7 facettes du Grafcet
Application of Spatial p-an r- refinement in the method of lines
Distributed parameter modeling of an industrial condenser
Distributed measurement of polarization properties of a fibre using a backscatter technique
Radiation-resistant WDM Optical Link for Thermonuclear Fusion Reactor Instrumentation
Occupied ans Unoccupied Electronic levels in Organic PI-Conjugated Molecules: Comparison between Experiment and Theory
Characterization of ionized Carbenes in the gas phase
New cryptographic scheme using semiconductor laser diodes subject to external optical feedback
Crystal Network Formation in Organic Solar Cells
Quelques méthodes pour résoudre des problèmes multicritères
Excited State Localization in Organic Molecules Consisting of Conjugated and Nonconjugated Segments
Multi-objective Fuzzy linear Programming: the MOFAC Method
Approximation des zéros d'un polynôme complexe sur ordinateurs parallèles par la méthode de Weyl: comparaison de schémas de distribution de données
Mons, Bibliothèque de l'Université de Mons-Hainaut, ms 122/290
Nonlinear dynamics in semiconductor lasers subject to optical feedbacks
On the representation of semiorders on the integers
Solving general multi-objective scheduling problems with TABU search
Complete suppression of the pulse-to-pulse amplitude fluctuations in pulse train generated by rational harmonic repetition rate doubling actively mode-locked Er-doped fibre lasers
Solving scheduling problems with the MOSA method
Les niveaux de l'interprétation proverbiale
Comparison of two techniques for measuring amplitude and phase noises of Gigahertz pulse train from actively mode-locked Er-doped fiber laser
Influence of Structural Organization on Optical and Transport Properties in Organic Materials
Quantum charged fields in Rindler space
De la difficulté de mettre tous les proverbes dans le même panier
Morphology and Rheology of Poly(methylmethacrylate))b)poly(isooctylacrylate)-b-poly(methylmethacrylate) triblock copolymers and potential as thermoplastic elastomers
Thiosulfoxides (X2S=S) and Disulfanes (XSSX): First Observation of Organic Thiosulfoxides
Iron-encrusted diatoms and bacteria epibiotic on Hydrobia ulvae (Gastropoda : Prosobranchia).
Myzostomida : a link between trochozoans and flatworms
Variable -order spatial differention in the method of lines
XML en 5 leçons, Inside Internet
Séance anatomo-clinique: néoplasie prostatique et hémoptysies.
Automating Support for Software Evolution in UML
Monodisperse Poly(triacetylene) Oligomers Extending from Monomer to Hexadecamer: Joint and Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Physical Properties
Long-period-grating band-pass filters for actively mode-locked Er-doped fiber lasers
Study of the load balancing in the parallel training for automatic speech recognition
Solving multi-objective problems with TABU search
Evaluer des compétences. De quoi s'agit-il ?
Multi-objective fuzzy linear programming: the MOFAC method
Ordonnancement sous contraintes flexibles et données incertaines: l'approche floue
Suture and location of the coiling axis in gastropod shells
Actively mode-locked Er-doped fiber laser incorporating Bragg gratings written in polarization-maintaining fiber
Computation of convective heat transfer and fluid flow on triangular meshes by a weighted residual method using CVFEM flux approximation
Numerical and experimental investigation of radiation and NOx emissions from a 300 kW variable swirl gas burner
Application of infrared thermography to the measurement of heat transfer distributions in three-dimensional separated flows
Analysis and prediction of the liquid phase composition for the absorption of nitrogen oxides inot aqueous solutions
Ultrastruture of the echinoderm cuticle after fast freezing/freeze substitution and conventional chemical fixation.
Gravitating dyons and the Lue-Weinberg bifurcation
Multi-Component force sensor based on multiplexed fibre Bragg grating strain sensors
Aspects of (2+1) dimensional gravity: AdS3 asymptotic dynamics in the framework of Fefferman-Graham-Lee theorems
Numerical 3D analysis of oscillatory flow in the time-varying laryngeal channel
Les infrastructures maritimes : facteur de développement économique
The calculation of atomic properties in lanthanides: a progress report
Le stress chez les médecins généralistes : une approche transactionnelle
Dosage d'hormones thyroïdiennes marquées au carbone 13 par double dilution isotopique et chromatographie gazeuse couplée à la spectrométrie de masse
Effect of swirl intensity on a variable flame length gas burner performance
Iron oxidation and deposition in the biofilm covering Montacuta ferruginosa (Mollusca, Bivalvia).
