Multinuclear MR characterization of paramagnetic contrast agents : the manifold effects of concentration
An adaptive method of lines solution of the korteweg - de Vries equation
Politique de formation : analyse des besoins et évaluation. Rapport d'étude final pour AKZO, Direction des ressources humaines
Electro-optic response of chiral helicenes in isotropic media
Transitions amplitudes of interacting charged particles in an electric field and the Unnuh effect
Amélioration d'images de caractères manuscrits par ré-échantillonnage basé sur l'extraction du polygone convexe
3,6-Dihydro[1,2]dithiolo[4,3-c][1,2]dithiole-3,6-dithione and oxo analogues: a comparative study of the thermal (FVP) and electron ionization (EI) induced fragmentations
The blocking technique, weighted mean operators and Hardy’s inequality
Reliques silicifiées et minéralisées de paléokarsts post-varisques sur le Dévonien en Belgique méridionale (Entre-Sambre-et-Meuse)
Enhancing handwritten character images thanks to a re-sampling process based on convex hull extraction
Validation of the asteroid Asterias rubens (Echinodermata) as a bioindicator of spatial and temporal trends of Pb, Cd, and Zn contamination in the field.
Search for charginos, neutralinos and gravitinos at LEP
Experimental investigation of errors in laser chirp measurements
Redox States of Long Oligothiophenes: Two Polarons on a Single Chain
Electronic Structure and Optical Response of Electroluminescent Conjugated Polymers
Contribution to the study of the audiometrical scores sources of variation
On the Complexity of Mining Quantitative Association Rules
Design of organic molecules with large two-photon absorption cross sections
Gödel metric as a squashed anti-de Sitter geometry
Les systèmes de "phone banking" : une évaluation ergonomique
The low-lying excited states of luminescent conjugated polymers: Theoretical insight into the nature of the photogenerated species and intersystem crossing processes
Investigation of exciton coupling in oligothiophenes by circular dichroism spectroscopy
réalisation des fiches de la Belgique, des Pays-Bas, du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg, de Chypre et de l'industrie sidérurgique
Reducing the Coordination of Determiners : some Principles
Modeling and Adaptive Grid Solution of a Simulated Moving Bed. Application to Chiral Drug Separation
Electronic Structure of Singlet and Triplet Excited States in Cyano-Substituted Oligo(phenylene vinylene)s
Les éco-labels : Situation dans l'Union européenne
Some observations on modeling and control of cement grinding circuits
Polarized Absorption and Davydov Splitting in -Sexithienyl Single Crystals at 4.2 K
Noms propres et prototypie
Dinámica de los sistemas vocalicos de las lenguas romanicas en function de diversos estilos de habla
Contribution à la bio-bibliographie du pédagogue montois Germain Raingo (1794-1866)
Influence of Interchain Interactions on the Absorption and Luminescence of Conjugated Oligomers and Polymers: A Quantum-Chemical Characterization
Stability of a semiconductor laser subject to optical feedback from a T-shaped cavity : a comparison between analytical and numerical studies
Les insectes des terrains industriels charbonniers.
Optimizing food distribution in closed-circuit cultivation of edible sea urchins (Paracentrotus lividus: Echinoidea)
Myzostomes from Papua New Guinea, with related Indo-West Pacific distribution records and description of five new species
Lifetime Measurements in Odd Parity Rydberg Series of Neutral Lead by Time-Resolved Laser Spectroscopy
Interacting Charged Particles in an Electric Field and the Unruh Effect
Etude de l'utilisation d'une aide à l'anticipation dans le contrôle d'un haut fourneau
L'enseignement des sciences. Un réel défi pour notre système éducatif
Categorisation, Identification and Conceptual Representations
Photophysical Properties of Some Hexa-Functionalized C60 Derivatives
Spécificités acoustiques des segments palataux produits par des russophones
On the hold-up estimation and control in cement grinding circuit
Nonlinear model predictive control: numerical experiments and practical issues
Assistance à l'opérateur : quelques apports récents de l'ergonomie cognitive
Genetic diversity of the biofilm covering Montacuta ferruginosa (Mollusca, Bivalvia) as evaluated by denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis and cloning of PCR-amplified gene fragments coding for 16S rRNA.
