Measurement of the spin density matrix for the p0, K*0 (892) and psi produced in Z0 decays
A study of the reaction e+e- -> µ+µ- YISR at LEP and search for new physics at annihilation energies near 80 GeV
Comparative Tests for Several Adaptive Grid Codes for One-dimensional PDEs
Characterization of Cyanogen N-Oxide Radical Cations (NCCNO+·) in the Gas Phase by Tandem Mass Spectrometry Methodologies and ab initio Calculations
The dominant one-and two-photon excited states in the nonlinear optical response of octatetraene: Ab initio versus semiempirical theoretical descriptions
Measurement of B0d – B,_0d oscillations
General Model for the Description of the Third-order Optical Nonlinearities in Conjugated Systems: Application to the β-carotene Molecule
Measurement of the triple gluon vertex from double quark tagged 4-jet events
Highly polar chromophores in poled polymer films characterized by second-harmonic generation
Limit load analysis of perforated disks with square penetration pattern
Search for lepton flavour number violating Z°-decays
Search for B0s – B,_0s oscillations
Introduction to the Belgian symposium on Structural Geology and Tectonics
Cyano-Substituted Polyparaphenylene Vinylene: Description of the Nature of the Lowest Singlet and Triplet Excited States
Les conventions d'actionnaires
Radiative Lifetimes of the 5p Levels in the Pd-Like Sequence and in Some Neutral Atoms of the 4d-Elements
Spatial Extent of the Singlet and Triplet Excitons in Cyano-substituted Oligo(phenylenevinylene)s
From Neutral Oligoanilines to Polyaniline: A Theoretical Investigation of the Chain-Length Dependence of the Electronic and Optical Properties
Electroluminescence in Semiconducting Conjugated Polymers and Oligomers: A Quantum-chemical Approach
New Adaptive Grid Codes within DSS/2
A computer-aided simulation approach for mechanisms with time-varying topology
Electronic Structure and Optical Properties of Electroluminescent Spiro-type Molecules
Using the Multi-Stream Approach for Continuous Audio-Visual Speech Recognition
Measurement of the multiplicity of gluons splitting to bottom quark pairs in hadronic Z0 decays
Measurement of the adhesion of the podia in the asteroid Asterias rubens (Echinodermata)
La qualité palatale: prémices d'une description phonétique
Massive spin 2 propagator on de Sitter space
Photoluminescence Spectra of Oligo(paraphenylenevinylene)s: A Joint Theoretical and Experimental Characterization
An Implicit Multistage Method including Projection for the Numerical Simulation of Constrained Multibody Systems
Chiral supersymmetric ppwave solutions of IIA supergravity
Morphology of a ferric iron-encrusted biofilm forming on the shell of a burrowing bivalve (Mollusca).
Observation of charge-ordering in particle production in hadronic Z0 decay
Organic Molecular Wires: Theoretical Analysis of the Electronic Coupling to Metal Electrodes and of the Influence of Derivatization
Search for excited leptons in e+e- collisions at Vs = 161GeV
Heavy metals in Diadema setosum (Echinodermata, Echinoidea) from the coral reefs of Singapore
Parallel MR-BEM using ScaLAPACK
Une approche inter-linguistique de la réalisation conjointe des qualités nasale et palatale
Equivalence criteria between mechanical environments
Het verdriet van België vertaald : referentiële verschuivingen
Language-dominance effects on French/Polish bilinguals'voice quality
Structural analysis in terms of paleostress of the Givestian limestones around the Hotton Cave
Cultural awareness: linguistic and cultural training towards mobility in Europe
Pheromonal and enzyme genetic characteristics of the Bombus lucorum complex in the northern Europe
Measurement and interpretation of the W-pair cross-section in e+e- interactions at 161 GeV
Generation of Nitrile N-Sulfide (RCNS) Radical Cations and Neutrals via Ion-Molecule Reactions: Tandem Mass Spectrometry and ab initio MO Study
Les phonétiques et les phonologies du vocalisme portugais
Ceratina zwakhalsi et C. verhoeffi, deux nouvelles espèces de la région ouest-paléarctique (Hymenoptera, Apoidea, Xylocopinae).