Modellindentifikation zur Zustandschätzung - Anwendung auf einen Bioprozess
Fast Speaker Adaptation of HMM/ANN automatic speech recognition systems
Application of the adaptative method of Lines to Non-Linear Waves propagation problems
Interpretation of Atomic Transition Arrays Generated by Far-Configuration Interaction
Flash-Vacuum Pyrolysis of 1,2,5,6-Tetrathiocin
Nouvelle méthodologie isotopique d'investigation du métabolisme thyroïdien
Traitement de la Parole
Chapitre 1 – Capital humain, niveau d’instruction et performances scolaires. Des concepts à leur mesure
Le système nanocomposite Si3N4/ SiC: procédé de synthèse et propriétés thermomécaniques
A study of the parameters of the pulse train generated by an actively mode-locked Er-doped fiber laser in the rational-harmonic repetition-rate-doubling regime
Vers un logiciel multilingue et gratuit pour l'aide aux personnes handicapées de la parole: le projet W
A puzzling metazoan body plan
A Fuzzy Inference System for assessing economic contingency factors of a far-away project
Karst and sismotectonics: speleothems as paleoseismic indicators
Sensors for the combustion monitoring of burners
Paleoseismic investigations in the Belgian caves
Review of the method for the identification of excitation forces
Autocatalytic electroless nickel-boron platin of light alloys
Nonlinear dynamics in semiconductor lasers subject to optical feedbacks
Parameter identification for state estimation - application to a bioprocess
Littératures viatique et coloniale
Etude numérique et expérimentale des transferts radiatifs et des émissions de NOx d'un brûleur à longueur de flamme réglable
Chromatographic determination of 8-oxo-7,8-dihydro-2'-deoxyguanosine in cellular DNA : a validation study
CFF-Edit version 2.0. Guide d'utilisation.
La faune des terrains industriels charbonniers
STM Imaging of an Heptanuclear Ruthenium (II) Dendrimer Mono-add layer on Graphite
New f-Values in Neutral Lead Obtained by Time-Resolved Laser Spectroscopy, and Astrophysical Applications
Passive Q-switching dynamics of SBS/Er fiber laser
Introducing Flexibility in scheduling: the Preference Approach
Properties of the pulse train generated by an actively mode-locked Er-doped fiber laser in the rational-harmonic repetition-rate-doubling regime
Alignement automatique du Texte sur la Parole et Extraction de Caractéristiques Prosodiques
Some numerical experiments with nonlinear model predictive control
Hyménoptères: Sociétés secrètes
Data Fauna-Flora. 1.0. Guide d'utilisation.
Le processus d'évocation selon Sperber: une analyse à partir de l'exemple-type des odeurs
L'optimisation combinatoire multicritère
Numerical observation of in-phase and out-of-phase pulses in the polarization modes of a VCSEL operating in the low-frequency fluctuations regime
Le Projet EULER : la synthèse de la parole générique multilingue
Rate of growth of hypercyclic entire functions
Behaviour of fibre Bragg gratings under high total dose gamma radiation
Core-Polarization Effects in Neutral Technetium
Conditional Graph Rewriting as a Domain-Independent Formalism for Software Evolution
XML, une révolution pour l'édition sur le web?