A Quantum Chemical Approach to Conjugated Oligomers: The Case of Oligothiophenes
Proposition d'une méthode d'analyse des postes de travail chez AKZO. Rapport d'étude final pour AKZO, Direction des ressources humaines
Some User-Oriented Comparisons of Adaptive Grid Methods for Partial Differential Equations in One Space Dimension
Stratégies et performances dans un contexte concurrentiel
Computer aided analysis of urban railway vehicles
Germain Raingo pédagogue montois 1794-1866
Land-based closed cycle echiniculture of Paracentrotus lividus (Lamarck) (Echinoidea: Echinodermata): a long term experiment at a pilot scale
The Three-Dimensional Fourier Grid Hamiltonian Method
Hardware/Software Co-Design Methodology for Design of Embedded Systems
Methodology for design of embedded systems
Combining Software Descriptions
Dénominations et représentations conceptuelles
Assessing the Evolvability of Software Architectures
Quantum Chromodynamics and Potential Models
Délais et activités d'anticipation dans le contrôle de situations dynamiques. Etude en situation simulée
Charge separation in localized and delocalized electronic states in polymeric semiconductors
A Comparative Study of Several Basic Algorithms for First-order Hyperbolic PDEs
Dynamic Model of Airway Pressure Drop
Generation of Nitrile N-Selenide (RCNSe) as Neutrals and Radical Cations in the Gas phase
Stratégies et performances : une enquête en milieu industriel
Charged particle multiplicity in e+e- -> qq,- events at 161 and 172 GeV and from the decay of the W boson
Sensitivity analysis of plethysmographic test results
Host selection by the shrimp Synalpheus stimpsoni (De Man 1888), an ectosymbiont of comatulid crinoids, inferred by a field survey and laboratory experiments
Proverbe et jugement individuel : deux incompatibles?
Lorentz covariant spin two superspaces
Nitrile N-selenide (RCNSe) and isoselenocyanate (RNCSe) Neutrals and Radical Cations: Tandem Mass Spectrometry and Ab Initio Studies
A la recherche des bases diététiques de l'association symbiotique entre les populations méditerranéennes de Bombus terrestris (L.) (Hymenoptera, Apidae) et l'arbousier (Arbutus unedo L.).
Max Waller et Camille Lemonnier. Á propos de quelques lettres
Geometric and Electronic Structure and Optical Response of Oligo- and Polythiophenes: Relation to their Use in Electro-Optic and Photonic Devices
Polarized Reflectivity Spectra of Strech-Oriented Poly(p-phenylene vinylene)
Expert witness report on the Benett retractable bit patent
Interpretation of the Spectrum of Ce III. New Energy Levels and Theoretical Transition Probabilities
Mechanism for enhancement of two-photon absorption in donor-acceptor conjugated chromophores
Use of the transmission line modelling (TLM) method for the solution of nonlinear eddy-current problems
Reasoning about Qualitative Trends in Databases
Rapidity correlations in ^ baryon and proton production in hadronic Z0 decays
A study of temporary adhesion of the podia in the sea star Asterias rubens (Echinodermata, Asteroidea) trough their foortprints.