Measurement of event shape and inclusive distributions at vs= 130 and 136 GeV
Evaluation des performances linguistiques: l'adéquation des outils classiques au cas des futurs économistes
On the Combination of Neural Nets Classifiers for Handwritten Character Recognition
Improved Hand-written Character Recognition thanks to a New Geometric Distortion Method
Révision des Xylocopa Latreille du sous-genre Copoxyla Maa des pays circum-méditerranéens (Hymenoptera, Apoidea)
Observation of Photoinduced Charge Transfer in Conducting Polymer/Fullerene Composites Using a High-bandgap Polymer
Search for stable heavy charged particles in e+e- collisions at Vs=130 – 136 GeV, 161 and 172 GeV
STRUT : Un logiciel complet pour l'entrainement et la reconnaissance de la parole
Redécouverte de Bombus wurfleini Radoskowski, 1859 (Hymenoptera, Apidae) auparavant considéré comme disparu de Belgique
Dynamic modeling of cement grinding circuits
Conditional Combination of Neural Nets Classifiers for Handwritten Character Recognition
Infestation, population dynamics, growth and reproductive cycle of Myzostoma cirriferum (Myzostomida), an obligate symbiont of the comatulid crinoid Antedon bifida (Crinoidea, Echinodermata)
Formation of Thiophenethiols by Flash Vacuum Pyrolysis of 1,6,6al4-trithiapentalene
The synthesis and characterization of dinuclear metal - alpha- acetylides and mononuclear metal - alpha - allenylidenes
Evaluation de la préparation à la recherche scientifique de personnes déficientes visuelles
Summary Test Results from Some Adaptive Grid Methods in One Space Dimension
Enjeux et processus de mise d'un cours universitaire sur Internet
Electronic Structure of Luminescent Conjugated Polymers: Relevance to Polymer-based Light-Emitting Diodes
Functional morphology of the tentacles and tentilla of Coeloplana bannworthi (Ctenophora, Platyctenida), an ectosymbiont of the echinoid Diadema setosum
Tuning of the Electronic and Optical Properties of Oligothiophenes via Cyano Substitution: A Joint Experimental and Theoretical Study
Towards an acoustical control of voice changes under the effect of surgery: an exploratory essay
Le proverbe est-il une dénomination comme l'affirme Kleiber?
Solving irregular sparse linear systems on a multicomputer using the CGNR method
Méthodes optiques de caractérisation des matériaux
Répercussions sur le signal vocal de l'évolution de patients schizophrènes en milieu institutionnel fermé
Identified particles in quark and gluon jets
A Measurement of as from the scaling violation in e+e- annihilation
Une approche inter-linguistique de la réalisation conjointe des qualités nasale et palatale
Modeling, Simulation and evaluation of control loops for a cement grinding process
Search for neutral heavy leptons produced in Z decays
Irreducible representations of an algebra underlying hidden symmetries of a class of quasiexactly solvable systems of equations
An approach of the Catalan palatals discrimination based on durational patterns of spectral evolution
Ion-Molecule Reaction of Pyridine with CS3 Radical Cations: Experimental Evidence for the Production of Pyridine N-thioxide Distonic Ions
A multinuclear MR study of Gd-EOB-DTPA : an example of comprehensive preclinical characterization of an organ specific MRI contrast agent
Excited States in Polyparaphenylene Vinylene and Related Oligomers: Theoretical Investigation of Their Relation to Electrical and Optical Properties
The Lowest 5g-6h Supermultiplet of Fe II
On non-distinguished matrix domains
Conformational Analysis and Optical Characterization of Oligothiophene Inclusion Compounds
Measurement of ntercompréh between pions from different W’s in e+e- -> W+W- nterc
Style de parole
Le proverbe est-il une dénomination?