Intermolecular Interactions in Electroluminescent Conjugated Materials
Mass Spectrometric Studies of Elusive Molecules that Contain an N+-X- Bond
Characterisation of variants of the "Min" as aggregation operators
Réflexion sur le transfert des apprentissages réalisés à partir de simulateurs. Rapport d'étude final pour la SNCB, Direction de la formation
Crystal Structure Determination of Y2SiAIO5N 'B-Phase' by Rietveld Analysis
Properties of the pulse train generated by repetition-rate-doubling rational-harmonic actively mode-locked Er-doped fiber lasers
Performance of the MOSA method for the bicriteria assignment problem
Interactions échinodermes-myzostomes, un paradigme des symbioses en milieu marin
Bio-synthesis of stable isotopes labelled thyroid hormones
Assessing Local Noise Level Estimation Methods: Application to Noise Robust ASR
Singlet and triplet exciton formation rates in conjugated polymer light-emitting diodes
Microphase Separation and Morphological Transitions at the Surface of Block Polymers
The Optical Constants of Highly Stretch-Oriented Poly(p-phenylene vinylene): A Joint Experimental and Theoretical Study
Sensibilités post-coloniales
La descripción de los sistemas fonológicos de las lenguas romanicas
Nontransitive decomposable conjoint measurement as a general framework for decision
Radiative heat transfer and NOx emissions of a 300 KW variable swril gas burner: numerical and experimental study
Solving general multi-objective scheduling problems with TABU search
An interactive heuristic method for multiobjective combinatorial optimization
Actualisation des normes : pré-étude méthodologique, grilles de chronomètrage et d'observation, consignes et grilles d'encodage, traitement statistique des données et résultats. Rapport d'étude final pour La Poste, Direction Transport et Distribution
Numerical study of the picosecond intensity behavior of a vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser in the low-frequency fluctuations regime
Les Matières Plastiques Emettrices de Lumière: En Route vers la Télévision du Futur
Lifetime measurements in singly and doubly ionized lanthanides by laser induced fluorescence
Characterization of porous carbonaceous sorbents using high pressure-high temperature adsorption data
The Fefferman-Graham Ambiguity and AdS Black Holes
Parameter identification of a model to be used for state estimation- application to a bioprocess
Bombus semenoviellus Skorikov 1910, eine für Westeuropa neue Hummelart (Hymenoptera: Bombus, Cullumanobombus)
The control of nectar and pollen foraging in Bombus terrestris
Kinetic modeling and parameter identification for simulation and state estimation of bioprocesses
About the planning difficulties in managing dynaming environments
Host chemodetection by the crinoid associate Harrovia longipes (Crustacea: Brachyura: Eumedonidae) and a physical characterization of a crinoid-released attractant
An unusual quartz microbialite from the Belgian Cretaceous. Implication for low-temperature quartz crystallogenesis
Hypercyclic and chaotic weighted shifts
Voie globale de synthèse des hormones thyroïdiennes marquées au carbone 13 (13C6-9-T3 et 13C6-9-T4)
All-optical technique for stabilization of an external cavity laser diode: numerical and experimental demonstrations
Collisional activation of protonated halogeno-pyridines : different behaviour of target gases
Determination and refinement of the Crystal Structure of M2SiAO5N B-Phase (M = Y, Er, Yb)
An approach to design robust and optimal fuzzy PI supervisor for nonlinear systems
Collisional interaction of ionized pyridine N-oxides with various targets in a new hybrid mass spectrometer
Fast Speaker Adaptation of Artificial Neural Networks for Automatic Speech Recognition
Fully-Distributed Polarization Properties of an Optical Fibre Using the Backscattering Technique
Lee-Yang models, selfdecomposability and negative-definite functions
A fuzzy inference system for the economic calculus in radioactive waste management
Structural analysis in term of paleostress of the Givetian limestones around the Hotton cave
Radiative properties of the lanthanides and the DREAM database
Une méthode mixte éléments finis-volumes finis pour le calcul des transferts convectifs et des écoulements sur maillages triangulaires
La Société des soirées lyriques de Mons
Introduction à la problématique multicritère
The Levels of Proverbial Interpretation: a critical analysis of Lakoff and Turner's Great Chain Metaphor
EULER : an Open, Generic, Milti-lingual and Multi-Platform Text-To-Speech System
Synthesis and characterization of various benzyl diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acids (DTPA) and their paramagnetic complexes : potential organ specific contrast agents for MRI
Maintaining the line of defense: Regeneration of Cuvierian tubules in the holoturoid Holoturia forskali (Echinodermata).