Fine Structure and Transition Probabilities in Neutral Molybdenum
The podia, organs of adhesion and sensory perception in larvae and postmetamorphic stages of the echinoid Paracentrotus lividus (echinodermata)
Approches stratégiques du marketing des projets industriels
The effect of phenyl-di-substitution of PPV on its photophysical and photostability properties
Summary Test Results for Adaptive Grid Methods in One Space Dimension
Fractal Kinetics and Surface Reactions
Reproductive cycle of the echinoid Paracentrotus lividus: analysis by means of the maturity index
Theoretical Investigation of the Singlet and Triplet Excitations in Cyano-Substituted Oligo(phenylene vinylene)s
Mycomyzostoma calcidicola gen. nov., sp. nov., the first extant parasitic myzostome infesting crinoid stalks, with a nomenclatural appendix by M.J. Grygier
Le fonds Puissant conservé à l'Université de Mons-Hainaut et l'histoire de la reliure
Contribution to the study of the audiometrical scores sources of variation
Synthesis, crystal structure and electronic structure of a 5,15-dialkyllideneporphyrin: a TCNQ/porphyrin hybrid
Formation and Characterization of Acetonitrile N-Methylide (CH3CNCH2+·) and N-Methylketenimine (CH3NCCH2+·) Radical Cations in the Gas Phase
Adsorption and spreading of polymers at plane interfaces, theory and molecular dynamics simulations
Adsorption and spreading of polymers at plane interfaces, theory and molecular dynamics simulations
Optimization design of multibody systems by using genetic algorithms
Impact of drops onto dry and smooth solid surfaces
Quantitative glycohistochemistry defines new prognostic markers for cancers of the oral cavity
Les microscopies à sonde locale: Un moyen performant de dresser la cartographie chimique des surfaces
L'écriturisation ou l'émergence de la parole
Isolation and partial characterization of a pregnancy-associated glycoprotein family from the goat placenta.
Valence band offsets of amorphous silicon-carbon alloys (a-Si1-xCx) on crystalline silicon and hydrogenated amorphous silicon (a-Si:H)
The hidden symmetry algebras of a class of quasi-exactly solvable multidimensional operators
Comment une langue morte peut stimuler l’apprentissage de sa version vivante ? Le grec ancien comme mobile pour la diffusion du grec moderne en tant que langue étrangère
Firm's Entry and Exit : a Sectorial Analysis in Belgium
Isomorphism Theorem for BSS Recursiveley Enumerable Sets over Real Closed Fields
Corporate Failure and Foundation in Belgian Economy: Some Empirical Evidence about Sectorial Correlation
In vitro demonstration of a mitogenic activity in renal tissue extracts during regenerative hyperplasia
Strategies and industrial reality : experience from belgian firms
Continuous Audio-Visual Speech Recognition
Mechanical advantage of the canine triangularis sterni
Martin Amis's Postmodern Revisiting of 'Planet Auschwitz' in 'Time's Arrow'
Hardware-software codesign methodology starting from C/VHDL models
Scolarisatie, Onderwijsniveau en Inschakeling in de Arbeidsmarkt - Monographie van de Volkstelling van 1991
Chapitre 9 – Enseignement
Apports des études internationales à la réflexion sur la qualité des systèmes d'enseignement nationaux: une analyse de l'éducation scientifique en Communauté française de Belgique
Scolarisation, niveau d'instruction et insertion professionnelle - Monographie du Recensement général de la population de 1991
Finansol : Financiera para Microempresas
Is land-based closed cycle echiniculture (sea urchin aquaculture) a viable alternative to fisheries today?
Pour une approche renouvelée de la formation en alternance : étude d'une réforme en cours
Analyse de quelques facteurs susceptibles d’agir sur la fidélisation dans un cours d’enseignement à distance
Logiques pour l’évaluation d’un service de formation et de conseil à distance : le projet Ecomanagement.
Intégrer une dimension humaine dans une situation d'apprentissage à distance médiatisée par ordinateur.
