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2007-05-01 - Article/Dans un journal avec peer-review - Anglais - 5 page(s)

Fivet Vanessa, Quinet Pascal , Palmeri Patrick , Biémont Emile , Xu H.-L., "Transition probabilities and lifetimes for atoms and ions from the sixth row of the periodic table and the database DESIRE" in Journal of Electron Spectroscopy & Related Phenomena, 156-158, 250-254

  • Edition : Elsevier Science, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
  • Codes CREF : Physique atomique et moléculaire (DI1220), Mécanique quantique classique et relativiste (DI1211)
  • Unités de recherche UMONS : Astrophysique et spectroscopie (S804)
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Abstract(s) :

(Anglais) We have started a systematic investigation of the radiative properties of the elements of the sixth row of the periodic table. Using a combination of experimental radiative lifetimes obtained with the time-resolved laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) technique and of theoretical branching fractions (BF) calculated with a HFR approach taking configuration interaction and core-polarization effects into account, transition probabilities have been deduced for a number of transitions of astrophysical interest. So far results have been obtained for the elements Ta, Re, Os, Ir, Tl or Au or their ions. The results obtained are stored in the database DatabasE for the SIxth Row Elements (DESIRE), an extension of the database DREAM, which will be progressively created on a web site of the University of Mons-Hainaut in Belgium. In the present paper, some emphasis is put on the procedures followed to obtain the new results but also on the difficulties associated with their determination.

Identifiants :
  • DOI : doi:10.1016/j.elspec.2006.11.021