An approach to the selection of optimal sensor locations in distributed parameter systems
Multiplexed fibre Bragg grating sensors for in-core thermometry in nuclear reactors
Carto Fauna-Flora 2.0. Guide d'utilisation
Optimization of gonad growth by manipulation of temperature and photoperiod in cultivated sea urchin, Paracentrotus lividus (Lamarck) (Echinodermata)
Systematic modeling methodology for simulation and state estimation of bioprocess
Bio-synthesis of stable isotopes labelled thyroid hormones
Distributed measurement of polarization properties of a fibre using a polarization-OTDR
De la (relative) poéticité du proverbe
Microphase Separation at the Surface of Block Copolymers, as Studied with Atomic Force Microscopy
Time domain technique to measure amplitude and phase noises of a GHz-repetition rate optical pulse train and their correlation
Nitrogen oxides scrubbing with alkaline solutions
Iron bacterial and fungal mats, Bajocian stratotype (Mid-Jurassic, northern Normandy, France).
Un problème "Job Shop Généralisé" avec durées de réalisation et délais d'achèvement flexibles
Politique linguistique et attitudes face au bilinguisme. Belges francophones, Français et transfrontaliers : un idéal linguistique différent ?
Evaluation and decision models: A critical perspective
Effect of combined gamma-neutron radiation on multiplexed fiber Bragg grating sensors
Core-Polarization Effects in Neutral Technetium
Passive Q-switching dynamics of SBS/Er fiber laser
Modeling and simulation of a chromatographic process designed for enantioseparation
The EULER Project : an Open, Generic, Multi-lingual and Multi-Platform Text-To-Speech System
Contribution à la quantification du degré d’organisation des systèmes vocaliques
West-Palearctic Bumblebees
La circulation de l’eau potable en Belgique et à Bruxelles : enjeux sociaux de la gestion d’une ressource naturelle
Evaluation du prix de revient d'une carrière de matière première pour la fabrication de produits réfractaires
Drogues de rue
Stokes formula and density perturbances for driven tracer diffusion in an adsorbed monolayer
Use of metaheuristics to solve Multi-Objective Scheduling problems
Instantons and sphalerons in Skyrmed Weinberg-Salam models and Grassmannian models
Isomorphism theorem for BSS recursively enumerable sets on real closed fields
Innovation, Structure of Products Portfolio and Belgian Firms’ Strategies
Economic and Financial Profile of Innovators in Belgian Manufacturing Industry
Far upstream sequences regulate the human prolactin promoter transcription
Drilling beneath the Marmara sea in Turkey for natural gas storage
Vénus au fil des jours
SMB enantioseparatioin : process development, modeling and operating conditions
Fourier Analysis of the Femtosecond Hyper-Rayleigh Scaterring Signal from Ionic, Fluorescent Hemicyanine Dyes
Politique et usage des manuels scolaires en mathématiques et en sciences
Des indicateurs européens de qualité de l’éducation. Les langues étrangères : un premier exercice
Temps consacré à l'enseignement des sciences et des mathématiques au primaire et en début de scolarité secondaire en Communauté française de Belgique
Taux de non valorisation d'un diplôme sur le marché du travail
La politique de discrimination positive en Communauté française de Belgique: une méthode d'attribution des moyens supplémentaires basée sur des indicateurs objectifs
Trois indicateurs sous la loupe
Parcours scolaires aux niveaux secondaire et supérieur
Experimental evidence of several time scales in drop spreading
Gesion politique de la surexploitation d'une ressource naturelle internationale: le cas de la nappe quifère de Tournai
Photophysical Properties of Hexa-functionalized C60 Derivatives: Spectroscopic and Quantum-chemical Investigations
Singlet and triplet exciton formation cross sections in polymer LEDs
Effective school improvement: programmes in the French Speaking Belgium Community
Identification, purification and partial characterisation of an oligonucleotide receptor in membranes of HepG2 cells.
Analyse Raman de zircones yttriées
La conception des environnements d'apprentissage : de la théorie à la pratique / de la pratique à la théorie
Apports d’une modalité de tutorat proactive ou réactive dans un dispositif de formation à distance.
Learn-Nett : une expérience d'apprentissage collaboratif à distance.
Pour une justification pédagogique des aspects multimédias intégrés aux dispositifs de formation.
Computational magnetostatics
Evaluation du prix de revient d'une carrière de matière première pour la fabrication de produits réfractaires
Apoptosis in renal proximal tubules of rats treated with low doses of aminoglycosides
[Invited] New polarimetry for fully-distributed optical-fibre strain and temperature sensing
A Theoretical Insight into the Solid-State Optical Properties of Luminescent Materials: The Supermolecular Approach
Outcome from balloon induced coronary artery dissection after intracoronary beta radiation
Distal embolization : A threat to the coronary artery ?