Quantification of mitral regurgitation by the automated cardiac output method : an in-vitro and in-vivo study
Contrôle de qualité des dents des lames circulaires pour CarboDiam
Decreased coronary flow reserve in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is related to remodeling of the coronary microcirculation
Simultaneous morphological and functional assessment of a renal artery stent intervention with intravascular ultrasound
Blood flow assessment using a mechanical intravascular ultrasound catheter : initial evaluation in vivo
Airway Resistance: Simulation and Sensitivity Analysis
A new dimension of the enterprise performance: the nonfinancial indicators
Angiographically undetected stent mal-apposition resolved by intravascular ultrasound and flow imaging
Barrier and internal wave contributions to the quantum probability density and flux in light heavy-ion elastic scattering
Guidance of intracoronary radiation therapy based on dose-volume histogram derived from quantitative intravascular ultrasound
Strongly indefinite variational problems with lack of compactness
Dynamic simulation and control of cement grinding processes
The pulse pressure method and the area method for the estimation of total arterial compliance in dogs : sensivity to wave reflection intensity
Lateral canthotomy: a simple and safe procedure for orbital haemorrhage secondary to endoscopic sinus surgery.
Sarcoidosis of the paranasal sinuses treated with hydroxychloroquine.
Quantification of Clara cell protein in rat and mouse biological fluids using a sensitive immunoassay.
Applications of new mass spectrometric methodologies to the characterization of reactive organic molecules.
Droplet speading : a microscopic approach
The effect of the concentration of surfactant on the spreading of a drop
Spreading of polymer mixtures at the microscopic scale
Dynamics of spreading of liquid microdroplets on substrates of increasing surfaces energies
Microscopic validity of Cassie’s law using molecular dynamics
Modélisation des systèmes électrotechniques avec prise en compte de l’hystérésis
Sublethal alterations and sustained cell proliferation associated with the diethylstilbestrol-induced renal carcinogenesis in male Syrian golden hamsters
Hybrid fibre coax networks: key issues and physical layer characterization
Fiber-optics in nuclear industry: issues, problems and potential solutions
Lorentz covariance, higher spin superspaces and selfduality
Integral equation formulation of the spinless Salpeter equation
Récupération au moyen de solutions de peroxyde d’hydrogène des NOx issus d’installations chimiques
Contributions to the International Symposium on Karst and Tectonics
Utilisation didactique des simulateurs : un cas ferroviaire.
Block Copolymers Self-Assembly: An Original Way to Create (Conductive) Nanostructures?
La creación de instituciones de microfinanzas: ¿ una elección con riesgos ?
Transformation de la craie au contact d'une faille normale : couplage géochimie-pétrophysique
Pour un design intégré des logiciels multimédia à finalité éducative
Craies et préhistoire dans la région de Mons
Corposol - Finansol : diagnosis of a crisis in the world of microfinance
Mécanique des roches I - première partie
Microscopic model for spreading of a two-dimensional monolayer
Evaluation d'un tir de mine de grès ornemental (carrière CBA, Poulseur)
Isomorphism theorem for BSS recursively enumerable sets on real closed fields
Specific site counterion binding : Site specific counterion binding and pectic chains conformational transitions in the Nitella cell wall
Modulation of the enzymes involved in rat liver glutathione metabolism by high doses of ACTH and isoproterenol
Enquête phonologique : les voyelles nasales du français
Symmetry and conjugate residual method in Poisson's problem
New solution method for magnetodynamic problems in hysteretic media using transmission-line modelling (TLM) and Preisach theory
Yolk sac tumor of the ear in a child.