Investigation of the linear and nonlinear optical response of edgelinked conjugated zinc porphyrin oligomers by optical spectroscopy and configuration interaction techniques
Effects of Intermolecular Interactions on the Lowest Excited State of Luminescent Conjugated Polymers and Oligomers
Evaluation de l'exploitation des aides à la régulation thermique du haut fourneau B. Rapport d'étude final pour la direction de Cockerill-Sambre, Charleroi (site de Marchienne)
Cooperation of Multilayer Perceptron Classifiers
Tutorial on Simulation Techniques for Distributed Parameter Systems
Une modélisation à base angulaire pour l'étude de la réduction vocalique
Échec à l’échec. Évaluation de l’écrit. Évaluation de l’oral
Towards a Coherent Description of the Nature of the Photogenerated Species in the Lowest-lying One-photon Allowed Excited State of Isolated Conjugated Chains
Etude phonétique du système vocalique du portugais de Viseu. Prolongements diachroniques et synchroniques
Variabilità intra-locutore della qualità vocale e polifonia
La Great Chain Metaphor Theory de Lakoff et Turner: une approche critique
Quelques anormalités dans le genre Nautilus
Electronic Structure and Optical Response of Highly Conducting and Semiconducting Conjugated Polymers and Oligomers
Réalisation des fiches de la Belgique, des Pays-Bas, du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg
Radiative Lifetimes of the 5p Levels in the Pd-Like Sequence and in Some Neutral Atoms of the 4d-Elements
Une coupe structurale méridienne synthétique dans le Paléozoïque de la région de Crespin-Boussu (Hainaut franco-belge)
Measurement of the transverse spin correlation in Z -> t+t- decays
Age: a Simple Grid Code Based on the Equidistribution Principle
Le proverbe français dans la théorie de la polyphonie
UV photocurrent spectroscopy in poly(p-phenylene vinylene) and derivatives
Evaluation de la préparation à la recherche scientifique de personnes déficientes visuelles
Steady and oscillatory flow modeling within the human larynx
Utilisations du TOEFL et du TOEIC en cadre didactique: Evaluation des performances linguistique en anglais dans la formation des économistes
Search for the Bc meson
Contribution de la simulation à l'étude de l'activité en situation dynamique
Radiative Lifetimes of the 5p Levels in the Pd-Like Sequence and in Some Neutral Atoms of the 4d-Elements
Optical properties of nickel thin films deposited by electroless plating
Radiative Lifetimes of the 5p Levels in the Pd-Like Sequence and in Some Neutral Atoms of the 4d-Elements
Supersymmetric Lorentz covariant hyperspaces and selfduality equations in dimensions greater than (4|4)
Pourquoi le proverbe n'est ni un nom ni un vers
Ergonomie, quand tu nous tiens
Organic Molecular Wires: Theoretical Analysis of the Electronic Coupling to Metal Electrodes and of the Influence of Derivatization
Robust Speech Recognition based on Multi-Stream Features
Identification of a multihormone responsive enhancer far upstream from the human tissue-type plasminogen activator
Etat de l'art et perspectives des transmissions optiques
Asymmetric liquid-solid interactions during spreading : Polymer mixtures and surfactant-like molecules
Structural Characterisation of New Y-Si-Al-O-N Oxynitride Glass Ceramics
Improved identification of complex temporal systems with dynamic recurrent neural networks. Application to the identification of electromyography and human arm trajectory relationship
Undifferentiated carcinoma of the nasopharynx and leukemoid reaction: report of case with literature review.
Recherche en ergonomie cognitive.
Carbon Black-Filled Polymer Blends: A Scanning Probe Microscopy Characterization
Estimation d'une fosse ultime d'une mine à ciel ouvert exploitée par la méthode des fosses emboîtées
Competitiveness, Corporate Strategies and Performance Within a Competitive Environment: Some Observations from a Sample of Belgian Industrial Firms
Otorgamiento de crédito y costos de transacciones : análisis de las sedes urbanas de Finansol
Considérations sur les problèmes d'usure dans les roches abrasives
The cAMP pathway in thyroid: from the TSH receptor to mitogenesis and tumorigenesis. Signal Transduction in Health and Disease, Advances in Second Messenger and Phosphoproteins Research.
Implication du facteur de croissance TGFalpha et du protooncogène c-erbB-2 dans un modèle animal de cancérogenèse rénale.
Etude de l'apoptose et de la prolifération cellulaire dans un modèle expérimental de cancérogenèse rénale chez le hamster mâle.
Evolution des populations de cellules hypophysaires chez le hamster mâle durant un traitement à long terme par le diéthylstilbestrol.
Bistability and Dynamic Transient in Active Fiber-Bragg Gratings
Languages for system level specification and design
VCI : a VHDL-C interface generation tool for cosimulation
Un environnement d'apprentissage à distance adapté à la mise en pratique des connaissances.