Organisation supramoléculaire de copolymères séquencés: Influence de la présence de segments rigides conjugués
Residual plaque burden, delevered dose, ans tissue composition predict 6-month outcome after balloon angioplasty and beta-radiation therapy
Individualizing the aorto-radial pressure transfer function : feasibility of a model-based approach
Interchain Interactions in Conjugated Materials: The Exciton Model Versus the supermolecular Approach
Coronary stent implantation in a septal perforator artery : case report and review of the literature
Relationship between tensile stress and plaque growth after balloon angioplasty treated with and without intracoronary beta-brachytherapy
Randomized comparison of primary stenting and provisional balloon angioplasty guided by flox velocity measurement
IVUS based dosimetry and treatment planning
The role of intravascular ultrasound imaging in vascular brachytherapy
Advancing intravascular palpography towards clinical application
Application of beta-irradiation through the struts of a previously deployed stent
Utilisation des variables floues dans un problème agricole
An approach to design robust an optimal fuzzy PI supervisor for nonlinear systems
Agriculture and Fuzzy Scheduling
Growth of reared sea urchin, Paracentrotus lividus (Lamarck): model and optimization
The tranmission line modelling (TLM) technique as a new solution method in nonlinear magnetodynamics
Etude de l'influence du choix du fluide frigorigène sur les performances des installations frigorifiques
Les dirigeants, les restructurations et les actionnaires
Note sur le stage et le rapport de stage en section mines
Contraintes flexibles en recherche opérationnelle et en contrôle
Caractérisation de la microstructure de couches minces de ZnO déposées sur verre par pulvérisation cathodique radiofréquence
Charge Transport versus Optical Properties in Semiconducting Crystalline Organic Thin Films
Lifetime measurements in rare-earth ions by time-resolved laser spectroscopy
The calculation of radiative data in rare-earth elements and the DREAM atomic database
Photophysical Properties of Muliply-Phenylated C70 Derivatives. Spectroscopic and Quantum-Chemical Investigations
Les mathématiques appliquées : Outil pour la gestion et la décision
Rapport d'audit Water and Pumps Cie s.a.
Highly Regular Organization of Conjugated Polymer Chains via Block Copolymer Self-Assembly
Une évaluation diagnostique interactive au service de l’identification des obstacles cognitifs et métacognitifs à la maîtrise des compétences
On the use of SPSA techniques for neural modeling and control
Final Report of COST Action 249 Continuous Speech Recognition over the Telephone
Réalisation dune tomographie sismique entre sondages de 400m de profondeur pour la mise en évidence des squelettes d'iguanodons à Benissart
Identification des obstacles à la maîtrise des socles de compétences en activités d’éveil
Etude de films minces de poly chlorure de vinyle (PVC) par microscopie à force atomique
Charge separation and recombination in conjugated polymers: a quantum-chemical flavor
Orientation and Non linear Optical properties of 4-(N,N-dimethyl amino)-3-acetamido nitrobenzene crystals on PTFE substrates.
Spreading on heterogeneous substrates
Statistical study of the intensity of a multimode laser diode in the low-frequency fluctuations regime
Non linear optical properties and crystalline orientation of 2-methyl-4-nitroaniline layers grown on nanostructured PTFE substrates.
Education bilingue ou éducation au bilinguisme? Contraintes cognitives et politique linguistique
Identification des obstacles cognitifs et métacognitifs à la maîtrise des socles de compétences en activités d’éveil
Essai d'évaluation des restructurations organisationnelles par l'analyse du comportement des investisseurs boursiers français
Bohr-Sommerfeld quantization and meson spectroscopy
Essai Comète et détection de dommages photo-induits : application à l'étude d'un photo-sensibilisant endogène
Fernand Crommelynck: dramaturge belge ou français?