Improvement of the EDFA design for both preamplifier and booster applications
Accurate and fast PMD measurements by the fixed analyser technique
On the use of the pseudo-relativistic Hartree-Fock approach for atomic structure calculations in singly ionized lanthanides
Semi-empirical determination of ionization potentials for H-like to Ar-like ions up to Z = 50
A new fast method for solving problems with moving boundary
Microscopic validity of Cassie’s law using molecular dynamics
Dynamics of spreading of liquid microdroplets on substrates of increasing surfaces energies
The effect of the concentration of surfactant on the spreading of a drop
The Theater of Fernand Crommelynck
Jean-Louis Trintignant - The Actor, a Witness of His Time
Klaus Maria Brandauer - Human Masks Are Dangerous
"Othello" Revisited: Crommelynck's Farcical Treatment of Shakespeare's Characters
Contribution à l'étude de la vie culturelle d'une ville de province au XIXe siècle. Le cas de Mons (1795-1914). Enseignement, bibliothèques, théâtres, musique, beaux-arts et sociétés
Basic principles of single-mode optical fibre and cable metrology, practical demonstrations
Hybrid CATV Systems Design
A propos d'un Répertoire des grammaires scolaires de langue française publiées en Belgique entre 1831 et 1914 : problèmes de définition et de typologie
The MOSA method : A tool for solving Multi-Objective combinatorial optimization problems
La théorie du champ en micro-finance : perspectives d’application
Automatic VHDL-C Interface Generation for Distributed Cosimulation: Application to Large Design Examples
Spreading of polymeric liquids at a microscopic scale
El apoyo integral a la microempresa : historia colombiana de un éxito demasiado rápido
ONG et crédits aux micro-entreprises
Peer Pressure Group Credit & Institutional Environment
Automatic VHDL-C Interface Generation for Distributed Cosimulation: Application to Large Design Examples
La gestion de proximité : une condition essentielle des mécanismes de garantie solidaire
Two-Quadrant CMOS Analogue Divider
Continuous Audio-Visual Speech Recognition
The Face in the Mirror - Faust as a Self-Deceived Actor
Hardware, software and mechanical cosimulation for automotive applications
'Vers des débits de plus en plus grands; utilisation des technologies photoniques'
Didactique des langues, traductologie et communication
Space research in Belgium. Astrophysical and Spectroscopical Department of the University of Mons
Ultrastructural changes induced by isoproterenol and ACTH in hepatocytes and heart myocytes
Tissue water alterations in rat liver and myocardium exposed to ACTH and isoproterenol treatment. A relaxometric study
Reconstruction de Données Manquantes pour la Reconnaissance Robuste de la Parole dans le Cadre des Systèmes Hybrides HMM/ANN
The mechanism of spreading at the microscopic scale
Surfactants concentration in spreading
Trace Analysis of hormones (T3 and T4) by large volume injection in gas chromatography – mass spectrometry
A Comparison, based on Opnet Simulations, of Binary and Rate-Based Flow Control Methods for the Available Bit Rate ATM Service
A complete CATV optical characterisation using an automatic measurement setup
A simple method for bit error rate computation of CATV QPSK return path transmission in presence of noise and group delay variation
A Scanning Force Microscopy Study of Block Copolymers Containing a Conjugated Segment
Scanning Probe Microscopy: A Useful Tool for the Analysis of Carbon Black Polymer Blends
XPS/AFM Study of the PET Surface Modified by Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Plasmas: Al/PET Adhesion
Organized Semiconducting Nanostructures from Conjugated Block Copolymer Self-Assembly
Philip C. Kolin's "David Mamet's 'Writing in Restaurants': An Index to Names, Key Concepts, and Places"
David Mamet's "Business Is Business"
Alain Piette's "In the Loneliness of Cities: the Hopperian Accents of David Mamet's 'Edmond'"
Conception d’un ensemble d’aide à l’analyse des paysages permettant l’exploitation interactive d’une base d’images. Phase 2
Optimal design of multibody systems by using genetic algorithms
Removal of tetravalent NOx from flue gases using solutions containing hydrogen peroxide
Rib cage muscle interaction in airway pressure generation
Rapport d'expertise sur le dossier Igretec-Pac contre Pirlot concernant l'aménagement de la plate-forme multimodale du Port Autonome de Charleroi
Effect of temperature on NOx absorption into nitric acid solutions containing hydrogen peroxide
Vehicle/Track interaction and ground propagation of vibrations for tramway tracks in urban areas
A quantum chemical description of excited states in conjugated materials: implications for optics and nonlinear optics