La Coopération Université-Entreprise vue à travers les programmes européens de formation
Une expérience d’encadrement en direct d’une formation pratique à distance
Potentials of volumetric blood-flow measurement
Etude physique et expérimentale de la tenue des fibres optiques aux radiations ionisantes par spectrométrie visible-infrarouge
Optimizing somatic growth of the edible sea urchin (Paracentrotus lividus Lmk) (Echinodermata: Echinoidea) in closed-circuit cultivation with artificial diet
Position et apports spécifiques des opérateurs financiers belges en faveur des Buy-Out
Potential models and meson spectra
Search for pair production of heavy objects in 4-jet events at vs=130-136 GeV
A precise measurement of the B0dB0d meson lifetime using a new technique
The 660 nm and 760 nm bands evidenced in a low OH low Cl fibre by Gaussian deconvolution of radiation induced loss spectra
18 GHz from a sigma-cavity Er-fibre laser with dispersion management and rational harmonic active mode-locking
Pourquoi une pédagogie nouvelle pour l'alphabétisation ? - Conférence au Foyer Culturel de Saint-Ghislain ?
Adsorption of light hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide on silica gel
Thyroid expression of an A2 adenosine receptor induces iodine accumulation in light lysosomes.
Development of a numerical tool for the treatment of the data supplied by compression tests
Les effondrements karstiques du Tournaisis : Intérêt d'un système d'Information Géographique dans l'optique de la définition et de la délimitation de zones à risque
Cover-collapse sinkholes in the 'Tournaisis' area, southern Belgium
L'euro: un tour de table stratégique et comptable de l'entreprise
Cover-collapse sinkholes in the 'Tournaisis' area, southern Belgium
Chantier de découverture à l'aplomb d'effondrements karstiques
System-on-a-Chip Cosimulation and Compilation
Contact angle relaxation during droplet spreading: comparison between molecular kinetic theory and molecular dynamics
Comparative processing of bovine leukemia virus envelope glycoprotein gp72 by subtilisin/kexin-like mammalian convertases.
A 1H-NMR study on the modulator effect of retinoic acid in the alcoholic intoxication. The identification of tissue water injuries induced by ethanol on liver and myocardium
Réduction des formes quadratiques et classification des quadriques
Dissociations between behavioural recovery and restoration of vestibular activity in the unilabyrinthectomized guinea-pig.
Language-dominance effects on French/Polish bilinguals' voice quality
Quelques indices de tectonique récente dans le Bassin de Mons
Failles et microstructures dans la craie
Robust Speech Recognition Based on Multi-Stream Features
VHDL generation from SDL specifications
Dynamics of a driven probe molecule in a liquid monolayer
Subband-based Speech Recognition
Hybrid HMM/ANN Systems for Training Independent Tasks : Experiments on Phonebook and Related Improvements
High Performance Comutation for Direct Turbulence Simulation in Computational Fluid Dynamics
Simulation et conduite de processus.
Mechanical advantage of the sternomastoid and scalene muscles in the dog
Optimisation du comportement de systèmes multicorps basée sur l'utilisation d'algorithmes évolutionnaires
Attenuation of gentamicin-induced nephrotoxicity in rats by fleroxacin
Indirect identification of excitation forces from measured operational response data
Long-term analytical validation of urinary organic acids quantification by gas chromatography - mass spectrometry
L'euro: un tour de table stratégique et comptable de l'entreprise
Exploitation des réponses en fonctionnement en vue de l'identification des forces d'excitation agissant sur des structures mécaniques
Fundamentals of wear problems in abrasive rocks
Le prétraitement au chrome trivalent appliqué aux alliages d'aluminium
Search for new phenomena using single photon events at LEP1
Multinuclear MR characterization of a new hepatobiliary contrast agent
The trivalent chromium pretreatment applied to aluminium 1050
Renal epidermal growth factor precursor: proteolytic processing in an in vitro cell-free system
Synchronicity and the Unitarian Geopsyche in Wilson Harris's 'Companions of the Day and Night'
Virtual prototyping for modular and flexible hardware-software systems
Spreading of layered microdroplets using ellipsometric techniques
A pretreatment against localized and filiform corrosion applied to aluminium alloys : the trivalent chromium pretreatment
Emergence of clusters in the hidden layer of a dynamic recurrent neural network
Precocious signals detected by 1H-NMR in rat liver exposed to oncogenic stress, interfering with fat-soluble vitamins D3 and E
The Crommelynck Mystery
Bazin at Work
Spreading of polymer mixtures: a Molecular Dynamics study
Spatially resolved spectroscopic ellipsometry : a first application to the spreading of layered microdroplets
Chronologie et causalité entre tectonique et karstification. L'exemple des paléokarsts crétacés du Hainaut (Belgique).