Les débuts du musée d'Histoire naturelle de Mons
The calculation of atomic properties in lanthanides : a progress report
A 5.26 Mflips Programmable Analogue Fuzzy Logic Controller in a Standard CMOS 2.4μ Technology
A Current-Mode CMOS Loser-Take-all with Minimum Function for Neural Computations
On Designing Linearly-Tunable Ultra-Low Voltage CMOS Gm-C Filters
Dos casos colombianos de gerencia social
« Las microempresas como agentes de desarrollo en el sur
Experimental demonstration of suppression of low-frequency fluctuations and stabilization of an external-cavity laser diode
Nitronic Acid Radical and Wheland Intermediates.
New Versus Old and the Ensuing Confusion in Shaw's "You Never Can Tell"
Lifetime measurements in singly and doubly ionized rare earths by time-resolved laser spectroscopy
Core-polarization effects in singly ionized copper
D.R.E.A.M.: a new database on rare-earth elements
Precise measurements and theory of the ground state ionization energy and wavelengths for the 1snp 1P1 - 1s2 1S0 (n = 4-9) lines of Mg XI and F VIII
Experimental and theoretical evaluation of distortion effects on SCM optical transmissions due to the joint action of static chirping, dynamic chirping and dispersive channel
A way to extract information from CENELEC EN50083-10 multiple interference measurements
Models for the representation of preferences and similitaries on a product set
Etude aérodynamique de la nasalité en français
Modeling and Simulation of a SMB Chromatographic Process Designed for Enantioseparation
Radiative lifetimes, branching fractions and transition probabilities for Lu I, Lu II and Lu III
Correlation of galectin-3/galectin-3-binding sites with low differentation status in head and neck squamous cell carcinomas
Etude aérodynamique de la nasalité en français
Les approches multidimentionnelles au service de l'analyse du comportement d'entreprises travaillant sur projets industriels
Analyse des mécanismes de coupe et mise au point d'outils diamantés imprégnés pour le forage des roches
Développement d’une procédure de contrôle de la TVA par sondage
Analysis and fuzzy classification toolbox-application to the diagnosis of lung carcinomas by proteome analysis
Study of two concepts of switch implementation for the support of GFR service category
Phase-Separated Microstructures in "All-Acrylic" Thermoplastic Elastomers
Quantitative Measurement of the Mechanical Contribution to Tapping-Mode Atomic Force Microscopy Images of Soft Materials
Highly-Regular Organization of Conjugated Polymer Chains via Block Copolymer Self-Assembly
Surface Organization of Hyperbranched Polymer Molecules, as Studied by Atomic Force Microscopy
Spontaneous spreading of liquid droplets on mixed alkanethiols monolayers: dynamics of wetting and wetting transition
Phonetic control of the [oral] feature for the contextually nasalized French oral vowels
Gentamicin-induced apoptosis in renal cell lines and embryonic rat fibroblasts
Human bronchoalveolar lavage fluid protein two-dimensional database: study of interstitial lung diseases.
Phonetic control of the [oral] feature for the contextually nasalized French oral vowels
Evidence for specific and non-covalent binding of lipids to natural and recombinant Mycobacterium bovis BCG hsp60 proteins, and to the Escherichia coli homologue GroEL.
Two-photon absorption in conjugated materials: role of molecular dimensionality
Characterization of molecular heterogeneities of LLDPE by multiple crystallization - dissolution.
Radiative properties of the lanthanides and the DREAM database
Lifetime measurements in singly and doubly ionized lanthanides by laser induced fluorescence
Hardware/Software Co-design: Concurrent Hardware and Software Development
Theoretical wavelengths and transition rates for the iron ions Fe IX to Fe XIV in the soft X-ray region
Theoretical oscillator strengths in Pr III and application to some CP stars
Core-polarization effects in the cadmium isoelectronic sequence
Theoretical lifetimes and oscillator strengths in Ce II. Application to the chemical composition of the sun
Dielectronic structure of 2l-1s transitions of multicharged ions of argon with nuclear charges Z = 10-17
Core-polarization effects in Cu II
Experimental and theoretical radiative lifetimes, branching fractions and oscillator strengths for Lu I and experimental lifetimes for Lu II and Lu III
Numerical and experimental drop impact on solid dry surfaces
Psychopathy and the Buss and Perry aggression questionnaire
Emotional evaluation, bodily sensations and autonomic reactions to emotional induction by video film in psychopathy
Assessment of the HCR-20 in a Belgium forensic sample
The relationship between burn out and personality in care-givers
Immunotoxicity of heavy metals and PCBs on echinoderms.