Time evolution of drop spreading onto dry, smooth solid surfaces
Temperature effect on contact angle relaxation, M. de Ruijter, P. Koelsch
Dynamic evaluation of the hepatic uptake and clearance of maganese based contrast agnets: a phosphorus-31 NMR study on the isolated and perfused rat liver
Theoretical study of the 4f146s 2S1/2 - 4f136s2 2F7/2 E3 transition in Yb II
Predicted term energies, wavelengths and oscillator strengths for transitions involving high-nl Rydberg states in C II, C III and C IV
A 31P and 1H NMR relaxometric study of the interaction between adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and paramgnetic ions (Gd3+ and Mn2+)
Radiative transition probabilities for forbidden lines in singly ionized cobalt (Co II)
A theoretical investigation of neutral francium
UV transitions of astrophysical interest in Ge II, As II and Se II
Lifetime calculations in Yb II
Influence of the acidity on the oxidation rate of nitrous acid by hydrogen peroxide
Light meson spectra and instanton-induced forces
Characterization of a double homeodomain protein (DUX1) encoded by a cDNA homologous to 3.3 kb dispersed repeated elements
Dewetting, partial wetting and spreading of a two-dimensional monolayer on solid solid surface
Research on red cell membrane permeability in arterial hypertension
The MOSA method : A tool for solving Multi-Objective combinatorial optimization problems
Investigation of exciton coupling in oligothiophenes by circular dichroism spectroscopy
Ionization potentials for hydrogen-like to argon-like ions up to Z = 50
High-nl Rydberg states in C II, C III and C IV
A theoretical investigation of neutral francium
Lifetime calculations in Yb II
On the use of Cowan's code for atomic structure calculations in singly ionized rare earths
Experimental selectivity curves of gaseous binary mixtures of hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide on activated carbon and silica gel
Le traitement psychologique des sujets psychopathiques et des personnalités antisociales. Revue de Clinique Comportementale et Cognitive, 3, 1-6
Psychopathie et prédiction des comportements violents: Evaluation en milieu psychiatrique fermé
Analyse psychométrique du questionnaire de la psychopathie de Hare auprès d’une population carcérale belge
Le culte dionysiaque et les fêtes du carnaval en Grèce d’hier et d’aujourd’hui
Atomic structure calculations in neutral francium
Ionization potentials for H-like to Ar-like ions up to Z = 50
Investigation of high-nl Rydberg states in C II, C III and C IV
Differential patterns of cell cycle regulatory proteins expression in transgenic models of thyroid tumours.
On the use of the Cowan's code for atomic structure calculations in singly ionized lanthanides
UV transitions of astrophysical interest in Ge II, As II and Se II
Ion traps and lifetime calculations in Yb II
Use of a photoactivatable lipid to probe the topology of PA63 of Bacillus anthracis in lipid membranes
Caractérisation par techniques optiques de la microstructure de couches minces d'oxyde de zinc non homogènes déposées sur verre
The T2 evolution in myocardial tissue depending on pH, KCl concentration and alteration of contractile protein thiol in physiological and pathological conditions
Influence of the substrate surface energy on the spreading rate of liquid droplets : Experiments, theory and molecular dynamics simulations
Spreading of two component fluids : molecular dynamics simulations and experiments
Dissipation processes at the mesoscopic and molecular scale : the case of polymer films
Le stress chez les médecins généralistes: une approche transactionnelle.
Mise au point et validation d’un référentiel de compétences en activités d’éveil. Phase 1
A comparison of FRF based error localisation methods
Determination of the Porous Structure of Activated Carbons Using the IAE Concept. Influence of the Local Adsorption Model
Characterization of Porous Carbonaceous Sorbents Using High Pressure CO2 Adsorption Data
Stratégie environnementale des entreprises : Contexte, typologie et mise en œuvre
Conception d’un ensemble d’aide à l’analyse des paysages permettant l’exploitation interactive d’une base d’images
A practical reduction for flexible multibody systems
Un peu de géologie lunaire
Spike discharge regularity of vestibular neurons in labyrinthectomized guinea pigs
Dynamics of spreading of liquid microdroplets on substrates of increasing surface energies
Electrokinetics: the properties of the stagnant layer unraveled
Influence of atmospheric pollutants on the conductance of phtalocyanine films
La pédagogie de la "Parlécriture" dans le secteur social
Délais et activité d’anticipation dans le contrôle de situations dynamiques. Etude en situation simulée.
