New results from charm hadroproduction experiment WA82
Compensation of two important non-linearities in the globally linear mechanical behavior of the human lung
The mu-continuity problem and the structure of matrix domains
A search for neutral Higgs particles in Z°decays
Intradermic penetration of sperm cells in Myzostoma cirriferum (Annelida, Myzostomida)
Variations structurelles des systèmes vocaliques en français et espagnol sous l'effet du style de parole
Traitement sémantique des syntagmes nominaux pluriels: compte rendu
Estilos de habla y enseñanza de lenguas extranjeras
Fausse science et marketing linguistique
Life cycle and population dynamics of Myzostoma cirriferum (Annelida, Myzostomida)
Simulation, identification and state estimation of an electrical furnace model by means of orthogonal collocation
A study of style-induced vowel variability: laboratory versus spontaneous speech in Spanish
Topologies on matrix spaces and universal matrices
Results on charm hadroproduction from CERN experiment WA82
The Collectives in French : a Linguistic Investigation
Tax legislation as a substitute for accounting rules and regulations : The Belgian case
La Fédération des Banques de Données Biogéographiques.
On the f -dual of sequence spaces
Analyse deva la variabilité vocalique en parole spontanée: réflexions méthodologiques et études de cas
Study of final state photons in hadronic Z° decay and limits on new phenomena
Isotopic mixing in surface reactions
Long Term Spectrum Variability analyzis, Methodological reflections and case studies
Matrix transformations involving analytic sequence spaces
Characterization of iminopropadienone ions and neutrals in a tandem mass spectrometer
Nonlinear optical processes in short polyenes: Configuration interaction description of two-photon absorption and third-harmonic generation
The choice of a forecasting model
Determination of alpha(s) in second order QCD from hadronic Z decays
Geometrical Interpretation for error estimation in finite element analysis
Traitement sémantique des syntagmes nominaux pluriels
A singular value decomposition (SVD) based Kalman filter algorithm
Deep filtration of liquid metals : application of a simplified model based on the limiting trajectory method
Search for excited charged leptons in Z° decays
A multivariate approach for the analysis of speech under cognitive stress
The sensory-secretory structures of the podia of the comatulid crinoid Antedon bifida (Echinodermata)
Implémentation de la méthode des éléments de frontière pour les problèmes de Magnétostatique 3-D sur architecture à mémoire distribuée
Les sources de variation du spectre à long terme de parole
Enseignement du français : situation et programmes
Nonlinear optical processes in conjugated polymers: Configuration interaction description of linear polyenes and VEH/SOS evalaution of polyarylene vinylenes
Bilingüismo y calidad de voz
New results on the hadroproduction of charm from the WA82 experiment at the CERN Omega Spectrometer
Functional morphology of the locomotory podia of Holothuria forskali (Echinodermata, Holothuroida)
La bibliothèque d'un noble hainuyer : Charles-Ignace-Philippe de Thiennes de Lombise (1758-1839)
Doped β-Carotene Films : Spinless Charge Storage Stabilized by Structural Relaxation
Relaxation-induced voice quality variability
Stereoselective determination of cucurbitine in Cucurbita spp seeds by gas chromatography and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry
Analyse de la variabilité du spectre à long terme: réflexions méthodologiques et études de cas
Implementation of a boundary element method on distributed memory computers
Phonetic Variability analyzis in spontaneous speech: methodological reflections and case studies
Harmonic Reduction in D.C. Link Current of a PWM Induction Motor by Active Filtering
The structure of the sequence spaces of Maddox
Measurement of the average lifetime of B hadrons
Implementation of ICCG algorithm on distributed memory architecture
Effets de l'expertise des opérateurs et de la complexité de la tâche dans la conduite d'un processus continu : une coulée continue en sidérurgie
Contribution of field studies to the analysis of human activity in work contexts
Searches for heavy neutrinos from Z decays
Study of orientation of three-jet events in Z°hadronic decays using the DELPHI detector
Production of strange particles in the hadronic decays of the Z°
Search for scalar leptoquarks from Z° decays
On iterative algorithms for linear least squares problems with bound constraints
Type I - Type II Heterostructure Transition in the AlGaInAs/InP Interface
Neutral and charged Quommutators with and without symmetries
Base de données CE
La restructuration des secteurs en crise dans les régions de Belgique : le cas de l'acier et du textile
Multiplicity dependence of mean transverse momentum in e+e- annihilations at LEP energies
Tectonique cassante et paléo-contraintes dans les formations crétacées du nord-ouest européen. Implications géodynamiques.
A measurement of the b anti-b forward-backward asymmetry using the semileptonic decay into muons
Decrease of epidermal growth factor (EGF) immunoreactivity in rat renal tissue during tubular regeneration.
Design pédagogique d'un système de formation multimédia centré sur l'acquisition d'une expertise professionnelle
Aperçu sur l'étude de la stabilité des ouvrages souterrains - édition III
Simulation and Parameter Estimation of an Electrical Furnace
L'étude théorique du soutènement des galeries
Analyse des possibilités d'exploitation pédagogique des progiciels dans l'enseignement fondamental. Tome V
A measurement of sin^2thêta_W from the charge asymmetry of hadronic events at the Z° peak
Implémentation de la méthode des éléments de frontière pour les problèmes de Magnétostatique 3-D sur architecture à mémoire distribuée
Etude de la planification chez des opérateurs expérimentés dans une tâche complexe de contrôle de processus.
Histological and ultrastructural distribution of epidermal growth factor (EGF) in rat renal tissue of rat after nephrotoxic injury.
Tubular injury and regeneration in the rat kidney following acute exposure to gentamicin : a time-course study
Measurement of relative branching fractions of D° Cabibbo-suppressed decays
A study of the decays of tau leptons produced on the Z resonance at LEP
LSNNO, a FORTRAN subroutine for solving latge-scale nonlinear network optimization problems
LSNNO, a FORTRAN sibroutine for solving large-scale nonlinear network optimization problems
Measurement of the Z° branching fraction to b quark pairs using the boosted sphericity product
Bose-Einstein correlations in the hadronic decays of the Z°.
Mesh adaptation for CFD
Measurement of the partial width of the Z° into b anti-b final states using their semi-leptonic decays
Radiative transition rates in S I and application to astrophysics
Calculated wavelengths, oscillator strengths and energy levels for allowed Dn=0 transitions in neutral phosphorus
Fourier transform spectroscopy of vanadium in the infrared region (1800 - 9000 cm-1)
Results on charm physics from WA82
Hyperfine interaction in the non-relativistic quark model and the convergence of harmonic oscillator variational method
Algorithmic performance on a distributed memory MIMD computer: a case study
Shaw and Tragedy: "The Doctor's Dilemma"
Cinema and Theology
A la recherche de la fête perdue
Le patrimoine festif
epidermal growth factor accelerates renal tissue repair in a model of gentamicin nephrotoxicity in rats.
Charged particle multiplicity distributions for fixed number of jets in Z° hadronic decays
3D Adaptive Grids fo Transonic Flows
Nuclear dependence of charm production by a 340 GeV pi- beam
Comparative assessment of poly-L-aspartic and poly-L-glutamic acids as protectants against gentamicin-induced renal lysosomal phospholipidosis, phospholipiduria and cell proliferation in rats
Transition rates in the 3d2 configuration of the calcium isoelectronic sequence
Bose-Einstein correlations in the hadronic decays of the Z°
Réflexions sur les particularités fiscales des fusions
A new formulation for the direct dynamic simulation of flexible mechanism
Calculated wavelengths and oscillator strengths for allowed Dn = 0 transitions in neutral phosphorus
Radiative transition rates in neutral sulphur and application to Astrophysics
Lecture des signes d'exclusion
Echanger des savoirs, c'est changer la vie
Economie alternative ou économie populaire
Faulting and fabric changes in chalk
Stabilization schemes for differential algebraic equations of multibody systems dynamics
A computer-aided kinematics analysis system based on relative coordinates for mechanisms with contact joints
A computer-aided kinematics analysis system for mechanism design and computer simulation
A la découverte du Nouveau Mons
Lefkoma Balkan Association in History of Physical Education and Sport
Bibliographie critique des éditions anciennes de Jean Bodin
Transcriptional regulation by triiodothyronine requires synergistic action of the thyroid receptor with another trans-acting factor.
Evidence for B(s)^0 meson production in Z° decays
Structured Grid Variational Adaptation: Reaching the Limit?
Numerical experiments with LSNNO, a FORTRAN subroutine for solving large-scale nonlinear network optimization problems
Multiplicity fluctuations in hadronic final states from the decay of the Z°
Transition rates in the 3d2 configuration of the calcium isoelectronic sequence
Influence of sex and glucocorticoid hormones on 3H-cholesterol uptake in the aortic wall and 3H-adrenaline in the brain
Etude expérimentale de la désintégration des mésons charmés D°, D+/- et Ds+/- au SPS
Edge Elements for a 3-D Induction Machine with Solid Iron Rotor - Exploitation of Symmetry (the abelian case)
The economic conjuncture of the Olympic Games of 1896 and the public friends
Rapport sur la GECAMINES résultant de la visite effectuée au SHABA aux mois d'août et septembre 92
Rôle de l'EGF dans la régénération tubulaire rénale après traitement à la gentamycine : effet de l'aprotinine.
Epidermal growth factor (EGF) accelerates renal tissue repair in a rat model of gentamicin (G) nephrotoxicity.
Dérive marchande, projet éducatif et action publique
Autorité nouvelle
3D Mesh Optimization and Adaptation around ONERA M6 wing
La réduction de la complexité par les opérateurs dans le contrôle de processus continus. Contribution à l'étude du contrôle par anticipation et de ses conditions de mise en oeuvre
Steroid hormones control on nucleic acid biosynthesis in skeletal muscle
Tectonique de failles et paléocontraintes dans les formations crétacées du Boulonnais (N France)
Exploitation de déformées opérationnelles en fonctionnement en dynamique des structures
Binding of a 100-kDa ubiquitous factor to the human prolactin promoter is required for its basal and hormone-regulated activity.
S.O.S. approximants for Potts crystal shapes
Structure of the tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus) prolactin I gene.
Réduction des perturbations harmoniques induites dans les caténaires 3 kV dc par la traction asynchrone
Influence of Refractive Index Measurement Accuracy on Single-Mode optical Fiber Modelling
Charleroi, ville d’architectures
Endogenous EGF as a potential renotrophic factor in ischemia induced acute renal failure
Cooperation and task's complexity in process control: some field study results.
Performance models of MICCG algorithm on distributed memory MIMD computers
Une approche du processus d'intégration des NTI centrée sur le potentiel innovateur des maîtres
Comparison between relativistic, semirelativistic, and nonrelativistic approaches of quarkonium
Classification of the hadronic decays of the Z° into b and c quark pairs using a neural network
Synthesis of new ionized and neutral heterocumulenes in the gas phase of a mass spectrometer
L'économie distributive
Basic income
Kalman filter algorithm based on singular value decomposition
Brittle tectonics and paleostresses in Cretaceous formations in NW Europe : geodynamical implications
Paleostresses deduced from brittle structures in Carboniferous and Triassic rocks in South Wales
La littérature dans l'enseignement des langues : analyse des manuels De Vive Voix et Interlignes
Expérience d'une classe d'écriture : renouvellement didactique et enjeux de l'écriture dans l'intégration des immigrés
Structured Mesh Adaptation: Space Accuracy and Interpolation Methods