Neural modeling and control of a heat exchanger based on SPSA Techniques
Le traitement de la psychopathie
Psychopathie et comportements violents
Facial expression decoding deficits in clinical populations with interpersonal relationship dysfunctions
La psychopathie: Intégration des données et mise en perspective critique
About the planning difficulties in managing dynamics environments.
Action maison solaire 2000 Electrabel
La psychopathie: Théorie et Recherche. Presses Universitaires du Septentrion: Villeneuve d’Ascq. France
Late Rupelian (32-29 Ma)
Surface organization of hyperbranched polymer molecules, as studied by Atomic Force Microscopy
Phase-Separated Microstructures in "All-Acrylic" Thermoplastic Elastomers (Invited talk)
Highly-regular organization of conjugated polymer chains via block copolymer self-assembly
Phase-separated microstructures in "all-acrylic" thermoplastic elastomers
A comparison of the Fe II spectrum of three B[e] stars : HD 51585, HD 50138 and HD 45677
Quels usages des NTIC dans la formation
Barrier-wave internal-wave interference and Airy minima in 16O + 16O elastic scattering
Technological and relational positioning : the main dimensions of Belgian firms working on projects
Etude et développement d'architectures multi-bandes et multi-modales pour la reconnaissance robuste de la parole
Etude géomécanique du creusement du tunnel de Lessines
Is there an optimal substrate geometry for wetting?
Effect of Wave-Function Delocalization on the Exciton Splitting in Organic Conjugated Materials
Characterization of the interaction of IpaB and IpaD, proteins required for entry of Shigella flexneri into epithelial cells, with a lipid membrane.
Audio-Visual Speech Modeling for Continuous Speech Recognition
A new BEM technique for nonlinear 2-D magnetostatics
Quels outils pour la collaboration via les NTIC
Synthesis and Bulk Properties of poly(methylmethacrylate)-b-poly(isooctylacrylate)-b-poly(methylmethacrylate)
Theoretical studies of spectroscopic properties in complex atoms and ions
Low-frequency fluctuations in a multimode semiconductor laser with optical feedback
Comparison of drop impact: dry and wetted cases
A Joint SIMS and AFM Study of the Surface Morphology of Poly(e-caprolactone) – Poly(methylmethacrylate) Blends
Model for single drop impact on dry surface
Bifurcation to mixed external cavity mode solutions for semiconductor laser subject to optical feedback
Membrane topology of VacA cytotoxin from H. pylori.
Conjugated Polymers Self-Assembly: A New Method to Generate (Semi)conducting Nanowires ?
Approaching the society-nature dialectic: a plea for a geographical study of the environment
Rationalisation des outils de développement local - CPDT
Apport des outils logiciels modernes à la planification et à la gestion de l'exploitation des mines et carrières
Effect of the Chromophore Donor Group and Ferrocene Doping on the Dynamic Range, Gain, and Phase Shift in Photorefractive Polymers
A systematic review of the role of etoposide and cisplatin in the chemotherapy of small cell lung cancer with methodology assessment and meta-analysis.
Solving multiobjective scheduling problems with the MOSA method
Belgian Furniture
Etude des performances de pompes à chaleur domestiques en Région Wallonne
C-VHDL Co-simulation for functional validation of embedded software
A Study of Palatal Segments' Production by Danish Speakers
Solving multi-objective scheduling problems with tabu search
Orientation and nonlinear optical properties of DAN crystals on PTFE substrates.
Pour une prise en compte de l’ergonomie dans la gestion des risques.
Semiclassical model of light mesons
Characterization of multiple interference impairing CATV networks return path transmission
Organisation supramoléculaire au sein de films de polymères conjugués
Radiative lifetimes, branching fractions and transition probabilities for Lu I, Lu II and Lu III
Characterization of radical cations by associative ion-molecule reactions.