1H-NMR investigations on water permeability of rat erythrocytes in endocrine induced myocardial hypertrophy
Expression of the cyclin-cdk complexes inhibitors (CKI) in proliferative thyroid pathologies of transgenic mice.
Microdomain Surface Morphologies of Phase-Segregated Multiblock Copolymers
A hardware/software co-design methodology for embedded telecommunication systems
Une naissance mouvementée
Les mille et un visages de Séléné
MCI - multilanguage distributed co-simulation tool
Hardware — Software co-design of embedded telecommunication systems
The Digital Era of Cable TV Networks
Metabolic alterations in rat myocardium and liver after treatment with high doses of ACTH and isoproterenol
Reappearance of activity in the vestibular neurones of labyrinthectomized guinea-pigs is not delayed by cycloheximide
Assessment of Microfinance Institutions Sustainability
Durability of andesites and basaltoids from Slovakia according to clay content and clay formation during the wet grinding
Virtual prototype for mixed hardware/software architectures generation
Silver in Belgium
Relational network and information system of belgians firms
Hardware - Software Co-design of embedded telecommunication systems using multiple formalisms for application development
Spin-spin relaxation times in myocardial hypertrophy induced by endocrine agents in rat
Les systèmes de « phone banking »: une évaluation ergonomique.
Neuronal activity in the vestibular nuclei after contralateral or bilateral labyrinthectomy in the alert guinea pig.
Superlinear indefinite elliptic problems and Pohoz?aev type identities
Traduction et Communication, in Didactique des Langues, Traductologie et Communication, éd. DeBoeck Université, Pédagogie en développement
Structural and paleostress analysis of recent fault in Rochefort Cave
Changements dans l’organisation du temps de travail ou changements dans le travail ?
An assay on blood, heart and liver biochemical markers in myocardial hypertrophy induced by isoproterenol
Studying the confining effects on the rock behaviour by means of a polyaxial test device
Le proverbe. Vers une théorie de la parole évocative
Novel method for stabilization of an actively mode-locked fiber laser
Comparison of amplitude and phase noises of pulse trains generated from a stabilized actively mode-locked fibre laser by harmonic and 2nd rational harmonic mode locking
Fibre optic link devices for ionising radiation environments
Missing Data Reconstruction for Robust Automatic Speech Recognition in the Framework of Hybrid HMM/ANN Systems
Using the Multi-Stream Approach for Continuous Audio-Visual Speech Recognition: Experiments on the M2VTS Database
Stabilisation of an actively mode-locked Er-doped fibre laser by minimising the inter-pulse noise power'
Plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition growth of SiC on Si(100): Morphology and electronic structure
Etude de faisabilité des travaux exploratoires pour l'évaluation du gisement aux iguanodons de Bernissart
Comparative study of some C-substituted Gd-DTPA exhibiting non-covalent binding to blood proteins
Optical measurements on overhead optical fiber cables for stresses and damage identification
Proton NMR study of the transmetallation of gadolinium complexes by zinc (II)
Pharmacocinétique de capture et biodistribution de quelques nouveaux dérivés du Gd-DTPA chez le rat
Investigation of layered microdroplets using ellipsometric techniques
O.E.P.C. Modèle d’Optimisation Économique des Phases à Chaud : Le Prototype
Relativistic Hartree-Fock calculations in heavy atoms
Mechanical advantage of the human parasternal intercostal and triangularis sterni muscles
Real-Time Automatic Visual Inspection of High-Speed Plane Products by Means of Parallelism
PAYSAGES DU HAINAUT : Le Hainaut vu du Ciel
Les premières grammaires "officielles" dans l'enseignement moyen en Belgique (1850-1870)
Catalogue raisonné des grammaires françaises publiées en Belgique entre 1830 et 1850
Parallelization and Vectorization of DNS Code and Performance Evaluation