IMAGES de la Belgique francophone
(In)stabilité des flux financiers internationaux: une décennie sous la loupe de la croissance
La restructuration de l’activité HELIO à Charleroi ou la mise en doute de l’originalité du reengineering
Enquête sur les particularités du français de Belgique dans les langues de spécialité
SLA Industries : une approche du jeu de rôle
Computer Aided Dynamics of Urban Railway Vehicles
Chronique: KANE (Leslie), ed. - "David Mamet - A Casebook" (New York: Garland, 1992), un vol., XX-310 p.
Chronique: SHAFER (Yvonne) - "American Women Playwrights, 1900-1950" (New York: Peter Lang, 1995), un vol., XII-546 p., ill.
Le français et les immigrés
Spectroscopic ellipsometry
Experimental Study on Upstream Channel in CATV Networks
Assistance à l’opérateur humain: quelques apports récents de l’ergonomie cognitive.
Solving problems in upstream cable transmission
The cytotoxicity of the parvovirus minute virus of mice nonstructural protein NS1 is related to changes in the synthesis and phosphorylation of cell proteins.
Quand écriture et dessin se croisent et s'entrecroisent...
In the Loneliness of Cities: The Hopperian Accents of David Mamet's "Edmond"
Machines, outils, modes de travail et matériaux de construction sur les chantiers maritimes du 19ème siècle
Causes of basalt degrading: methods of prediction of basalt durability
Block Copolymer Microdomain Morphologies by Phase Detection Imaging
Dynamics of spreading of polymer mixtures
Excited-state electronic structure and nonlinear optical response of large conjugated oligomers
Un modèle et une stratégie d’intervention en matière d’introduction des TIC dans le processus éducatif
Conception d’un ensemble d’aide à l’analyse des paysages permettant l’exploitation interactive d’une base d’images. Phase 1
Les PME et la protection de l'environnement
Modelling of NOx absorption into nitric acid solutions containing hydrogen peroxide
I Bombi dell’Arcipelago Toscano (Hymenoptera Apidae)
Using the Multi-Stream Approach for Continuous Audio-Visual Speech Recognition: Experiments on the M2VTS Database
Process simulation of nitrous gas treating with hydrogen peroxide solutions in a packed column
Le peroxyde d’hydrogène : un agent oxydant séduisant pour la réduction des émissions d’oxydes d’azote
The behaviour of some important belgian construction firms : how to succeed in obtaining contracts
"MSGC tests with X-rays"
Droplet spreading : a Microscopic approach
Spreading of layered microdroplets : a first study combining spatially resolved spectroscopic ellipsometry and molecular dynamics
Complete wetting of polymer-like liquids by molecular dynamics
Emission from cobalt in type Ia supernovae
Transition probabilities for forbidden lines in Cr II
Spectroscopic and metabolic effects of MnCl2 and MnDPDP on the isolated and perfuesd rat heart
Aromatic polymers obtained by preicpitation polycondensation: 5*. 1H and 13C nmr study of poly(ether ketone ketone)s
Term analysis and hyperfine structure in neutral vanadium
Modelling of NOx absorption into nitric acid solutions containing hydrpogen peroxide
Rencontres estivales des lettres belges francophones. Couillet, 5-10 août 1996
Auguste Grisay, Bibliographie des éditions originales de quarante écrivains belges de langue française
Isabelle Six, Le Musée Camille Lemonnier
Camille Lemonnier, L’Hystérique
Jacques Van Herp, Panorama de la science-fiction
Gaston Compère, O. Promenades
La Belgique francophone
Lifetime calculations in Yb II
Cancellation effects in oscillator strength calculations for Ge II, As II and Se II
MOSA method : A tool for solving Multi-Objective combinatorial optimization problem
Une mesure de l’empathie chez les violeurs incarcérés
Temperature sensitivity of microbending losses in radiation-resistant optical fibers
Grain-scale microstructures and physical properties of faulted chalk
Nonisotopic quantitative analysis of protein-DNA interactions at equilibrium.
Influence of the cladding thickness on the evolution of the NBOHC band in optical fibers exposed to gamma radiations
Return path activities of the Faculté Polytechnique de Mons
Problèmes elliptiques sur-linéaires avec non-linéarité sans signe défini
Caractérisation par techniques optiques de la microstructure de couches minces d'oxyde de zinc non homogènes déposées sur verre
New oscillator strengths in Ge II, As II and Se II and implications for stellar spectroscopy
La FPMs face aux défis du génie minier dans le Kasaï
The mechanism of spreading: a microscopic description
La FPMs face aux défis du génie minier dans le Kasaï
Contributions to the Belgian Symposium on Structural Geology and Tectonics.
New component modes for flexible multibody systems
The dynamics of spreading at the microscopic scale
L'imprimerie à Mons, XVIe-XIXe siècle
Les récits de voyage
L'audit d'environnement : Définition, méthodologie générale et expériences de normalisation
The influence of the geometry of a rough substrate on wetting
Characterization and targeting of the murine alpha2-antiplasmin gene.
La Bibliothèque communale de l'Ecole centrale à l'Université. 1802-1966
Mesure de l'absorbance solaire d'échantillons d'aluminium peint
Rad-hard optical fibres for diagnostics of experimental fusion reactors
Mesure de l'absorbance solaire d'échantillons d'aluminium peint
Regard sur le Temps des Soufis: Collection UNESCO d'Oeuvres Représentatives, in Babel FIT
Theoretical investigation of twphoton absorption in substituted oligo (phenylene vinylene)s
Liouville type theorems and applications
Analysis of labelled thyroid hormones (T3 and T4) by Isotope Dilution - Gas Chromatography - Mass Spectrometry
Offre de services aux petites et micro-entreprises : analyse en termes de coûts de transactions et de capacité organisationnelle
Improved identification of human shoulder kinematics with muscle biological filters
C'est quoi l'alphabétisation ? Emission "Ecran-Témoin" - RTBF
Déformation cassante et déformations matricielle dans la craie blanche campanienne du Bassin de Mons et du nord-est de la Belgique
Microdomain Surface Morphologies of Multiblock Copolymers by Phase Detection Imaging
Microdomain Surface Morphologies of Multiblock Copolymers by Phase Detection Imaging
Characterization of Morphological and Electrical Properties of Conductive Composite Polymers by Scanning Probe Microscopies
Les failles actives de la Grotte de Rocheforrt (Ardenne, Belgique) sont-elles sismogéniques ? Installation d'un laboratoire souterrain.
Characterization of Morphological and Electrical Properties of Conductive Composite Polymers by Scanning Probe Microscopies (Invited talk)
Peter Robert's environmentally sustainable business: a review
Perception de la nature, est-il possible de communiquer le subjectif?
1H-NMR in detection of the specific tissue injuries induced by hormones with cardiopathic potential
Cellular water alterations in rat liver exposed to oncogenic stress. A relaxometric study
The usefulness of 1H and 23Na NMR spectrometry in the study of muscle contraction and of myopathic alteration. An approach of the influence of proteins and ions on T2 in muscle tissue
Post-hercynian brittle tectonics and paleostress analysis in Carboniferous limestones
Context Independent and Context Dependent Hybrid HMM/ANN Systems for Training Independent Tasks
Using Multiple Time Scales in a Multi-Stream Recognition System
Role of microbial organisms in the formation of red matrices, Devonian, Montagne Noire.
A ferric iron-encrusted biofilm on a marine bivalve shell : a living model for ancient ferric iron microbial ecosystems?
Extremely low switching thresholds in nonlinear DFB fiber grating structures combined with Fabry-Perot cavity
Involvement of c-erbB-2 protooncogene product in an experimental model of renal tumor.
Toward a reliable metrology of the radiation-induced attenuation in optical fibres from visible to near infrared ranges
Bit-error-rate measurements in optical fiber links: case of optical reflections
David Mamet's "I Lost It at the Movies"
Steven Price's "A. T. & T.: Anxiety, Telecommunications and the Theatre of David Mamet"
Sean Mitchell's "A Slice of Lemmon"
Sandra Tomc's "David Mamet's 'Oleanna' and the Way of the Flesh"
Dennis Carroll's "The Recent Mamet Films: 'Business' Versus Communion"
Ann C. Hall's "Playing to Win: Sexual Politics in David Mamet's 'House of Games' and 'Speed-the-Plow'"
Leslie Kane's "'In Blood, In Blood Thou Shalt Remember': David Mamet's 'Marranos'"
Ruby Cohn's "Coda: 'Oh God I Hate This Job'"
Laura Kipnis's "'House of Games' - One Born Every Minute"
William F. Van Wert's "Psychoanalysis and Con Games: 'House of Chance'"
Benedict Nightingale's "More Aristotle Than Hemingway"
Bert Cardullo's "Three Ways to Play House"
Roger Bechtel's "PC Power Play: Language and Representation in David Mamet's 'Oleanna'"
Jean Vallely's "David Mamet Makes a Play for Hollywood"
Susanna Sonnenberg's "Joe Cool"
Philip C. Kolin's "David Mamet's 'Writing in Restaurants': A Primary and Secondary Bibliography"
Edward J. Esche's "David Mamet"
Maurice De Bellagente La Palmer's "Driving Doctor Ford"
Gay Brewer's "David Mamet and Film: Illusion/Disillusion in a Wounded Land"
Sheila Rabillard's "The Seductions of Theatricality: Mamet, Tremblay and Political Drama"
Leslie Kane's "Interview with Joe Mantegna"
Marc Silverstein's "We're Just Human: 'Oleanna' and Cultural Crisis"
Steven H. Gale's "David Mamet's 'The Verdict': The Opening Cons"
Carole Zucker's "An Interview with Lindsay Crouse"
Jeanne-Andrée Nelson's "So Close to Closure: The Selling of Desire in 'Glengarry Glen Ross'"
Jeanette R. Malkin's "Verbal Debris and Deprivation: David Mamet's 'American Buffalo' and 'Glengarry Glen Ross'"
Rapport sur le projet SOGEDISA d'implantation d'un centre d'enfouissement technique à Trazegnies
Distribution and abundance of the echinoid Diadema setosum (Echinodermata) on sediment-stressed coral reefs in Singapore
Simple Referencia de Tensión para Tecnologías CMOS con Transistores de VTo Diferentes
Transforming growth factor alpha (TGFalpha) receptor regulation in kidney tissue of diethylstilbestrol (DES) treated hamster.
Development of a numerical tool for the treatment of the data supplied by compression tests
The effect of a polyaxial confining state on the behaviour of two limestones
An inhibitory weight initialization improves the speed and quality of recurrent networks learning
Einfluss von Rauhigkeit und Benetzungsverhalten von Oberflächen auf Tropfenaufprallvorgänge
COSMOS : a transformational co-design tools for multiprocessor architectures
Dynamics of the contact line: contact angle hysteresis
Bit-error-rate in optical fiber links with optical reflections
Biochemical and histo-enzymological investigations of the myocardium and coronary system in assessing experimental cardiac hypertrophy
Cardioprotective effect of fosfobion and thiamin in isoproterenol-induced myocardial hypertrophy
Jobshop scheduling with imprecise durations: a fuzzy approach
On the Disjunctive Graph for Project Scheduling
Synthesis and GC-MS Detection of 13C thyroxine probes
Etude de l’utilisation d’une aide à l’anticipation dans le contrôle d’un haut fourneau.
L’enseignement interculturel en Europe à l’image d’une réalité sociale multiculturelle
Automatic generation of VHDL-C interfaces for distributed cosimulation
Littérature hongroise : Margit Dalos.
L'euro naîtra bientôt
Equilibrium surface properties of lipid mixtures of retinal, phosphatidylcholine and fatty acid derivatives at the air/water interface
Influence (simulation) of group delay variations on BER following bit rate examples from prEN50083-10
Structure and interaction of PA63 and EF (edema toxin) of Bacillus anthracis with lipid membrane.
Synthesis and physico-chemical characterization of three benzyl derivatives of DTPA
Tentative targeting of pancreas with particulate and molecular MRI contrast agents
Anticipation dans le contrôle d’un haut-fourneau : effets d’une aide à la prédiction de la température de la fonte.
The dynamics of spreading at the microscopic scale
Electronic states and band lineups in c-Si(100)/a-Si1-XCX:H heterojunctions
Conformational changes in aerolysin during the transition from the water-soluble protoxin to the membrane channel.
Conductivity dependence on the thickness of hydrogenated, amorphous silicon-carbon films
La Cave calcaire.
Plus de chauffage à Capharnaüm
Traitement d’images en ostéopathie
Multi-Stream Speech Recognition
Scanning Probe Microscopy: A Useful Tool for Polymer Surface Nanostructure Characterization (Invited talk)
Contact angle relaxation during the spreading of partially wetting drops
La tradition des grammairiens belges
L'enseignement de la prononciation dans les grammaires françaises à l'usage des néerlandophones en Belgique entre 1763 et 1856
A la recherche du karst perdu des craies du Bassin de Mons (Belgique).
A Variational Method for the Optimization and Adptation of Structured 3D Grids