Automated eye diagram analysis with a bit-error-rate tester
Etude de l'influence du choix du fluide frigorigène sur les performances des installations frigorifiques
Signal de parole et attente de réalisation : de l’analyse des phénomènes de bas niveaux au traitement de haut niveau. Le cas de la palatalité
Etude de l'abattage et du cycle de construction du tunnel de Lessines, Belgique
Comment on the Noise Near Noise Correction (NNNC) to apply to noise measurements performed using a spectrum analyzer
Demonstration of estrogen receptors and of estrogen responsiveness in the HKT-1097 cell line derived from diethylstilbestrol-induced kidney tumors
Systematic study of Auger rates in hollow atoms
Lentil seed aquaporins form a hetero-oligomer which is phosphorylated by a Mg(2+)-dependent and Ca(2+)-regulated kinase.
Coexistence of in-phase and out-of-phase dynamics in a multimode external cavity laser diode operating in the low-frequency fluctuations regime
Axiomatisation of some ordinal comparison procedures
Purification and characterization of two voltage-dependent anion channel isoforms from plant seeds.
Environnement versus social: effets pervers résultants de la taxation de l'eau potable liée aux contraintes environnementales
Evaluation rapide du prix de revient d'une installation de lavage, concassage et classification de silice
L'enseignement à distance aujourd'hui
Influence of substrate temperature on formation of an SiC buffer layer by reaction of Si(100) with silane-methane plasma
Rapport sur l’analyse des données, résultats ; implications sur les stratégies éducatives
Characterization of SiC buffer layer formation by reaction of Si(100) surface with methane+hydrogen plasma
Considérations générales sur la remédiation des sites pollués
Dynamics of spontaneous spreading under electrowetting conditions
Fourier grid Hamiltonian method and Lagrange-mesh calculations
Résultats de la concentration par flottation inverse du phosphate de l'over-flow d'une laverie (Bassin de Gafsa, Tunisie)
Analyse du lien de causalité entre indicateurs non financiers et performance financière
Spreading and wetting at the microscopic scale: Recent developments and perspectives
Impact causal de la performance non financière de l'entreprise sur sa performance financière
Modèle d'hystérésis dynamique à basse fréquence de tôle FeSi à grains non orientés basé sur un modèle de Preisach inversé
Rapport préliminaire sur le projet de recherche Géopro-FPMs
Bij wijze van conclusie: de vertaler uitgekleed. Van Adam en Eva tot de ANBF
Towards targetable MR contrast agents : H-2 NMR contribution to understanding the dynamics of non-covalent binding of a small MR contrast agents to albumin and related wotks
Piacenzian/Gelasian (3.4- 1.8 Ma)
Beneficial effect of a slow water exchange on the high field relaxivity of Dy-DTPA derivatives
Spin transition molecular materials : intelligent contrast agents for magnetic resonance thermometry
Augmentation de la relaxivité transverse de complexes de lanthanides par ralentissement du processus d’échange de l’eau
Agents de contraste paramagnétiques nanoparticulaires : micelles et liposomes dérivés du Gd-DTPA
Renal Reabsorption, a new strategy in the development of vascular contrast agents
Relaxivity of Gd-DTPA like contrast agents : the beneficial effect of a C4 substitution
New Gadolinium based compounds for contrast enhanced MRA
2H NMR study of the MP-2269-HSA interaction : a step forward to the dynamics of non-covalent binding
1H and 13C NMR investigations on cocoa butter authenticity
Ergonomie et projets informatiques en milieu hospitalier.
Les NTIC et l'éducation
Structure determination of Ag(111)(√3× √3)R30°-Sb by low-energy electron diffraction
Les effondrements karstiques du Tournaisis : genèse, évolution, localisation, prévention
Is there an optimal substrate geometry for wetting (at the microscopic scale)
Evaluation de la stabilité du trou du diable à Anhée
Méthodes et manuels d'enseignement de la langue française en Flandre : le cas de l'article dans la Nieuwe Fransche Spraek-konst de Des Roches (1763)
De l'influence de la 'Grammaire générale' de Pierre Burggraff (1803-1881) sur les grammaire scolaires de langue française publiées en Belgique entre 1863 et 1880
Late Tortonian (8.4-7.2 Ma)
Synthesis, Morphology and Mechanical Properties of Poly(methylmethacrylate)-b-poly(n-butylacrylate)-b-poly(methylmethacrylate) Triblocks. Ligated Anionic Polymerization vs.Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization