'aluminium
Radiative lifetime measurements and transition probability calculations in lanthanide ions
Spectroscopic properties of rare-earth atoms and ions and the DREAM atomic database
Radiative lifetime measurements and transition probability calculations in lanthanide ions
Projet Géopro
Synthesis of Thyroid Hormones labelled with Stable Isotopes
Distributed measurement of polarization properties in single-mode optical fibres using a reflectometry technique
Role of p53 as a prognostic factor for survival in lung cancer: a systematic review of the literature with meta-analysis.
Secure communication scheme using chaotic laser diodes subject to incoherent optical feedback and incoherent optical injection
Rapport d'avancement 1er semestre pour le projet FIRST Région Wallonne - Carrières du Clypot
K-REP & BRI : évolutions institutionnelles et éléments de supervision
Le théâtre à Mons au XIXe siècle
Robustness test of a system of MSGC+GEM detectors at the cyclotron facility of the Paul Scherrer institute
Analyse des effets pervers engendrés par la nouvelle économie : le cas des annonces licenciements suite aux annonces de profit warning sur le NASDAQ
Structure and dynamics of the membrane-embedded domain of LmrAinvestigated by coupling polarized ATR-FTIR spectroscopy and (1)H/(2)H exchange.
Du simulateur à la simulation : l'activité des instructeurs.
Baryon spectra with instanton induced forces
Outils de conception pour la FOAD
Joint Impact of Gaussian and Impulse Noise on the Error Probability of Baseband and M-QAM signals
A Derivation of Weyl gravity
Maternal tobacco smoking and lung epithelium-specific proteins in amniotic fluid.
Structural modifications in the membrane-bound regions of the gastric H+/K+-ATPase upon ligand binding.
Morphology and Mechanical Properties of Poly(methylmethacrylate)-b poly(alkylacrylate)-b-poly(methylmethacrylate)
Influence de l'ajout de charbon actif sur l'absorption dans l'eau de composés organiques volatils
Intensification du travail et flexibilité du temps de travail.
joint experimental and theoretical study of the Infra-Red spectra of 2-methyl-4- nitroaniline crystals oriented on nanostructured poly(tetrafluroethylene) substrates.
Nonlinear dynamics of semiconductor lasers subject to optical feedback
Vector-Valued Variational Principles
Evaluation non financière de la performance d'entreprise et évolutions managériales
Application de la théorie de Preisach à la modélisation de l'hystérésis dynamique à basse fréquence de tôles FeSi à grains non orientés
Sculpture in Belgium
La Société des bibliophiles de Mons des origines à 1914
Modélisation du comportement électromagnétique d'un transformateur triphasé à vide avec prise en compte de l'hystérésis vectorielle - calcul des pertes fer
Mécanique newtonienne vol.1
A new concept for combustion regulation using a metal oxide gas sensor
Proverbes détournés: les frontières d'un genre
Indexation par la forme utilisant les M-Tree
La littérature féminine de l'immigration marocaine en Belgique francophone
Comparaison des travaux en coupe des roches réalisés par le Service de Mécanique des Roches de la Faculté Polytechnique de Mons et par le Département de Civil Engineering de l’Université du Minnesota.
Oriented growth of n-alkane crystals on nanostructured PTFE substrates.
Problèmes d'optimisation combinatoire multicritères en matière d'organisation de voyages
Panorama de la vie et des institutions culturelles à Mons au XIXe siècle
Caractérisation de la microstructure de couches minces non homogènes par techniques optiques. Application au ZnO et au LiNbO3
Etude de l'influence du choix du fluide frigorigène sur les performances des installations frigorifiques
Quel processus de création de valeur au départ des opérations de fusions et d’acquisitions ? Le cas des Etats-Unis
K-REP & BRI : évolutions institutionnelles et éléments de supervision
Wettability of heterogeneous substrates
Democratic supersymmetry
Etude de l'influence du choix du fluide frigorigène sur les performances des installations frigorifiques
Superselfduality for Yang-Mills fields in dimensions greater than four
Facilitating bid-evaluation in public call for tenders: a socio-technical approach (Working Paper LSEOR 01.46, London School of Economics, Londres)
The half-timbering architecture in Belgium
No consistent cross interactions for a collection of massless spin-2 fields
Strike-slip fault bridge fluid pumping mechanism: insights from field -based palaeostress analysis and numerical modeling
Recent active faults in Belgian Ardenne revealed in Rochefort karstic network (Namur Province, Belgium)
Bifurcation to polarization self-modulation in vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers
High Field Relaxivities of Dy-complexes : the effect of the Water Exchange Rate
New trends in the development of MRI contrast media
Are efficient contrast agents ready for use at very high field imaging
Development of a New MRI Contrast Agent for the Targeting of the Endothelial Leukocyte Adhesion Molecule ELAM-1
Sugar derivatives of lanthanide complexes, MRI contrast agents of increased specificity
In vitro release of bupivacaine encapsulated into alginate vesicles
In vitro release of bupivacaine incorporated into gelatin
Développement d’un agent de contraste superparmagnétique spécifique du récepteur au folate sur-exprimé dans certains types tumoraux
Extension de l’effet de bloc d’un anesthésique: encapsulation de la bupivacaine dans des billes d’alginate
Relaxation Induced by Ferritin and Ferritin-Like Magnetic Particles: The Role of Proton Exchange
Calculation of Auger rates for complex hollow atom configurations
Two-photon Absorption of conjugated materials: role of symmetry and dimensionality
Le restaurant universitaire de l’UMH – Rapport d’audit
Quelques remarques sur l'enseignement des langues étrangères (à l'exception du français) en Flandre au 19e siècle
La grotte de Rochefort
Au gré de la Haute Sambre : sur les traces du patrimoine industriel transfrontalier